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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 let me see.

2010 let me see. I need to put on my glasses; I see that there is a story that needs telling. When my grandson was about four maybe six we had a day together just him and me. We went to a rail museum, he like trains and trolleys, he watched Thomas the tank engine, and the trolley on Mr. Rogers’ show, and the western trolley museum trolley park was, well I had the tickets.  We had a great time riding the trolleys they would go out about three mile or so. They would come back and a different one would be waiting to take us out again. I guess we travel a couple hundred miles. Well it was time to get something to eat. So we stop at a hamburger joint to have a bite. When the waitress brought our meal she ask my grandson if he was going to grow up to be a cowboy like his grandpa?  Well that did not set to will with him! He said “my grandpa is not a cowboy he is a spaceman and he fix’s things “!! We ate our meal and I was leaving a tip for the waitress. She said “that she had all ready been paid by my grandson and that it was priceless”.  Hey! Wait a minute! These aren’t my glasses it’s my binoculars’ where is my glasses?  2010, well there has not been too many things good to say about it. The economy has not been very good, too many people out of work, the weather hasn’t been that great, the fishing it’s been poor. It’s seems like everything has slowed down, and that can’t be too bad. People mite pause long enough to think and find a better way of doing things. I have found some old friends and met some new ones. This old world is traveling at 70,000 miles per hour unlike the trolley it’s not going to stop to let us get on another one. It’s going to keep going around the same old track. I see mile post 2011 is getting close. I can’t see around the bended, but I have seen a few signs that say there are going to be some exciting things up ahead. So set down and buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride. Have a happy New Year. Thank you for your time and god bless!

PS: when the conductor comes around, tell him that the guy with the crown of thrones in the back car has the tickets.  

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Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing, spaceman!

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