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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

looking back

I was born in Grand Island, Nebraska 1946 I don’t remember much about the way things were then. It wasn’t till about 1950 that I started to remember things; people still used horse and wagons in rural areas. In town cars were the way to get around. The air was clean but the smell of exhausts fume; well I preferred the smell of the milk barn. It did not burn my eyes. I love going to the mountains’ the air was cleaner and the smoke and smells of the camp fire with eggs and bacon coffee cooking. Is something you don’t forget? We would see deer, bears, squirrels, and porcupines. The fishing wasn’t bad either! Today you don’t see bears, or porcupines. The air smells of car exhaust.  The camp fire and the smells of the eggs and bacon, coffee don’t smell as nice. You don’t see as many deer or squirrels. In town the air smells bad, you have hard time breathing, your eyes burn from all the car exhaust. My kids and grand kids will never know what it was like back in 1950 and their kids and grandkids won’t know what it is like now. I hope that it will be better than it was when I was little.
I remember getting in a little trouble back then. I kind of make I mess out of the barn and my dad’s work shop and let the cows out. My grandmother was staying for a visit got after me and told me to wait till my dad got home. My dad worked for the railroad and was gone a lot. She had me start cleaning up the mess. I knew that dad would not be very happy when he saw the mess I had made.  When he got home he made me cleaning up the whole place and fix the things I broke, and round up the cows.
We all at least most all of us are waiting for our father in heaven to come home. I don’t think he is going to be happy with us and the way we have made a mess out of our home. We have been like children with the new toys tearing up the carpet and the garden, stinking up the air with our new chemistry Set. We have been given fair warning of what he will do when he come home. I don’t know when he will get home, but I think we had better get busy clean up the mess.

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