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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

“Walk softly and carry a big stick”

“Walk softly and carry a big stick” it was “speak softly and carry a big stick “Teddy Roosevelt 1902. A great man and someone that I admire, from what I have read and learn about him I believe we would have been bullish buddy, friends, sole mates, brothers, comrades. We, I believe share many thing in common.  He loves nature and animals on all kind. Today I thank he would say use the big stick. Will the Teddy Bear be the only bear that my great great grandkids see?  Will Yellowstone become a Disney world theme park, some say it already has?  Will the only tree be the plastic Christmas tree that they know or see? Is this what is coming in 2011 and beyond? There are a very few things that I can agree on with Mister Obama one is cleaner renewable energy. When we changed burning coal and wood to natural gas the air was cleaner. When some makes a killing on a new energy source, you won’t find any gasoline anywhere except at a museum. The giants of the oil industry will and are fighting to keep that from happen. In the mean time the global warming is getting worse! There those that say let god take care of it, put it in his hands, I think that he provided us the problem for us to solve. He put it in our hands! Natural gas, hydrogen, solar, wind, methane, all is clean and or renewable energy.  Being environmentally conscious is not a fashion statement. It means to think, practices, and clean up the mess we have made. The big money, goevrment, banks, investors, and industry, are not going to do it till they can see a profit in doing so. to learn more goto

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EstherBelle said...

Roy, we have tomake sure we tell those grandchildren how we feel, and teach them to honor the earth. My son and I were in the Great Smokie Mountains on vacation this fall, we saw bears and deer and all manner of critters. My son is in charge of recycling at our house, because I have tried to teach him to honor the the place Creator gave us to live. Well, that and i am just an old hippie who believes we should do our best to protect Mother Earth! Enjoyed your thoughts on this.

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