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Saturday, January 22, 2011

lot about mouse

Mouse’s profile:
Lives in Ogden Utah
From: out west (he won’t say where)
About him; will he don’t talk much, but he claims he has been in the movies; he was in the kingdom of heaven, and a bunch of westerns. He ride paint horse name Scat. He is a good shot and carries two Colts nine shooter, (half 44’s). He claims to have rode with Teddy Roosevelt, and Pecos Bill. He claims that he flew a rocket ship and is one of the first astronauts. He tells a lot of tall stories around the camp fire. He says that he don’t like cats, “the only good cat is dead one.” He claims to have been in Buffalo Bills Wild West show. He says he been everywhere. He is pretty good with a rope. If there is any trouble you can bet that he is in the middle of it. I know he is honored by most all Indians, and they tell great stories about him. Old sheriff Garfield says he sure looks like kid Curios on that wanted poster. Mouse says that it was self-defense, and it’s not him. Mouse says that he is Christian and lived in a church for awhile. Mouse real name is Pika Rabbit Mouse; we just call him pike or mostly mouse sometime Pete. A lot times pest.
Interests: he is curious about everything.
Work: current literary sidekick and trouble maker. Frontiersman, cowboy, wrangler , movies star.
Moto: Standup for what rights, ride for the brand, and hang em!

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