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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lot more space

Mind Experiment 2
If we remove all matter from the universe. Does the universe exist?
Would it be an un-dimensional void? Would it be void of space?
Without matter there is no reference point.

There is nothing, no light, no sound, no up, no down, no left, no right, no forward, or back, and nothing. If you go in to a cave deep into the darkness, stand or set you can see this. Don’t have a cave or a mine; then go into an empty room that has no window shut the door a closet may work. Look into the darkness. It is empty like the space between my ears. Now wait a minute there is an energy here. It is thought, I am sure you can see that you are thinking. What is a thought, but some form of energy. A man by the name of René Descartes stated "Cogito ergo sum" “I think therefore I am”. There is a principle in the logic of science that called the Ockham razor. To quote Isaac Newton, "We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances. Therefore, to the same natural effects we must, so far as possible, assign the same causes." in science, Occam’s razor is used as a heuristic (general guiding rule) to guide scientists in the development of theoretical models rather than as an arbiter between published models.

Wow all this in a dark place an empty void? Dark energy, space void energy, what is going on here. At this point this thought may have come to mind “let there be light”? here the is light

Thank you more tomorrow god bless


SJ said...

I lock myself in a cupboard to get peace and a moment of clarity - you think I'm joking (I wrote about it)

To me the void is a new beginning waiting to happen from the darkness that surrounds to the very first glimpse of light and the potential for a new creation. I'm looking forward to reading more of yours.

Kriti said...

This is starting to scare me Roy - thank god for this world just the way we know it : )

Anna L. Walls said...

The emptiness of the void cannot be empty. It is the space to be filled with imagination, and if imagination can reside there, all things may well be possible.

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