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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lot of white

A demon all snowy white, what a plight, what will you be tonight, a song, a poem, a letter I might write. A word, why do they fight, of many things the words take flight. What gives them life on this winter’s night? What story must I write? Will it be bold and bright, can it be told alright, who will read on some distant night, will they find delight, on some summer‘s night, of this I will like, come on now stop the fight we have a poem to write, its snowy white, this plane of white, a demon alright, you won’t win this fight, because the words have rousted your void of white. Ha! Ha! We won alright it a poem not a plight.

if it alright, thank you, God bless you this night.


Patricia Lynne said...

That was lovely Roy!

sulekkha said...

Sweet post, Roy

Kriti said...

A plight turned into poetry - sweet

Roy Durham said...

thank you . just won the battle with that writer's block ha! ha ! i won! lol

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