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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lot in a basket

A tissket, a tasket, what is in a basket
There is a basket on the table
Fill with things without a label
I ask it, what is in the basket

It replies you put it there
Was it to share?
It is bare
Should  you care?

There is a basket on the floor
Where I put things I want no more
It shares with the floor
It does not want any more

 A basket hangs on the wall
Its hoop that is all
Just to play with a ball
That is all

A basket sits under a tree
Filled with glee
A peach I do see
A basket on the table filled with fruit for you and me

 Thank you and God bless


sulekkha said...

Thank you for writing about fruits, loved the poem and the basket.

R.M. Hepler said...

so cute! I could see this being a children's song.

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