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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lot March the madness

March, one, two thousand eleven; Can you feel it, Carnival, fat Tuesday, Mardi gras, Ash Wednesday, Spring Equinox St. Patrick day, there is a madness about. In Roman times it was the first month of the year, yea new years. The bear are waking up. Look out. Oh No spring clean up, dread lot of work. Yucca, Spring tonic. Did you know that March is the month of poems?

It’s time for this old cowboy to give err a try

A lariat I did buy

Less giver err a try

Shake a loop

Twirl it high

Hand held high

Let err fly

A steak I might fry

Missed by a head

Not to dread

Shake a loop

Twirl it high

Hand held high

Let err fly

Why did I buy this lariat too try

Miss again

Aw heck with it nobody will eat a picket fence anyway

By me an old cowhand

Warning from who, there is to be expected an outbreak of spring fever. It is in the air. Use a mask to protect the frail and insane, worst case scenario you will go out of your head. Two to five years old will be overly precocious. Tis the season to be mad ha-ha wow, ouch, lol have fun. Wow is now.

Hey I found my hat, let ride Ya Hoooooooooooo woo thank you have fun, God bless


JIM said...

as always a fun read
Thank You

Royal Nirupam said...

Don't loose it(your hat) again dear.It's too costly for us.Lovely new look.

Patricia Lynne said...

Roy, you have such fun poems.

kiran said...

Really a very nice One...

mum2alesha said...

Haha that put a smile on my face :0
Was lovely to read x

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