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Thursday, March 24, 2011

lot of testing

Nondestructive testing
First you need a part
For this we will use a heart
Nondestructive testing is an art

The goal is to find out how it works
We will start with a flirt  
My that a pretty shirt
Thank you, I like yours too

First test complete that was a little week
A litmus test is what we seek
The ph is a ten
My that is very sweet

Now what is it strength test to some length
May I have a hug just a tug
Found some strings
My how they sing

The important part is to keep it simple sir
This part you don’t want to miss
It is simply a kiss
This may cause quite a stir

Tests all done
Wasn’t that a lot of fun?
Enter the data in the book
Get the number for a future look

Nondestructive testing
At its best
Nothing got broke
 Please take note

 This was only a test
Thank you and God Bless


sulekkha said...

Loved the non-destructive testing and thank god nothing was broken, because heart-breaks hurt a lot.

Kriti said...

Very nice post Roy - loved this harmless testing : )

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