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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lot of tests

This is a test
This is only a test
Please do your best
This is only a test

What is that I hear?
You have nothing to fear
That noise in my ear
Don’t shed a tear

Now hear this
All hands on deck
What the heck
This is a pain in the neck

I want to throttle that sound
It can be heard all over town
It’s upsetting the hounds
Just where can it be found

Stop that noise
Play with your toys’
Mommy its just the boys
Making that noise

Kids, cat, kittens and dogs, I want to scream
This is only a test
Go back to making ice cream
This end the test

There is only one thing to say of this test
You have passed the test
You’re the bests
We love you mom

 Thank you and God Bless


sulekkha said...

Lovely post, Roy...enjoyed reading it.

sweepyjean said...

Mothers do put up with a lot of noise! I learned early to block out everything except the important noises! Nice, poem, Roy!

Kriti said...

Good one Roy - there truly is a lot of noise when you are a mother...

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