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Thursday, April 14, 2011

lot L

Case: LLL X

Dispatch: “Charlie six”
 Charlie six: “10-4” (acknowledge)
Dispatch: “10-20” (what’s your location)
Charlie six: “200 south main”

Dispatch: “See the woman at 720 south main, 10-31, 211, code 2” (crime in progress, theft, lights no siren)
Charlie six: “10-4 code 2” (acknowledge)
Charlie six: “10-76” (en route.)
Charlie six: “10-17” (meeting complainant)
Dispatch:  “10-36 time out 01:23” (correct time stamp)
Charlie six: “10-4, 01:23 (acknowledge, time)
Charlie six: “10-23” (arrived at scene)

Charlie six: “10-22, 211, 10-17 (disregard, theft, domestic trouble)
Dispatch: “10-4, 10-22, 211” (acknowledge, disregard, theft)
Charlie six: “10-57, 10-17” (hit and run, domestic trouble)

Charlie six: “10-26” (detaining subject)

Booking sergeant: “what’s the charge”
Charlie six: “Lip Lock Larceny”

 Thank you and God bless


Roy Durham said...

dispatch: 10-4 lol

Anna L. Walls said...

hahaha - I'm so glad I never had to memorize all those. haha cute.

Jim said...

10- 4 out.

Anonymous said...

Good one! And cool police dog!!

alberta ross said...

just wandered over to say thanks for visiting me - had a mosey around your a-z - nice ones - esp the plane that was scary does it happen often?

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