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Friday, April 1, 2011

lot of challenge

Welcome to the blog challenge A to Z
“A” most uttered sound by man.

The A list

Well Anna lives in the wilderness of Alaska, she is a writer.  Her blog novel is The Fortunes of Magic has 61 chapters, and counting. She has graciously helped me with my novels by providing edits of my material. She writes a blog on writing her passion.  Anna’s obsession  

What can I say about Austin; well he is a one heck of a blogger.  I have not read any of his books; But I think I will, when he write one.  He knows how to get a discussion going. His blog is always an interesting read. He read a lot.

Then there is Andrew, ha ha ha lol that’s me. My evolving blog novel, see it evolve form rough drafts to, I hope a publish novel. here is the hero of my novel  Avon

That’s it for the A‘s today.

Thank you and God bless.
You will need it , you have a lot of reading to do.


Patricia Lynne said...

Fun post as always Roy! One day down, a whole lot more of challenge to go.

R.M. Hepler said...

*thumbs up* like it!. Wonder how the rest of the alphabet will go ^_^

Anna L. Walls said...

Aw thanks for the mention. You're sweet.

Austin James said...

Thanks Roy! This was really nice of you.

Debbie said...

Interesting blog challenge! you have a lot of writing to do too :P

Bless you Roy !!

Kriti said...

That's nice Roy - great idea : )

SJ said...

I love that I got here backwards, I know its not the normal way but it has been a fun journey and I look forward to reading J onwards as they come :)

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