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Sunday, April 3, 2011

lot of what

What if you knew? We all have seen the horror of the earth quakes, the floods, and tsunami, many natural disasters. Some have firsthand knowledge  of these events. We have seen wars, manmade disasters.  I don’t know of a person that has not had personnel disaster in their life. What if you knew? What would you do to prevent them from happening? What could we do to prevent them? I have done and seen young drive a car wildly, with no regards to what may and does happen, lives lost. One thing that people do at these times is pray, some for the first time in their life.   As I write this someone has died, someone is born. As you read this these thing are going on. We know these things are happening, so what if you knew? What would you do? My answer is pray. When I pray I don’t ask to change the world or my lot in life. I pray that God will join me and share his presents with me. He has asked us to share this day with him. So I pray that he will hear my pray an invite to share in my life today.  

To all Thank you and may god be with you this day. Daddy carry me.


alejandro guzman said...

Lovely and to you too.

Be thankful


Anna L. Walls said...

Life is a circle and to all things comes a just reward. Nice post. I'm sure your just reward will be sweet.

Roy Durham said...

a foot note. l woke to a front yard full of car parts. a young person speeding lost control of their car and died after hitting the tree in front of my home. l do pray for them and their family. god bless

Kriti said...

Fantastic Roy - and a very pertinent question. We are all helpless in the hands of nature - or as Shakespeare said "As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods"

SJ said...

Soulful thoughts to this one, it makes me pensive to read and ponder about one door opening as another closes, I never thought about it as life itself but I do now. Good post Roy as always.

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