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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lot P

Phasianidae, Pheasants I used to love to go hunting for them and if prepared right with wild onions and wild rice yum, yum good.

There was one place that I lived; we had a big picture window in the kitchen that let us look out at an open wheat field. The wheat had been harvested and the straw was set in wind rows. We would look out it and watch the hunters try to get their pheasant. It was a very funny site to watch. There was this one old feller, he had on one of them bright orange dog eared flap hunting cap, an orange hunting vest, bib overall, and those untied boots. He looked like one of them clowns from Barnum and bailey circus. Well he was walking along side the wind row kicking the straw, when he booted a pheasant about ten feet in the air. He fumbled around and got a shot off , bang, bang, bang , and he did not hit anything but air.  The pheasant flew around our house and land right back behind the old boy where he had flushed it out. Ha, Ha. 

Now back in high school I had this history teacher who likes to talk about the war ww2 that is. He was in the pacific theater, somewhere, anyway he told us about how the Japanese used shot gun and would load them with rice, broken glass, pieces of bamboo, or nails. How the key thing here is rice. My buddy and I figure that rice as shot made good sense. So we load up some shells, 3inch magnums 12 gauge max loads, with rice, and we went hunting.  The first shot or two we did not get a bird. So we tried to get off a shot a little closer and we got was feathers. There was nothing left to put in the bag, Just feathers. Close range it will get a bird but it tears up the meat and there is nothing to take home to eat.

thank you and God Bless 

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Debbie said...

Roy, it's tooo early :)) for "P"osting But I guess it's true the early bird gets the worm.. It's only 10:46pm for me, so you'll see my "P" post in a few hours!! Loved your post

God Bless

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