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Sunday, June 5, 2011

lot of father

my dad and mom

What is a father? There are many men and women who are fathers. For some men a DNA test may prove they were involved in the birth of a child, but that does not make them a father, and as far as I’m concerned the fact that they needed a paternity test, they will never be a father. I know of women who are both mother and father and I know of men who have never fathered a child that are fathers.  So what is a father?  For me it is a person who is full of love and understanding, he is a forgiver of the future.  He is someone who stands in front of the dangers of life. He is someone who stands beside you when you cannot stand.  He is someone who stands behind you when you need a backbone to face the day. He is a builder of men who are fathers. He is someone that cries when he cannot be seen over things he did not and cannot do.  He is a daughter’s first love a son’s first hero.  A father is a choice that he makes. There is one man who is known mainly as a father, history does not say much about him just that he made the choice. His name was Joseph.

Father’s day is June 19 this year, which is two weeks away. I would like you to post in the comments what you feel a father is. I will write every day till then on fathers, mine and men and women who are fathers.  My name is Roy and so was my dad's but I feel very honored when I answer to dad, pop, papa, or grandpa. 

Please tell me about fathers.

Thank you and God bless.


Ravenmyth said...

Roy this is a poignant post for me. I lost my Dad on Dec.19.2010..11 days after his 84th birthday.

He was my first love...always supportive, Never judged, was quietly proud and my best friend.He was a man of the Sea..away alot..but because of that we had the most amazing childhood on a West Coast Troller up and down the Coast of British in the wild with dolphins, whales, seals, eagles, wolves, bears and much was a school room like no other. I misse being at Sea with my Dad when I had to go to school.Because of him I learned how to Sail...I missed being on the sea so much.

When he retired, he confided that he did not have any hobbies and he was worried about that. Well...he taught himself on computers and became my Computer everything he did..he mastered it.

He is an amazing Dad...Love you Dad...Miss you terribly...

Thanks Roy for giving us a space to write...I cried and remembered while writing this...

Roy Durham said...

my dad pass in 2000 he was 79 he was a very good man and the best of father i do miss him a lot.

Just Another Thought Online said...

Severe mental illness prevented me and my father from establishing the kind of bond most hope to have. Despite the fact that my father could not be there for me in several ways I did have the fortunate opportunity to have several men in my life stand up to the plate to support me both financially and emotionally. My three uncles and my future step-father helped guide me (along with my mom and grandmother) through some of the most turbulent years of my life. If they had not been there, then I may not be as strong a person today. In that sense these men were more like Joseph…doing the work of being a dad, but not taking any credit.

Roy Durham said...

Sukanya Bora Roy: apt on fathers always get my misty eyed...i have a terrific dad, who is also my friend, mentor and confidante. he is 84 years old and is still going strong. he defies aging and will put a youngster to shame with his younthful and sunny disposition!;-)

Kriti said...

Roy you couldn't have been more correct here. For me a Father is everything my Father is. He is everything you described above and more. He is my first hero and my hero for always. He made me and completes me. Thank you so much for this post.

Anna L. Walls said...

Father is the centerpole of the tent of life.

Royal Nirupam said...

Ahh! where is my comment made yesterday? I lost him in nov. 87 be it a tribute to him, a pathfinder,playmate in toddler days,an encouraging coach,an eye opener to the teachings and values of life.The man i miss always,for whom i cry still to day.Above all a loving man.

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