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Monday, July 18, 2011

lot of down town

Went down town last Saturday night
All the people going to and fro
Quite a jam with all those cars stuck in a row
I will move the herd if they will stay to the right
Now them people just thing I am a clown
For bring my herd up town
But don’t you see they follow me.
Hey fellar don’t honk that horn
That bull’s are bigger than yours
Some fellar said that’s a horse
I said of course I wouldn’t ride the cow
He must think I’m some kind of fool any how
He said next time ride the bus
I said you must be crazy they will make a fuss
Who ever heard of cows on a bus?
Besides that my saddle won’t fit on that cuss
Now them ladies giggle and smile
And I tip my hat in gentlemanly style
It all seems a bit strange
With all them new fangled things
Sure not like home on the range
Now I all most shot that fellar
When he drew that thing from his belt
But I saw I had nothing to fear
He stuck it in his ear
Will I guess I best round up them cows?
And mosses on out of here
Do wish I could have found a beer

Thank you and god bless


sulekkha said...

"You can take a cowboy out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the cowboy"
Roy, happy birthday once again, and what a lovely post to start your year. Fantastic poem...

Roy Durham said...

thank you sulekkha just having some fun god bless

Debbie said...

Loved it Roy * tips her hat* I like how you rhymed. I'd offer up that beer but I am afraid it's a bit early my dear... thank you for a great read and bless you too!

Roy Durham said...

thank you Debbie early or not i will drink it just to wash down the trail dust lol god bless

Jessica M said...

Happy Birthday Roy! Us women still love a man who knows how to tip his hat to us! Hope you had some fun down town :)

Roy Durham said...

thank you and i all way do god bless

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Cheers to you Roy...with or without beer..HAPPY BIRTHDAY..and your poem..ROCKS..

Roy Durham said...

thank you alpana for the birthday wish and god bless

Jan said...

great poem, cowboy fun. Happy Birthday!!!!

Roy Durham said...

thank you cowgirl Jan and god bless

melissa said...

Oh did you or did you have not the beer?

Downtown, life seems to be pretty fast and could bring me in a haze. There are many distractions...

But I'd like to see a cows sitting on a bus, :P...hahaha...

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