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Saturday, August 13, 2011

lot of rocks

Here is some of the beautiful mountain vista around here.  They call them the Rocky Mountains and there are a lot of rocks.  These photos do not do Justus to them and I still learning to use my new camera. The top elevation of these peaks average five thousand feet above where I am standing at about forty eight hundred feet above sea level, to take photos. This is known as the sheep creek geological loop part of the flaming gorge area of Utah. The first picture is of some young rocky mountain big horn sheep.  Now if you look at the next photo you will see a window to heaven. It is odd to see a square hole in the face of the cliff. I am guessing that it is forty to fifty feet wide and about the same high. If you click on the images they will fill your screen.  I could spend years just trying to photograph all that can be seen from one spot and not take a step.

sundown a top Monty Crisco elev 10,480  

Thank you for stopping by and i think god did bless  this place. god bless you and I will have more picture for to see tomorrow . Thank you and god bless


Debbie said...

Beautiful shots Roy, I can see your enjoying your new camera :)

Very lovely thanks for sharing

Jan said...

Oh I so badly want to go back and see it all again. Love the pictures, glad you are having fun with your caamera.

Amy @ MomMeTime said...

GREAT pictures!!! each one has something really special about them but I must say the last image is pretty darn amazing!!!

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Rimly said...

Beautiful rugged terrain. I am sure you had a great time clicking away with your camera Roy. God bless you.

Anna L. Walls said...

I love the Rockies. They are such a fascinating geological display.

sulekkha said...

Roy the cowboy photographer, great pictures ...trying to click some of my own.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

What a beautiful area you live in!! Love your photos, especially #2.

Anonymous said...

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Jim said...

Love the images Roy. Is this where you went trout fishing?

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