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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby its cold outside

Baby its cold outside, well its 20 degree Fahrenheit that’s -6 Celsius and there are children out there who don’t have a coat or warm gloves. Heck there are families who don’t have a place to live yet alone a coat to protect them from the cold. I have help with the coats for kids, sorting the donated coats and delivering the coats to the needy. The one thing that got to me was some of the coats were old and really worn out. They were hand-me-downs or stuff that should have been burned or put in the garbage. I don’t know about the person that donated the coats but I wonder if they feel warm and good after getting rid of their garbage or do they feel the cold at all.  I wonder would their child miss that new video game or iPod would their love ones miss that hundred dollar bottle of imported wine. Could the money have bought a new coat and the coat have been given to someone in need.

We all look for, search for, and pray for love, to be loved. But love is something that has no value if it is not shared. Every year I am reminded of this song by Dolly Parton, take a listen.

Put on top of your Christmas list a coat to be given to someone who is in need of it. There are many charity’s and coat drive out there find one and give.    

Thank you and god bless


Alpana Jaiswal said...

We should indeed be fortunate for all that we have been blessed for...
All we can do is try our best to help out..God bless you for your good heart.

Jessica M said...

It's always a shame at some of the things people will try to donate to those in need. I've helped out at a food pantry and donations will come in, many expired, many things most of us wouldn't eat. The same with clothes. This post is a good reminder..that we should think about the things we donate...and remember that people that truly need them are receiving them.

Nice song :)

Mary said...

You are doing a wonderful thing Roy. There are many here in the states that are so in need of many things, I just wish our government would recognize it!

Rimly said...

Dont know why people do that. I remember once when there was an earthquake here in India and everyone was asked to donate all they could for the homeless victims. But finally the stuff that came was beyond use. It was as if people were trying to get rid of their junk. If you cannot give then dont but dont try and clean your house by getting rid of things that are of no use.

JANU said...

This is a good idea and most people do donate...nice post.

Pokey's Pals said...

It saddens me to see the greed on Black Friday each year. They fight for the latest gadgets while others just want a warm coat. I've been donating stuff a bit more lately and have some coats I need to take. Don't worry, they're quite nice although not brand new. :)

Andy said...
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Andy said...

I'm touched by this post Roy. For many, it's not their fault they are homeless & hungry. We, the ones who have a surplus abundance forget these people are human & were once like us. We forget to treat them with the kindness & respect they are due. People can spend hundreds, thousands on the latest gadgets, but would never think to spend a fraction of that on something as needy as a coat or a pair of shoes.

You're doing a wonderful job Roy. Keep it up.
Great post! Dolly was spot on too.
Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the comment.


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