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Saturday, June 25, 2011

writing is to me

 Howdy! Welcome to Roy’s garage sell and auction. Come on in and sit a spell. 

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The topic of the tour is “Writing is to me?”  Now that is something to think about. Writing is a lot to me. Writing is thinking and expressing a thought or an idea or it just having fun remembering some of the good old days. Writing is not an easy thing for me to do.  well you see I am dyslectic and my brain works faster than my hands and I have to slow down to spell words and I can’t spell. Now seeing that my brain goes faster than my hand a word or two get left out it’s just my hands trying to catch up. There is another problem I don’t understand all the rules and don’t know most of them. I was told by a teacher in the seventh grade that I would never be able to write anything. So I guess writing to me is a challenge, and I love a good challenge. Now I do write poems and that is fun, they just come along ever now and then I don’t really have any control of them they just pop out at times.

Writing to me is an art, painting with words sculpting a piece of paper into a landscape preserve in time, releasing a dream world for people to have fun in. I guess that is why I don’t understand the rules. Telling an artist he/she has to paint houses of flower and what paint colors to use just kills the creativity and beauty of the art. Here is a sample of one of my poems.

Lot of White

A demon all snowy white,
What a plight,
What will you be tonight?
A song, a poem, a letter I might write.

The words, why do they fight,
Of many things the words take flight.
What gives them life on this winter’s night?
What story must I write?

Will it be bold and bright?
Can it be told alright?
Who will read on some distant night?
Will they find delight?

On some summer‘s night,
Of this I will like,
Come on now stop the fight we have a poem to write,
 Its snowy white, this plane of white,

A demon alright,
You won’t win this fight,
Ha! Ha!  The words have rousted your void of white.
We won alright, it a poem not a plight.

Now I am writing some novels one of which I have posted as a blog novel. You can read it and comment on it by clicking on the picture of the wolf on the right side board.

Well alright now what am I bid for? Well this is an auction and the next item up for bid is a story. It is a Christmas story about a squirrel, it’s a short story only about 2500 words. It is one I wrote a while back. Now do I have a deal for you? What is writing to you? This story has the names of my family members and grand kids in it. Now for the price of leaving a comment and your email, I will send you an MS word copy of it that you can edit, so you can put the names of your friend and family in it. You know Christmas is six months away. This makes a great gift that will last a life time or more.

A foot note: This is my two hundredth post how about that.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

This is a Friday moment

This is a Friday moment. I don’t have a picture of it so I will just have to remember the moment, and tell you about it.
It was this time of the year and me and my friends, well it Friday we were young and a little wild back there in 1966. 

We took my car, a 1946 ford woody station wagon, up to Brigham City, Utah to the Powwow and graduation ceremonies at the Intermountain Indian school. One of my buddies, his name was Ed Chow, he is full blood Ute; he was one of the dancers at the Powwow.   Ed was all dress up in buckskins, beads, feathers, and war paint for his performance; we were having a great time and meeting girls they seem to be like flies drawn to honey with Ed in that getup. I was all dress up a bit myself in my best hat and spurs, and I even wore my colt peacemaker, a real cowboy of the old west…  
We were having a lot of fun and it was around midnight I had to go back to Ogden and get another friend from work, he was bar tending and had to close up at one am, and he needed a ride. We all had planned to go up in the mountains and camp out for the weekend. A couple of girls tag along and one of had a bottle of jack Daniels; needless to say we were having some fun.  We got back to Ogden at the bar to pick up Larry our other friend. It was a quarter to one. So we went in to have a drink and help Larry clean and close the bar.

This one girl, I don’t remember her name, played a song on the jute box by Hank Williams. It was a hit in more ways the one. The song was Kalija, she was picking on Ed. Well there was a lot of horse play going on.  Ed was all ready fire up with all the dancing and a little jacked up, you see. He grabs her by the hair making out like he was going to scalp her. Then the wig came off. Ed was started and broke into a war dance up on the bar with the hair piece the girl was chasing him all over the bar.

We left the bar and were head up to the camping site when Ed said he was going to marry this girl and want me to drive to Wendover Nevada so they could get hitched. So I drove to Nevada, the girl was screaming she wanted her hair back and Ed was saying they were going to get married. Ed would say “I and going to marry you, do you want your hair back?” and she was saying “No give me back my hair”. Well we made it to Wendover and we all went in the all night wedding chapel. And they got married.
 The last time I saw them they had nine kids they had three set of triplets all boys. ED said he was going to re build the Ute nation all by himself.    Oh and by the way here name was Nie-Winne. She was Dine that's Navaho if you don’t know.

This is my Friday moment to remember.  Thank you and god bless

Thursday, June 23, 2011

rerun the one that got away

The one that got away

I have mention Scare Canyon before, that is a fun place that I like to go, things are wild there, and the fishing is was good. I have had many a good times in the canyon. This is about a somewhat wild fishing trip up the canyon.

I had hike back in about a mile or so, to a place where there are beaver dams and the remains of an old mine, log cabin, and a peach tree; I call the place peach tree meadow. It was a warm summer day and about 9 am in the morning. I was working my fly rod up the beaver pond to where the stream of scare creek came in. I look up the stream I could see something was moving in the tall grass.

All I could see was some black hump moving. So I move to get a better look see. I was down wind, and I move slowly and quietly up to a big rock, about three feet tall, and climbed up on it. There he was an old black bear! I watch as he swatted a fish up on the bank and pound it into a mush. He was so funny bouncing up and down like a pile driver. Then I watch as he lick up the now trout mush. I could see that he had very few teeth, but I was not going to give him a dental exam.

Well! The moment got the best of me and I had to laugh out loud. Well! That got the attention of the bear! I looked around for a safer place to be the mine shaft look like a bad idea, the peach tree was not any better, there was a cottonwood with a limb about six foot off the ground, so I made a run for it, jump and caught it on the first try. I made my way up another three feet, when the bear hit the tree. The tree shook but held its ground. There I was up that tree, a 300 pound black bear, no gun, just a creel of fish and somehow my fly rod.

I tried to calm down and think; this is not a good place to be. A black bear can climb better than me; but lucky for me that old bear was too old and fat to climb. Then I remember I had a hunting knife, it only had a four and a half inch blade. I had dreamed of being like Davey Crockett or Daniel Boone but then I look at the bear he had six inch blade five on each paw, to me I think I was a bit out gun. He made a lung at me and those blades made fringe on my pant leg, and almost hook off my boot.

Then it hit me I had a creel of fish, so I got one out and threw it, it landed about twenty feet away. That bear was on it like a rattlers strike, and that fish was gone. Well! I had a plan now I got in my creel a grab another fish and throw it as far as I could, made it about thirty feet, and the bear was all over it. And back at the tree that quick.

New plan, I would move down the tree so I could jump to the ground and run, I took another fish and threw it and started to jump but he the bear was just too quick. Back up to my perch like a scared rabbit I was. Look in my creel and only three fish left; I remember how the lord feed the multitude with that, I ought to be able to feed one hunger bear with as many. So I threw him the fish and he was back at the tree. He milled around that tree like a bee on the peach blossoms. He would lung at me and I would hit with my fly rod, didn’t detour him a bit. So I just hug the tree and waited and hope he would lose interest soon.

About an hour had passed and he started back to the stream where I first saw him. I waited till he was busy swatting fish, and started to climb down, but before I could get down he was back. Another hour passed and he wondered off I got half down and saw him coming back this time there was two of them. They would be on me before I could get down so up I went. They pushed and bump the tree. The tree and I were shaking so bad I trough that this was the end. And then they left.

 I sat there in the tree for a good fifteen minutes and got my nerve up and started back down, I look back up the trail and saw them coming back this time they had a beaver with them. I never made that mile back to the truck, that fast ever again. This story is based on fact but like food left in the fridge to long it grows.
Thank you for your time and presents, God bless

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lot of guns and whiskey

Six guns and whiskey
Part of the romance of the old west was the six guns and whiskey. Both have an effect on a person some good some bad.  A person can drink a shot or two of whiskey and they will start to lose their fears and do things that they would not do if they were in a better state of mind.

 Like climbing on the back of a mad Brahma bull or try to jump across a twelve foot wide six foot deep creek. Or some other darn fool thing where the odds are not in the realm of success. But whiskey will let them try and if they make it, well! They can brag about how good and brave they are.  If they don’t make it they can blame it on the whiskey. Sound like a win-win situation to me. Now I drank my share of whiskey and done one or two maybe more fool things and maybe got away with it, I think but one never knows.

Now there is the six-gun it like the whiskey will make a man lose his fears. Just the sight of a six-gun changes the situation no one wants to mess around with a man with a gun. A man with a gun won’t back down. He will have it his way or he will let Sam Colt do his talking. He takes on faults since of bravery, secured in the fact he has a gun.  Now cowboys used guns to protect his charge and kill food. The old west of the silver screen, guns fight are the norm, but the real cowboys of the old west, most never fired there gun except to kill an empty whiskey bottle and maybe a rattle snake or two and a rabbit for supper.

Fear that what it’s all about, people’s fears and how they deal with them.  A hundred year ago their fears were real from the environment, bad men with guns wild animals and such. Today its banker and fear craze men with blogs writing about fear and whiskey.  How do you deal with your fears?   I like a little stick filled with lead, it mightier than the sword.

thank you and god bless

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lot of stylish blogs

Stylish from the dictionary “impressive: having or showing impressive skill or accomplishment” these describe the person who has honored me with the stylish blogger award. Sukanya Bora her blog is always warn and delightful to read. If have not seen her blog you are missing out on the love and passion of  fine writing.  So treat yourself to a fine stylish blog and visit her blog. She has awarded the honor to Rimly, Sulekha, Kriti, Charlie Nitric, Sweepy Jane, Jim Brandano, Roy Durham, Corinne Rodriquez, Alpana, and Ayon Banerjee.  All are very stylish bloggers.  As you can see I was named to this post of honor and it is to me an honor.  But seven thing about me that is something that is going to take a little work. So here, I well have a go at it.

I like to fish that’s one. I like to mow my lawn, That‘s two.  I have fun writing and playing a word game that’s puns and ploys, this makes three. Well there are four, so you want more. I eat a lizard once and went back for more that’s four. Five just to keep this alive, I live in the bee hive state.  Six well I fix things,  Seven I hope to go to heaven some day.
Well now, that was not bad. 

So who are the next, stylish bloggers the first one that come to mine is DeLinda Geminiigeya and InkaKike their blog this is one blog that give a new meaning to stylish.

Another one that is very stylish is Sonia Rumzi her blog  she has two novels out that are great reads.

Three there is an old geezer friend of Don Smith he will take you on a time journey at

Five we need a sonnet so from the heart of Jenni De La Torre

Six what a fix he plays with sticks Doug Stephens, he is good for a laugh.

Seven I am going back to the first InkaKike and his music a true stylish blog of sight and sound.

I have just been informed that there a young lady who write beautiful poem with  style so she is new to me and I think there is one more award to hand out so take a read a see what you think. she is number seven on the list Nivedhitha Rajavelu her blog

Please give these honorees your support by paying them a visit and leave a comment on their blog. 

Thank you and god bless

Monday, June 20, 2011

lot of warning

It‘s coming. It will be long, but it won’t be long. Are you ready or have you procrastinated? What are you going to do when it gets here? Are you going to run and hide? You can’t it will find you no matter where you hide it will find you. You were told it was coming years ago. They talk about in the bible. It has been prophesize by many.  How will it change you? What will happen to you? Will you be taken up in it? Some will try to stop it from coming but they can’t it is coming. It will get you. It is already started in the pacific. Some are praying, And some how dare they!!! They are playing. Some are running, screaming, with their clothes off. I think they are going crazy. Some are burning up stewed in the own juices. It’s horrible to see children running crying for more. Is there no stopping it?

Well let me see? I have got some worms and flies. Better get some ice and beer. Oh yaw better get some bug spray the deep type and some sun tan lotion.  And don’t forget the watermelon and marshmallows, potato salad, humbuggers’ and hot dogs.  Say didn’t you know it the first day of summer, opening day of fishing season and the longest day of the year. I am sorry for those of you that are not prepared for this but you were warned. It’s coming and I am going to have fun in the sun. Thank you and God bless.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a father's day

my grandpa
A father’s day

Have you ever been a sack of tatters?
Riding high up to touch the sky
Have you ever been a plane?
Flying all round

Have you ever been up there?
Holding on to hair
seeing every where
Have you ever been swallowed by shoes?
Just a fun thing to do

Have you ever been baiting a hook?
my dad
And caught a rainbow from a brook
Have ever been shown the North Star?
Or a lighting bug in a jar

Have you ever said are we there yet?
To see a man with a piggy on his back
Have you ever wondered how he got that tall?
When you are so very small

Have you ever heard a prayer?
That starts this way
Our father in heaven
Thank you for father’s  this day

  happy father's  grandpa and dad form me thank you both I love you god bless

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