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Saturday, October 22, 2011

lot of great posts

This past week I have read some blog post that have rang the bell with me.  At least they gave me pause to wonder and think more on their subjects.  I will start with the post of Linda Lee’s not that was the first only because it was the last one I found when I went looking for the posts this morning.

“For kid’s sake!”  Having a child and being a parent is the most miraculous and wonderful thing that has been part of my life.   There are many books and theory’s on raising a child. Most of them are well thought out, but the one I found to be the best is the bible.  It could be any religious teaching from Buda to Islam to Hindu for me it was Christianity so it is the bible for me. Raising a child to be a good person and a responsible member of society is no easy task. A parent has to raise themselves and the child.  In all of Linda’s post I found only one point that I disagree with and only to a point, and that is on spanking. I was spank as a child and it did hurt but only for a moment.  There a great many and far more then will admit it that has been spank as a child.  The idea that it will make a violent child holds as much water as the point of a needle. On the contrary Mother Teresa, the pope and quite a few saints and Christ and some very successful people that we honor like Tomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Gorge Washington received more than one or two growing up. It is how and when it is use to correct a bad behavior. A toddler striking a sibling is one place, that a well placed hand to rear of the problem is the best solution; but never when you are burned by the heat of the moment.  What do you think??

Next there is the post of Larry Lewis  one-hot-guy.  Honest, honestly you can’t beat it for what is does for your life and living.  Open, openness being open is the way to learn to discover the world we live in to love and be loved.  Transparent being transparent let in the light and the love.  There is said to be a window to our soul if you hang up a curtain you block the light. You can’t see love and you can’t be seen to love.  Curtains of deceit, and lies, blocks the lights and the warmth of the world, a broken heart cannot be repaired with curtains.  HOT get hot, be hot, the hotter the better.

 The last is the best post I have read in sometime.  by Jessica Mokrzycki  it is the most intelligent interview I think I have read in quite some time. Both her and her guest did a very good job. All too often I have seen religious intolerance here in this land of religious freedom and by christen against christen.  To see that understanding can exist is wonderful indeed. We need more of this.

Just for the fun of it take a read of this post by Corinne Rodrigues

Here the links to these great posts please take the time to visit and read them leave a comment to let them know you care.

 One last thing I posted chapter 7 of my blog novel chronicle of Kathleen. Please take a read and leave you thought and point out anything I have left out or misspelled or typos please. Click here to read novel

 Thank you for stopping by and god bless

Friday, October 21, 2011

lot 1952

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.
This is a photo of my family in 1952 there is from left to right my mom, me , my dad holding my brothers. an the spot at my dads elbow is where I live today. curious?

thank you and may god bless 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poe-a-tree hop

Poe-a-tree hop. Here is the prompt “home is where” well you know the rest. Write a poem, short story, or pictures of home. Post on your blog and leave a link here I would to love read it.

Home is where

Saddle up that old rone
Gaze at the prairie skies
The sun in my eyes
Hat in my hand

Get the move on
Somewhere out there
There is a home
Hat in my hand

Why did I Rome
So far from home
Under star lit skies
Hat in my hand

Home is where
Somewhere out there
So far I did Rome
Hat in my hand

My heart is there
Somewhere out there
Home home again
Hat in my hand

Any place for a bed
I dread its out there
My heart my home
Hat in my hand

They say home
Is where
I hang my hat
Hat I’m home

Thank you and God Bless

 here is another poem of home

I am trying the mister linky tool  so if you have a poem or post for this hop please give it a try.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

lot of wedensday child

4:00 AM the storm is at its height of rage, a bolt of lightning strikes the substation and the town goes dark not that it was not already dark but now there are no lights.  Ron wake up stretches and head to the bathroom taking care of the morning necessary, then heads off to the kitchen turning on the coffee. Going to the refrigerator getting out the milk then to the cupboard to get a bowl and the cereal, it will be a cold breakfast this morning. His one bedroom windowless apartment is a place of order everything has a place and is in its place. Sheba his black and tan German Sheppard Border collie mix lay at his feet waiting on his every move. Finishing his bowl of cereal, he places his bowl in the sink and turn off the coffee fills a travel cup and pats his leg. Sheba comes to his side with her harness in her mouth. Ron praises her and put on the harness. They head out the door and down the dark hallway.

Outside Ron lets Sheba run a bit, once she has taken care of her business they are off to the bus stop and another days work.

You see Ron is blind at twenty four he has never seen any light only darkness he was born without eyes. For him the power being out does not mean a thing.  He works as a jeweler at the mall repairing watches and engraving jewelry.  I don’t see how he can do the beautiful things he does. He loves to play hand ball. Just don’t challenge him to a game unless you like getting beat. He can tell you what kind of flowers that is around you just from the smell of them on you.

Ron does not see himself as anyone special and does not like getting attention for his abilities.  I met him at an E-step equestrian therapy center; he was one of the clients.  He is always glad to see me and greets me with a big smile and “Howdy cowboy roy.” We always have a fun ride and he helps the others with their horses.

When I told him I would like to write about him he said ok but no pictures he cannot see them. I ask him what he would like me to say, what advice he would like give others. He said “Don’t live in fear of the things you cannot see.”

Here are my picks for today:

Do you know a person with a disability can you tell their story?  Give it a try write a post about them and how they live  and I will link to your post here.

Thank you for coming by and god bless

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 10-17

I am going to break the rules here, but they are my rules so what the heck. I normally just read some blogs and pick one the strikes my fancy to pick on.  But the one I am going to pick on isn’t a random pick.  I just like to pick on this one. The author of the blog if they were someone living in my back yard we would be great friends and I am sure we would have great fun every day. However they live on the other side of the world, but we do have great fun.

Well it also You Tube Tuesday and we need some entertainment so here are one or two tunes for my friend and you. 

 Now this friend of mine does some pretty great things, like spilling the milk of those who need to be heard, because they cannot speak for themselves.  He takes me places I have only dream about. He has a good eye for taking picture. And from what I understand he has helped out some elves and hobbits and a wizard or two. He knows where the best coffee is and he does get around a bit.  Well I am not totally sure about this but I think maybe he may be a wee bit of a leprechaun, maybe on his mother’s side.   

Well if you have not guessed who please say howdy to and congratulate Jim McIntosh of hole in my soles.  Jim this award is yours to share with the misses.

Jim if you got a cat let it clean up the milk sorry for spilling it.
Thank you Jim and god bless.

For the rest of you please give your support and have a great day god bless.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

lot magnificent Monday

Hi and welcome again to Magnificent Monday  hosted by Jim McIntosh and our theme  this week is ''Water".
Waves, rivers, watersports, waterspouts, reflections on water, boats on water, boats underwater, bodyboards, surfboards, seashores, and more

There are some basic needs to be able to live, air, water, food. Without air you will live 3-5 minutes, without water about 10 days, you can go about a month without food. Any one of these with out’s is fatal. To deprive anyone of these is murder. In a natural disaster food and water are the first supplies needed to save lives. People in prison are not deprived of these lives essentials. To deprive people of water is manslaughter, genocide, murder. We have the power to stop this; you have the power right in front of you. Face book, has help to over throw a government, and change the lives of many. Is there anyone of you that would refuse to give a child or a dying man a drink of water? This problem is not unique to any country is a worldwide problem. We spent billions for defense of countries and trillions on health care. We need to stop the greedy bastards that put their wallet ahead of human life.

 Doctors found year ago that washing their hands does stop the spread of infection. Every person has the right to two and one half gallons of free clean water per day. Yes it does cost to deliver water to many, but it is a cost that should be borne by our governments. No one should have to pay for the right to live. We have the technology to make this happen. We need to give our governments the will to make it happen. There is plenty of water for everyone; we just have to find the way to make it available to all. In the name of the people who are dying at this moment for the lack of free clean safe water I ask you to join this crusade to give a free two and one half gallons of water per person per day. If you have had your water turned off you know what I am saying is true. Every water-suppler should determent the amount of water that is needed per household and deliver it freely, and not turn it off because the household does not have the ability to pay. Farmers should be allotted enough water to raise the food we all need and they should pay a small fee to do so. Industry should pay the most for water and be the last to get water.

The fish in the middle of this photo is dying in the last inch of water it will soon be drying mud

Thank you for coming by and please tell your governments that all should have water to live. god bless

lot of fall

Howdy! I have spent most of my life trying to figure out the nature of this world we live in. From an early age I had this fear of falling, right from my very first step, and I have fallen many times. Today it is something that is on my mind a lot as arthritis in my knee is at a server stage of development.

            Sir Isaac Newton found that, what makes us fall is gravity.  He also found that for every action there is an equal and opposite action.  However I think he may have made an error here as I have fallen down but have never fallen up.

            Now I have work in many research projects over the years and done some research myself.  There was some experiment done in water where is seems that one could fall up. But in most other test it was down before it was over. It takes a lot of energy to fall up.  Take the space shuttle, it takes over twelve million pounds of trust to fall up but it does come falling back down.

             It would be nice if we did not have to worry about falling down or up.  Falling down can and does hurt, but falling up well that that is fun and it does not hurt a bit. I see a lot of people that work hard at falling up. They climb the corporate ladder to get to the top only to foul up and fall down. Now in the water experiment it was found that if you relax and be clam you will fall up but you have to focus on what you are doing. Where is up anyway, you know it’s the heavens, and to get there you have to work at it.  It is easy to fall down anybody can do it, without half trying.  There have been a few that have fallen up, and if you study how they did it you just might find it as easy as falling down and more fun to fall up.

Thank you for coming by and have a nice day may god bless your day. God bless.

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