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Saturday, November 12, 2011

lot of the big hunt

Well now it that time of year when the deer hunt is on and well Mouse and I have our duty to perform. So we headed up there in the high country and did some hunting. We had been up there for a three days and I had not seen a thing.

Hey Mouse? I don’t like the looks of the weather we are going to get snow in if we stay up here any longer. I am going to head back to the barn, you can stay if you want, and I will come up and get your frozen carcass next spring. Yaw, I know you said you saw a big buck up here, I am cold and this snow is getting deeper. There are some hot biscuits and coffee down there in the bunk house.

Just then Mouse fired of a shot. You missed I bet you didn’t even get close. Yep that was a big one, a big miss.  Yaw I believe you, you wing him but I am going back where it’s warm.  If you find him come a get me I will help you bring it down, but I am going home.

Roy! Hey Roy! What? Get the truck! What for? You got what? I'm hurrying just let me get my boots on! Where are we going what's the hurry? Yaw! I know you said you winged him. Ok! This snow is getting deep! Yaw! I see that red spot! Ok! Let's put in the truck! We'll take a look at it when we get back to the bunkhouse! Sure looks like we're in for it. Oh! Pipe down! No I won't get stuck, if we do, it will be your fault. I can't see a thing through all this snow. Well there's the gate! No!!! You get the gate you got us into this mess! Hold the door open. This thing is heavy! Put a log on the fire and turn up the light.

Say! You did hit something! You hit the buckle that why it came off.  Do you know what this is? This must belong to that faller up north. Yap! That one, with the big belly and wears a red suit. What do you mean what is it? Can't you see? It a mail bag! I guess I should give him a call and let him know we found it. No! I won't tell him you shot it! I'll let you tell him!! Well I guess he's busy I got a busy signal. Hey! Mouse! Get out of that bag it doesn't belong to us. What do you mean it was open? Give me that! Read it!!? When are you going to learn to read? You're not supposed to read other people's mail!!! Ok! Ok! I'll read this one. But put that gun up! 

Dear; Santa! I told you this belongs to nick! Darn it mouse you're going to get us in to big trouble. Who wrote it? I don't know. All right, already. It says it is from Josephine. She said that she had been good. And she would like some paints. You found another one?? Ok I'll read it. It is from Keith. He wants a saint's foot ball. Keith who? I don't know! I guess it the one that married Keith's sister. Mouse quit that you're not pouring coffee you're steaming them open. Who it from? Martin! He wants more fibber and paints. This one is from Connie she want a puzzle. Look at what you have done! You have got me opening them! Jan writes she wants a nurse kit. Kevin Sr wants a Boy Scout knife. Little Kevin wants an army man. Dustin wants a Rolly Polly. Julie wants to make cookies. Kaylee and Mariah want a basketball. Andrew wants a snowboard. Shania wants a puppy. Bayle wants a doll. Brooke wants a shopping cart. Harold wants more sleep. Matt wants a video game. Amber wants a new sweat shirt.

That's enough! We're not going to open any more. You go out the barn and get some tape or glue and seal them back up. I'm going to try to get a hold of nick. What that? It looks important. It a list and your name is right at the top. And it says you have been naughty with a great big red X next to your name.

Mouse I got a hold of nick and he is not happy he said he would be here right away. You had better put this back the way you found it. Here he comes it looks like he's got the marshal and that sheriff Garfield with him.

Howdy marshal! Come on in. nick tell me that mouse there has been shooting at his deer. You know messing with the Christmas mail is a hanging offence. Give the mail bag to nick. 

You know that Garfield has a wanted poster he think you match the description Mouse.

 Nick says that if you round up his deer and get them back to the North Pole he will drop the whole thing. You had better get tracking! You got six weeks! >>>> >>>> >>>>  deer tracks >>>> >>>> >>>>

Thank you for coming by and god bless  You got six weeks.

Friday, November 11, 2011

this moment 1111

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the mister linky tool at the bottom.

Thank you and god bless

Thursday, November 10, 2011

poe-a-tree hop 10-11

This week on the Poe-a-tree hop the theme or prompt is about the change in seasons, what is your favorite season? Summer, fall, spring or winter, how do you feel about the change of seasons? write your poem, story, or photo essay , and post add your link , have fun.

“Mothers Whim”

There is a lady out there
With stars in her hair
Season change
What to where

A bridal gown of white
A Sunday floral breezy and light
A flowing dress of green
A coat shade of gold

Sumer days winter nights
Harvest moon spring time tune
 Do lover swoon
Under the glow of the moon

Winter lover snowy kiss
Lucid universe brilliants laugh
Breezing smolder women’s perfume haunts seer blush
Wet dance iced fever not question more

Poetry’s soft baby girl squirm fever on ice
Decay moist kiss wet dance too
But haunting blush decay no I ask softy
Muddle of question at more think more not

Lucent universe brilliants laugh
Women’s perfume haunts seer blush
Is this to be?
A Mother’s whim

Thank you and God bless

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lot a home

Wednesdays Child is full of woe.  I did not understand this line from the poem Monday child. It was about thirty years ago, a friend of my daughter’s mother had a brain aneurysm, the mother was dying her name was Michelle. She had five kids in ages from 8 to 18; her husband was killed in Vietnam during the war. On her death bed she had ask me to take and raise her children.

Michelle story is one I am not here to tell.  Of Michelle’s children I raised two that I now call my own. After Michelle’s death the state came in and put the children in the foster care system as wards of the state. I had to be registered as a foster parent and my home be certified in order to take the kids.  At first I had all five the older two, one was getting married the other was on his own and looking to go into the service.  The state came and took the younger ones to a state group home while I was getting certified.  Michelle’s sister took the youngest boy and I by court order received my daughter friend and now sister Michelle and later we got Michelle’s Brother Danny.

The day that I went to pick up Danny from the state group home is one I will never forget. Michelle was brought to our home a drop off with all her belongings. It was a month or so later when the court let us have Danny. I went to the state group home to pick him up. The facility was a three ring security facility that is it had a twelve foot high double row chain link fence with barbed wire on top all the way around the facility.  From the guard shack you were let through one gate then it was close behind you before they would open inter-gate. Once inside you drove to a two story building and went through another security check, including being finger printed. I was there to pick up a ten year old boy not a convicted felon.

Inside I was met and spent forty five minutes talking with a psychologist, then Danny was brought in and another forty minutes of the psychologist.  We were then escorted to Danny’s room with a box to put his thing in. as we walked thru the common area Danny’s friend were excited for him to be going home. Many of the kids came up to us asking if they could go home with me.

 Have you even been to a dog pound to get a dog or walk thru the red light district? Well it was kind of like that.  

We got to Danny room after going thru a number of electronically locked doors, passing by glass enclose class rooms.  One room housed kids in strait jackets chained to the wall who were downs, and autistic children.

  Danny’ room was a small eight by ten foot room with tan or off white walls, a six inch by two foot window, a cot that was bolted to the wall and three shelve for his things, a writing desk with a pull out seat and an electronically locked gray metal door with a four by twelve inch window in it, Not much different than a jail cell.

Now I did voice my opinion of the group home and was told that it was also the state reformatory or detention center as if that made it all right.  It was clean and secure but there was no love of family.

I left with Danny and wish I could take those kids home with me. I don’t know of other Group home for children but I pray they are more of a home than the one I visited.

If you can become a foster parent, please, there are many children out in dire need of a good home.
Check out this page and like if you will
Think you for coming by and god bless.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 11-08

When it comes to blogging there are some who blog with a loud voice and some who whisper.  The one I am picking on today is one with a sweet voice.  Who‘s blog is a reflecting place musing passion for life, and love. When we think of art the first thing that comes to mind is painting, and drawing. Well you will find that there and caring for those in need of love. With a poet soul and the grace of angles it is written.

Ok it’s you tube Tuesday so here we go “YouTube Tuesday, adopted from Josh at Its Tiger Time, is a day set aside for sharing your favorite video.
Feel free to join in each week and see how creative we bloggers can be. Each month, Josh will highlight a selected video and present the winner with the ‘YouTube Tuesday’ Award.
If you participate, remember to leave your YouTube Tuesday link at Its Tiger Time as well as all the blogs you visit.”

The blogger I am picking this week, I just don’t know how to say thank you to, she has help with making one of my dreams come true. Her art is the feature that has given life to and has made it possible to publish my first book. Giving her this award is only a small token of the honor she deserves. To Melissa Tandoc

I give to you the milk bucket award for blogging excellent.

 Her blog is here give her a visit, you won’t be sorry.

Just a sample of her work in the book that will be available next week:

The cover



Thank you again Mellissa, god bless.

Thank you all for coming by and god bless 

Monday, November 7, 2011

lot of monday

Howdy folks, well we had a house full on Sunday and just could not get around to posting anything. Got another day here of doctor’s visits, just fixing up this old broken down carcass. The first snow fall came and went and we got about two inches of the icy eye candy. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t like that stuff but it is pretty to look at and a pain to shovel.  Now if things go the way I want them I will get out there in the hills and get some shot of the winters blush on the brush of in the hills.

This week on the Poe-a-tree hop the theme or prompt is about the change in seasons, what is your favorite season?  Summer, fall, spring or winter, how do you feel about the change of seasons? My poem will be called “Mothers Whim”.  There was another candle lit that did not make it to the hop, but it does burn bright, so if you would like go there and see Jerly’s musing of light.

Now my first book, well maybe booklet, will be going to print real soon. If I can master the formatting in word and don’t mess the edits up, it won’t do it the way I want, but I will win out.
This is the cover please tell me what you think?

Well it off the horse doctor’s and see what he can find to fixes.  See you tomorrow and somebody is picking on me again.

Thank you and God bless.

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