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Thursday, June 2, 2011

lot o walrus

These fine folks inspired the following poem so give them a holler and say thank you.  
Sarah-Jane Klemis Dinner - that's what I have to go make :)
Alejandro Guzman seaweed and the walrus
Mary Hudak-Collins ladybugs (again...I swear I have ladybugs on the brain!)
Jessica Brant Screaming MEME and Bugaboo
So here we go. I was going to add some pictures but there is a walrus in my shoe!!!
It’s getting late
Dinner – that what
 I have to make
Seaweed and walrus stew
With ladybugs two
What bean again
I swear I have ladybugs on the brain
Screaming MEME and a bugaboo there a walrus
In my shoe
Do you think it might like
If it rains
Now what A too dew
Didn’t you hear?
I have beans in my ear
Down at my toes
It’s running to a fro
Screaming ME-ME
Mine E mow it won’t snow
Me out of beer
There’s a walrus
In my shoe
Ladybug just gave me a hug
And kissed my nose
That tickles my toes
Bugaboo there a walrus in my shoe
Seaweed lace
All over me face
What do ladybugs do?
Fly in me ear
Out me nose
Kissing a rose
Now what a stew
Bugaboo I see you
There a walrus in my shoe
Oh dear there is a note
Left here
What’s that?
Charlie was here
Hey down there
There a walrus in my shoe
This bugaboo thinks it a kangaroo
Don’t you see there are ladybugs?
Playing hide a boo
There’s a walrus in my shoe
Get off your knees
My slippers please
There‘s a ladybugs on the dipper
Seaweed all over the place
What a walrus too do
It’s quite a stew
With a walrus in my shoe

 thank you and god bless


Jessica Brant said...

Roy and Mouse,
That was toooooo cute love the way you made it all work : )
How you ever thought to get that all together and make it work :)

Alejandro said...

haha very clever Roy. Thanks to you mate.


SJ said...

Samuel and I read it over and over getting faster and faster - that was so much fun :D

JP Brandano Photography said...

You are a very inventive and very funny Roy you never fail...And thank you for the story teller/ time traveler comment that was wonderful

Alpana Jaiswal said...

how sweet...u made me smile today...

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

Love your poem - love the photo of the cowboy. Your poems and comments are always a joy!

Regards, Mari

Ravenmyth said...

Roy...this had an Alice in Wonderland feel to it...all the characters running here and there..conversation everywhere...

Lots of fun....

Rachel Hoyt said...

LOL. Life would be hard to do
with a walrus in your shoe.
I'd sure like to try that stew...
I'll be right over to see you. :)

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