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Saturday, June 4, 2011

lot of letter

Dear ma and pa

I am doing fine, we made ten miles today. The foreman said we will get to fort Bridger in a week. He said that there a train there so we won’t have to drive these beeves all the way to salt lake.

A couple of days back we came upon a heard of buffalos. We had a time getting the heard back headed south; it seems like them long horns and a big spike had to see who the heard boss was. Old Tag shot that buff four times with the sharps to bring him down. There was some Shoshonis hunting them and Tag let them have it. I thought there was going to be some trouble, those Shoshonis did not like the holes tag put in that spike.

Tell pa I had to shoot brownie he stepped in a badger hole and broke his leg. I went rolling half way to partition flats. I am riding old Sugar Butt now, she stills a knot head but I think she will make a good cow pony by the time we get to Bridger.

I don’t know if I will be coming home. I will send my pay back with jack black. He said he would bring it a sugar butt home two you. Will I guess I should tell yaw why.  I was trying to shoot a buck for some camp meat and Neal stepped in front of me just as I shot. He fell right there. Tell Aunt Martha that it was an accident. I did not mean to shoot him. The Forman said he would have to turn me over to the marshal in Bridger.  I don’t know if they will hang me, but it was an accident.

Will that all from here. I’m riding night heard.  Tell pa I miss them and I wish I was coming home.
Your son Bob.

Just an old letter found on tumble weed trial.
 Thank you and god bless

Thursday, June 2, 2011

lot o walrus

These fine folks inspired the following poem so give them a holler and say thank you.  
Sarah-Jane Klemis Dinner - that's what I have to go make :)
Alejandro Guzman seaweed and the walrus
Mary Hudak-Collins ladybugs (again...I swear I have ladybugs on the brain!)
Jessica Brant Screaming MEME and Bugaboo
So here we go. I was going to add some pictures but there is a walrus in my shoe!!!
It’s getting late
Dinner – that what
 I have to make
Seaweed and walrus stew
With ladybugs two
What bean again
I swear I have ladybugs on the brain
Screaming MEME and a bugaboo there a walrus
In my shoe
Do you think it might like
If it rains
Now what A too dew
Didn’t you hear?
I have beans in my ear
Down at my toes
It’s running to a fro
Screaming ME-ME
Mine E mow it won’t snow
Me out of beer
There’s a walrus
In my shoe
Ladybug just gave me a hug
And kissed my nose
That tickles my toes
Bugaboo there a walrus in my shoe
Seaweed lace
All over me face
What do ladybugs do?
Fly in me ear
Out me nose
Kissing a rose
Now what a stew
Bugaboo I see you
There a walrus in my shoe
Oh dear there is a note
Left here
What’s that?
Charlie was here
Hey down there
There a walrus in my shoe
This bugaboo thinks it a kangaroo
Don’t you see there are ladybugs?
Playing hide a boo
There’s a walrus in my shoe
Get off your knees
My slippers please
There‘s a ladybugs on the dipper
Seaweed all over the place
What a walrus too do
It’s quite a stew
With a walrus in my shoe

 thank you and god bless

lot of summer time

Summer time,
Cowboy’s mountain meadows
The snows almost gone
Calving done
Time to move them
Up there near the sky  

Being a good neighbor,
The trees stand tall
Braced against Stormy weather,
Facing tragedy for us all

That’s my many rambling
Or this dusty trail

Cattle low the moons
Hallowed glow

Camp fire bring back
The warmth of the sun
Night heard sings
A coyote’s sonnet

Summer time
The willows chime
Buttermilk sky

Day Dreams on the fly
Summer time breeze

A sweet hearts kiss
Romance dancing across
 The meadows knolls
Of daisy blooms butters cups
And blue bells chime
To the meadow larks melody

The camp fire lick
Its coffee kiss
What beans again
Pass the brisket please

Thank you and god bless
 This poem is brought to you by Rachel Hoyt

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lot of thanks

Good morning!  Thank you!  I am having a hard time finding the words for this post. Yesterday I was honored with the award you see here by Alpana Jaiswal Admin of Bloggers Reflections and a soul mate of mine. I would like to say thank you to her and to all of you that have commented on the post yesterday.  I don’t know that I am worthy of such an honor.

The goal of my post was to express my views of love and to help men and women to understand each other better.  I have been blessed so many ways in my life by love that its abundance must be shared. Eleven people expressed their views here, from all reaches of the world.  I have read each response many times and I am awe struck by the love I see.  

I have tried to find my own word to explain love, and I have searched many sources, love stories, love poems and sonnets, historical records.  I found this passage “Clarke's Commentary on the Bible
Love your enemies - This is the most sublime piece of morality ever given to man. Has it appeared unreasonable and absurd to some? It has. And why? Because it is natural to man to avenge himself, and plague those who plague him; and he will ever find abundant excuse for his conduct, in the repeated evils he receives from others; for men are naturally hostile to each other. “  
But this is love.

As a boy I was loved by my family and friends but I was afraid of love I did not know what love is.  As a young man I look for and hunted love as I thought it was something I did not have and with the idea that sex is love. When I saw my wife to be I found that love was inside of me and it had nothing to do with sex.  We have been happily married for forty five years and ongoing.  It could be said it was love at first site, we never dated we just got married.  Love is part of if not the whole of who I am and who you are.

So I hope you believe me when I say I love you the love you are. Thank you and god bless

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

lot of men love sex

“MEN LOVE SEX” Now that have got your attention. Here is what I am going to talk about. First it is men and love, to be a little more pacific my views on love. From the dictionary love is defined “1; a passionate feeling of romantic desire and sexual attraction, 
2; an intense feeling of tender affection and compassion, 
3; something that elicits deep interest and enthusiasm in somebody”.
 There are more definitions but to boil it down, it is a feeling, an emotion a sense of something.  To me it is the heart of my soul. It is the energy of my life. It is something that you cannot buy or sell. It can only be given, shared with all things, all life. Love is the assents of life the heart of the soul.

I have read many books, poem and stories on blogs about love; and I have heard men talk about love as a physical active. What they are talking about is sex not love.  Some year ago there was a comedy team that used the phrase “I love you man” some people made a big fuss over the phrase as it was used in TV commercial.   Down thru history for a man to say or show publicly “I love you” was consider as a sign weakness a sign of vulnerability. In days of old if you want to have control over people you took anything that they show signs of love for and held it for ransom.  A young man generally under the age of twelve shuns and is shunned if he shows love for anything or anyone.  He is made fun of if he says “I love you”. So is it any wonder that a man finds it hard to say “I love you”. Today people say they love this or that when in truth all they are saying is they want something.  You can buy sex there are people you sell it. But they are not selling love.

How do you define love?

What does love mean to you?

Is sex love?

Thank you and god bless

Sunday, May 29, 2011

lot of slience

3 shots were fired, silence, 3 shots were fired, silence, 3 shots were fired, silence, 3 shots were fired, 3 shots were fired, silence, 3 shots were fired, silence, 3 shots were fired, silence, 21 shots fired in all and silence. A bugle, taps is played, silence, a pipe is play and silence. The flag folded and silence. Honor served and silence.

lot of song

To all who venture here
Take with you my joy
My spirit sings of angel wings
The notes you played

I flung these words
A song of love
Sent to heaven above
To fall as gentle rain

A kiss my friends
A gentle hug
My hand reaches
From my heart

A cup of his blood
To fill your soul
From me to him to you
Thank you , god bless you

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