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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lot of POV

Get tested

An ill-relevant point of view

Let see I can fix this darn thing
This part goes over there
This thing- a-bob belong somewhere else
Sure is a beautiful day

Hand me that box wrench
The sun is shining
Have you seen that part that goes here?
The birds are singing

Where is that darn manual?
 Is it broke?
No, I like to fix things
There not a cloud in the sky

There that does it
Let’s see if it works
It’s broke
Let’ go fishing

            The other day I was getting a few things at the local dollar store, and as I reached to get an idem off the upper shelf, a book fell into my shopping cart.  Someone had left it there on the wrong shelf, I was getting freezer bags and there not suppose to be books on this shelf, I don’t think. I pick it up and was about to put it back when I look at the title “MAKE A SCENE”. Well it got my attention and I thumb through it.

            The sub title was “craft a story one scene at a time” as I look at the table of contents I could see it was a somewhat of a text book. I put it back in my cart and finish my shopping.  I figured that I could use it and maybe it would help me with my writing.  It was only a dollar. Now how many of you love to read a text books? Most are dry and technical and some are downright boring to read and I have never read one that you would call a page turner.

When I got home it decided to see if this was worth the dollar I spent on it. Well I found myself deeply involved with it and turning the pages and going back and rereading some of the chapter, then reading more.  The author is Jordan E Rosenfeld; she is a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest.  I have a lot more to read, it is a three hundred page book filled with a lot of great reading and information that will help me with writing my novels. If you want to become a writer and want some real fun help get yourself a copy. I think you will be glad you did. She is defiantly a good read.

Here is Jordan’s web site  she has many well written articles on writing.

A foot note to yesterdays post the waterfall is about 2000 foot from top to bottom and the canyon is about 100 feet wide with a two lane road and the river taking up the space. the waterfall is man-made it is an overflow from a irrigation and hydroelectric power generating system.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday moment Oct 7 2011

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

lot of challenge

New challenge for Thursday.  Well we need more poems, so here is the challenge “there are spirits here ghost and goblin, dancing leaves, hay bales and pumpkin, corn fields, apple cider and spiders, bobbing for apples…” what is your ghastly ghost poem or a harvest party rhyme?  

A witch’s brew of word that tingle your mind and scrum your spine, “ The fall of leafs, The dreaded rake of the yard, Bedtime story for a grizzly Bear, Lizard tail eye of newt, Cobweb stew, The skeleton in the closet.” Do you dare pin the tail on the dragon?

There is my try:

The forest deep the owl does sleep
A caldron boils of sulfur and pitch
Cobweb lace shaggy moss veil weeps
Cracklin schemas a blacken witch

Tail of lizard just an inch
Eye of newt that will suit
Hair of dog tongue of frog
Claw of scorpion just a pinch

October yellowed moon
A wolf lonesome tune
Foggy mist creeps
Owl takes a peek

Orange gourd ghoulish grim
Foliage shed colors fall from their head
Ghastly aspirations leave their bed
 Who who wakes the hour owl sleep

A bell chimes doors creek
Cheerful sounds fill the dark of the street
Stumble and mumble search for something sweet
Trick or treat

Here are the brave souls the step up to the challenge:

 I will update the list as I get the links. You can post your ghost story or pics or poem and let me know the link and I will add your post.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday child

Wednesday child

There are a lot of smile in the stands, parent’s grandparents and friends. On the field there are the skills and tremendous effort of those that will try hard to win the gold, but I tell you they have already won. The sound of the crowd, the cheers of fellow athletes, the smiles win over of a life time of pain, these are the young men and women of the Special Olympics. Each year I have gone and cheered on the young people and I am inspired by their grit.

Some year back I met a young man who was very accomplished a many things he had won international gold in bike racing, the same in steeple chase, a highly accomplish computer programmer.  He drives a van, and rides a horse; you may be saying that good so what this is this all about. Well he has ms, multiple sclerosis, and been a wheelchair all his life.

Here are a couple of videos. Note these people all are handicap.

 A moment I remember  working in theses program was from a 12 year old girl who said "Mommy I can" the first word said in her life. I held the crying mother for an hour, her daughter has MS and Autism. and was in a wheelchair or carried from birth, after a year she walked.. 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pick on me tuesday

Will it’s Tuesday and time to pick on somebody, but before I start picking I want to tell you a bit about the spiltmilk milk bucket award. Here is how I pick the winner, first I read there blog as much as I can. I look at the content, and make a decision as to if they know what the heck they are talking about.  Then I try to find out a little about them just what kind of a person are they.  I don’t look at spelling or grammar. Heck I would not know their grammar if I met her.  I do look to see if they use a lot of abbreviations. To use an abbreviation it need to be well known. Next I look to see if the use word that the reader can understand without getting out the dictionary.  I look at the comments and the followers, and if they comment on other blogs. Is there communication going on? There is an Axum that goes like this “there is no use in crying over spiltmilk”, will there is, it is the first step in solving a problem. Being able to express and to define the problem is the key to finding the answer.   The award is to be an honor the recipient needs not do anything but post it on the blog. It is my hope that the award will be regarded as such. And lastly I look to see if they add value to the blogosphere.

Now who am I going to pick on today, well this has not been an easy task. There are many a good and deserving blogs out there and to be fair an unbiased. I have picked a male blogger this time.  You know there is not a lot out there, Men that is, that blog, so it a small group that blog on a regular basis.  Now I spotted a fellar that looks like he has been blogging form some time. He writes three blogs and does it well. He is I believe a single parent. So I am not sure how he does it. Write three blogs that is.  But I hear he does it standing on his head, If you can imagine that.  He does a great job of adding to the blogosphere.  I have looked over all three of his blogs and I will have to give him all four horses’ shoes for a great job of blogging.  Some of you may know this fellar as A. his name is Alejandro Guzman, and one of his blogs is  if you want a good read then pay him a visit down under.  Here are his other blogs and

A this is yours to copy and pasted on your blog congratulation! 

  I am awarding him the milk bucket for this week. But he will have to clean up the mess, I don’t do floors.

 Ok here are my pick for today:
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Ok tomorrow is Wednesday and if you have a Wednesday child story please give me your link and I will post it with my post, and if you are so inclined write a poem for Thursday for the challenge the prompts are here, you can write a scary story if a poem is not your thing or post some scary pic’s.

 Hey! be aware get tested. 

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Monday, October 3, 2011

lot , So what Up???

Well it is the start of a new month and a new day and a new season. So what up? I have been hunting for someone to pick on me Tuesday, and there is Wednesday’s child and a new challenge for Thursday.  Well we need more poems, so here is the challenge “there are spirits here ghost and goblin, dancing leaves, hay bales and pumpkin, corn fields, apple cider and spiders, bobbing for apples…” what is your ghastly ghost poem or a harvest party rhyme?  A witch’s brew of word that tingle your mind and scrum your spine, “ The fall of leafs, The dreaded rake of the yard, Bedtime story for a grizzly Bear, Lizard tail eye of newt, Cobweb stew, The skeleton in the closet.” Do you dare pin the tail on the dragon?

Here is some mood music to get you in the right frame of mind. 

Here the challenge, I said that is there an echo in here or am I not alone, take one of the titles and write a poem or a story then leave you link in the comment section here and I will post them and my poem on Thursday.

Oh and don’t forget the boo-bees, this it breast cancer awareness month. It’s not a women thing it gets men too, over 500 men in the US alone will die from breast cancer this year 2500 will be diagnoses with it. Get check NOW it could save your life.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

lot of word

Good morning and welcome to the garage sell and auction. Today we have some thoughts on religion. There are as many religious beliefs as there are people. They all center around god. A person is brought up to believe in what the religious leaders and the historical figures of their religion have taught them. Now I was raised as a catholic, and adhere to the teaching of Jesus Christ, so I am a christen.  I have studied many of the other religion, and found they all basically teach the same things.

Simply, it come down to the twelve commandments.  The first one is the only one we have had any success at follow. That is “Go forth and subdue the earth, be fruitful and multiply” the rest we have not done so well with. I read and observe that many quote and preach the texts of our religious teaching but very rarely do, as we were taught. We can read and study how to ride a bike; we can quote per datum the word of the manuals, but until we get on a bike and ride, putting the training into practice do we become one with the bike, and find the joy of being.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” this is the greatest of the commandments, although it may be worded differently in different cultures it is a universal commandment.  This is the bike we should get on and ride.  We need to quit quoting and studying and get on the bike and ride. When the day comes and we are judged it won’t be that we can quote the word but how we live the word.

 Here are my picks for today:

Erin Maureen Dixon

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