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Saturday, December 25, 2010

global warming

Sorry for the delay but it is Christmas. Global warming true or false?  Global warming is a fact. Therefore it is true. It started warming 10,000 or more years ago. The question is; are we making it worst by what we are doing to the environment? From the research work that I have been party too; that is still up for debate. We know that it will not rain if there is not dust in the air. Water vapor needs a dust particle to condense and form rain. It’s the stuff that we are putting into the air that maybe a problem. Does it stop or change the process, too much water vapor in the air would start another ice age.  Twentieth century man and machine was not around when the last ice age started. We know that plants remove carbon dieoxide(CO2) from the air and give off oxygen. We need oxygen to live, so we need to keep as many plants growing as we can.  All the energy that we depend on today came from the sun millions of years ago. It has been stored in coal, oil, water, and radioactive rocks. Some of which we may run out of. Do we need to run around like Chicken Little or join a pray group of a doomsday profit? I don’t think that we can stop the sun from shining but there may be some dam fool that may want to try. I think we need to do more research to find out just what impact we are having on global warming.  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Gift for YOU

Have you ever been asks to look a cloud and see that its shape is…? It is not clear to you but to the person asking, they have seen a wonderful site. Last night as I was going off to bed, I was trying to think of what too write today. I have been writing and thinking about ways to put Christ back in Christmas. Last night in my sleep it came to me that I am not. He said that the kingdom of Heaven would come like a thief in the night. What is Santa Claus but a thief in the night coming into our homes and leaving presents under a tree? The moment you are given a present you feel the joy of the kingdom of heaven, the joy of having someone open the gift you gave them. Put back Christ in Christmas? He has never left. Children receive forgiveness for their wrong doings. They receive the love of family and friends. We all receive this on Christmas day. For a moment we are in heaven. It is his way to teach and prepare us for the coming of heaven. He taught using parables, is this not another? We thank our love ones for the gifts they give us. John said if you have two mules give one to someone who has none. For the kingdom of god is at hand. If you do not see, what I see in the clouds that is ok. You are not looking with my eyes. Have a very merry Christmas!!! Thank you for the gift of sharing mine. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift ideas for mothers

Mothers are very special. They like being called, and being called mom. They like being told there right. They like being told that you love them. It's not the gift you can buy. It's the help around the house that is the best gift. Washing the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, take out the trash, clean up your room, and turn down the loud music. Wipe your feet. Shut the door; don't slam the screen door, dust the furniture, vacuum the rug. There is more! Hang up your clothes, fold the laundry, wash the clothes, feed the dog, clean the cat box, and put the seat up, put the seat down, walk the dog. Eat what is on your plate, change the baby, take the ball out side, and stop yelling, make the beds, make the coffee, bake the ham, cook the turkey. What about them yams, is it noon already. Well! This is just a few ideas. If you have done all this, then give her a big hug a kiss and say thank you mom for all you have done.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift ideas for fathers

"Our father who …." These words took a new meaning for me in 2000. As a child I put on his boots and tried to walk in them. Today they fit; I know he is proud of that. But I don't know that I will ever be able to fill them. When I was 17 we went hunting just him and I. It was the only 72 hour, but it is eternity. We stood man to man no longer father and son but just kids having the time of our lives. We did not find any deer, but we found each other. As we hunted for deer we lost track of where we parked, I knew the way back to the car and he let me led the way. Looking back I question wither he really did not know where we parked. He was following my footsteps, I know now that those steps were my first steps on my path to being a man and father. Growing up we found more thing to argue about than to enjoy each other. We did have fun but it was never just him and me. I know now that I was forgiven long before I ever did or said anything wrong. That does not mean that I have not paid a price for doing so. Fathers pay the price of being a father, missing out on special moments, not being able to be home, not having all the time to spend with their children. There is not a lot said in the bible about Joseph, he is sometimes referred as a foster father or step father, of Jesus. He had a choice, and he chose to be one. I think he was more than a footnote. My father is mine and my brothers and sisters, and to all who need one. So what gift can you give to a man like that? First understanding and respect. Walking in his boots and handing them down to his grandchildren with honor. Whatever you can find that you would like him to have will be great because you are his son or daughter. These are the greatest gifts I was given by him and I give to my dad. My love is ongoing for him. If you can find a greater gift please let me know I would like to give it to him. Thank you dad for everything and your love. Your son Roy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift ideas for women

Whoa! Men! That is a dangerous trail up ahead. Women! Well! They like strings of pearls .diamond Rings, fine chocolate, shiny things, and changing their mind. It can drive a man plum loco! Trying to figure out just what they want. They don't like mouse. They like kitten, puppy dogs, soft furry things, and clothes. Well, they don't care for mouse. They like to dance, and drink champagne. They like to talk on the phone. They don't like being alone. But they will tell you to leave them alone. They like hugs and kisses; sometimes. They're not crazy about outboard motor or weed eaters. They like ribbons for their hair, and things to make them smell nice. Where is that darn mouse he might know something! Well! You had better get something, even if they say don't. You will be right if you are wrong, and wrong if there are right. Like I said it's a dangerous trail. Good luck! I'm going to find mouse and see if he can get me out of this mess!!! Ps: give them all your love.

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