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Saturday, July 9, 2011

lot of knife

Mammoth, Montana images by Google free images

When I was a young man, little more on the wild side on things, I got the chance to be on my own and to live life on my terms or so I thought. They were hiring young people to work in yellow stone for the summer. Mom and dad sign the papers so I go. You had to be seventeen or within two mounts of your seventeenth birthday to be able to be hired.  This was a first for me to be on my own, to go to bed when I wanted to, to get up when I wanted, to eat what I wanted. Well it was somewhat like that.  I board the bus and my mom did those big alligators tears thing, and dad gave me one of those lectures on being a man giving a full day’s work for a day’s pay. Well the bus driver said it time to be on the road and everybody off the bus that was not going to Montana.

We got to Mammoth, Montana about six or seven in the evening anyway it was supper time and the baloney sandwich mom had pack for me had become a distant memory.  They check us in, there was thirty of us on the bus, and gave us a ten two dollar bills for us to spend on what we wanted it was to be deducted from our first month pay, we would not get any more till payday, we were told we had to buy our first meal, and that we would be given a meal ticket so we would not have to buy our meal once we were assigned to a work site.  I bought a hamburger fries and a coke all for 50 cents

I had some time to wait till the bus came to take me to my work site so I wandered around the lodge checking out what there was to see, and ended up in the gift shop. There was a lot of nice pretty thing two buy one of which was Bowie knife. Wow it was a lot of money back then to spend but I sure wanted it.  It had a twelve inch blade and a carved leather sheath. It was more than the money I had on me but they had smaller hunting knifes that were in my price range and I bought one, It cost four dollars. 
I still have it

 Well the call came that it was time to go and I was on my way to canyon village cabins, my job was to clean and resupply the cabin and make the beds for the next camper.  We live in a two story wood dormitory, we each had our own room, and the walls of the room were just pine boards an inch thick with one light that hung from the ceiling. There was a cot, wash bowl, stand and mirror no running water and a foot locker. The room was about seven foot square.   
I guess I had been working there for about a month, and we had a lot of free time when the cabins
dorm in the left back  the roof is all you can see

 were full. I would go off to a spot not far from the dorm and practice throwing my knife. I might say I was getting pretty good I could hit the bulls’ eye nine time out of ten.  After supper I would go out and practice more then it would come time to get to bed. I would go to my room and throw my knife at the wall above my bunk, you could see where other had done it in the past  so I guess that was not all that unusual. 

the cabins

This one night I threw the knife and it hit the space between the wall boards and sunk all the way to the hilt. Then a scream came from the other side of the wall, and he kept screaming bloodied murder.  I ran to the other room to see the terrible thing I had done. When I got there my coworker , dorm mate was laying on his bunk his back to the light holding on to a horror comic book with my knife blade coming through the book and an inch from his nose. He was not hurt much to my relief but the whole dorm was there now. He calmed down. We all had a good laugh, and I never threw the knife again.
My favorite spot the ledge on the upper part of the falls
right here play my get fiddle and watch the dreams 

Thank you for stopping by and god bless    

Friday, July 8, 2011

Poe-A-Tree hop list

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Poe-a-tree blog hop, Starts this Sunday at 6:PM. There theme of this hop is “What is your favorite color” write a poem or story about your color or colors and post on your blog.  With the list here of blogs that are participating this go-round.  So there will be a rainbow of poems and stories. if you want to join in post your name and URL in the comments here. lets have fun . thank you and god bless

Here is the list, copy and paste with your poem on your

This moment

{This moment} – A Friday ritual. A photo – no words – capturing any moment from my past travel experiences. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment you want to pause, savor and remember.

“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from Soule Mama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

lot of why

Lot of why
I was reading a post by Mike Print and a comment left by someone. The post was why dose God allow bad thing to happen. I think we have all at some point in our lives asked that question. There some who may have the answer? And then again maybe they do not.  I hear those that say “god does not exist that thing just happen its just nature”.

Now I ask you to think about this for a bit.  Here is a young couple just starting out in life they are good people.  Nature takes its course and along come Susie and Johnny two lovely kids. Now they are taught right from wrong. They are given rule to live by, and the day comes when they get their first two wheel bike. They learn to ride with training wheels. Then comes the day that the training comes off and they have to ride without the safety net of the training wheels. Now they are in control of their world. They are the boss they go where they want. The parents want their kid to ride safely and stay out of the street. But Johnny rides into the street and is killed by an oncoming car. This is a simple story sad but it is a true story. I don’t know how many times this story will happen today.  

Some may say why did the parent of those children let this happen, why did they give those kids a bike in the first place, it s their fault that the child is dead. We live in a universe of wills, all thing living and that exists have a will to exists. Bad thing happen because we do not use our will wisely it the choices we make every moment of the day to do without thinking about the outcome.

In the story the parents out of love started a family, out of love they taught their children how to live, out of love they gave them a bike, out of love they morn their loss. God made man there is no question about that. Believe it or not it is for you to do. Out of love god made the universe for us. Out of love he gave us free will, out of love he guides us, and out of love he taught us. Out of love we will be given all that we ask when it is safe for us. So Eat what is on your plate and you will have cake and ice cream.

Think you and god bless

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lot of Badgering

Howdy, it’s been a wild weekend caught some fish and wrote a poem, watches some fireworks, and paid some bills.  I got a big week ahead and may not have the time to post every day but, I will try. I had fun on two blog tour and met some new friends.  We all had some great fun. The blog-a-Licious tour we learned what is freedom and on the Poe-a-tree hop we see saw the ocean beaches, the beach is always fun.  I have added a new page here “under the rainbow” this is the place to sign up for the next "Poe-a-tree hop” this time the theme is your favorite color or colour as the spell it elsewhere. We are going to make a rainbow. The tour will be next Monday so sign up with your name and URL and write a poem or a short story about your favorite color and post on Monday.
free image by Google

I am a little late with this but I made a promise to write about a badger, well it’s about more than one badger.  The badger, for some are a fearsome animal. With his mouth full of razor teeth and those long sharp claws. Badger hunt small rodent like gophers and field mice, sometimes he will take a rabbit.  They will pal up with a coyote to hunt. Just to let you know there were no badgers hurt in this tale.
When I was a lot younger me and my buddies used to find it great sport to badger a badger. We would get a stick about eight to ten feet long and then find a badger. The idea was to touch the badger with the stick and he would get all huffed up and chase you, growling, and hissing. They would chase you about twenty feet then turn their back on you and head back to their den. Sometimes they would stop and turn around a make a bluff charge back at you.  There was one we called David he would dig and throw dirt and rock at you. Ha! Ha! He hit old Wayne my buddy right between the eyes left a heck of a bump.  There is a lot to be learned from that little ball of fury fur. They don’t give up and they will fight till the death, there not a feared of man or beast they will fight a bear a thousand times their size.  They cannot run fast or far and they will den up when they get tired of the fight but will right back to fight you after they rest up a bit.

the rocket ranch

Some years ago I was working at the rocket ranch here in northern Utah. That’s the place where they make the SRB’s “solid rocket booster” for the space shuttle.  One of my coworkers had left to work on some test cable in a underground vault. It was quitting time and we could see the van he was driving was still setting over at the vault. He was the one who usually came and got us. So we went over to check out what was going on. Thinking he might be asleep or hurt. When we got there we could hear him hollering for help. We open up the door to the vault to find one very scared man and one very upset badger. Lamar was his name I think, he had lock the door by accident and spent eight hour fending off that little badger.  just for the fun of it watch video.

All turned out ok and we had the latch change on the vault so no one could be trap in there again and the little badger was caught and move to a better home.
Thank you for stopping by and sign up for the Poe-a-tree blog hop, it will be fun.

Thank you and God bless.

Monday, July 4, 2011

lot more freedom

this is a follow up on the blog-a-licious tour

Ready, Set, Go ... Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour 4
And we're off on another Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations. Do stop by and say hello to the participating bloggers. I'm pretty certain some of us are even having giveaways and contests. Enjoy!

our Date - 2 July
Theme - What Does Freedom Mean To You? lot of freedom

One thing that was not wrote or talked about on this tour of freedom is the responsibility that comes with any freedom.  If you claim or use a freedom you need to be responsible. We claim the right or freedom to bear arms. To speak as we will, to believe in god as we will, to go where we will.  Just because I am free to carry a weapon like a fire arm. Does not mean I can go around shooting up the place. The same is true of speech, if we write to causes undo harm to someone we are just as wrong as a person with a gun shooting up a place killing and maiming. We here in the USA celebrate our independents and freedom this day.  We all no matter where we live and what freedoms we have exercise them freely but be responsible.  If we are not responsible then no one has freedoms. Thank you and god bless

If you have not search for freedom, try these for post freedom.
1. Sonia Rumzi -
 god bless

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