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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Where have all the flowers gone

Memory lane how do you travel it? Do you walk or stroll, careful now there may be a toll or maybe a troll. Do you flash back like a time traveler, or drift back on a cloud.  What takes you there, a sound, a smell, a word, something you saw or just a thought? Did you go there willingly? Did you have a choice? Did you see black and white still picture or full color movies with sounds and smells? Well I did the other night, it all started with a click of the mouse and I was on a page of a group that were remembering growing up in my home town. There were the ghostly images of places that have long gone away to the wrecking ball and age has made the faces unfamiliar, but I know the some of names of the people. In a black and white picture I saw a face I remembered and the memories were fun. Made a comment and someone commented back.  Back then that person was someone I wanted to get to know, but they were at work and they had a friend already. Needless to say I had a crush on that carhop at the A&W. As we commented online I mention my feeling for her back then, and she said that she wished she knew that then. It’s funny because I did my best to get her to go out with me but I was just another customer out of the hundreds she served each day. It’s been said that you can never go home again. In some ways that is right the buildings are gone the people have moved away but the memories still ride the epoch of time. There is a song by Peter Paul, and Mary that fits this post.

It is easy to get lost down memory lane, I had a hard time finding my way back to the here and now, but it was a fantastic trip, some of my old friends are anew can’t wait till we can have a get to gather and remember the good old days.

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