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Saturday, November 19, 2011

shoot out at the outhouse

They hit about four am this morning, I grabbed the over-under 8 gauges double barrel shot gun and head to the outhouse my first shots hit the wash basin then I leveled on Ralph whit three or four voiles . Hope fully I was out of shells but that under barrel was still loaded, so I got off a blast or two. Now if I had painted the town last night this would quite understandable, but I hadn’t so I went to the old saw bones and he said it the stomach flu. And it will pass in a day or two take these pills and call me if you’re not better tomorrow. So I may be down for a day or two. Thank you and god bless

Thursday, November 17, 2011

this great moment

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

my first published book

Thank you dear god
god bless

Poe-a-tree hop 11-17

Poe-a-tree hop, ok let see if we can write a poem of short tail or a photo essay about this “The day I spent with _________.” A person place or thing from history, must have been someone , place or thing you admire like Ben Franklin, Marie Antoinette, Annie Oakley, Mae West, Ansel Adams, Cleopatra, Suzanne RD Tata, Tatonka, you name it. Have fun with it, what did you talk about or see.

My day with Nick

I was beside myself
Watching that jolly old elf
Tap, tap nip and tuck
Its Johnny’s new truck

A stitch here and there
Comb her hair, paint her nose
It’s a dolly named Polly for Molly
I declare this is more fun than a county fair

Main and bridle
Clip and clop
Hobby horse ready to ride
This one is for Amelia

Planes and trains
Toot, toot
 Chug, chug chew, chew
Away we flew

Lunch break
Cookies and milk
Deck the hall mistletoe and holly
Popcorn cranberry chain around the dolly

Its getting late
I have to run
Its been fun
Helping you get ready for your Christmas run

As I saddle old paint
To get where I Ain’t
He laughs and said
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Thank you for hopping by and god bless
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is a child

There is a child
Who won’t sleep tonight
There is a child
Who won’t eat today
There is a child

There is a child
Who won’t play today
There is a child
Who won’t smile tonight
There is a child

There is a child
Who will die today
There is a child
Who will cry for help
There is a child

There is a child
That no one loves
There is a child
That has no hope
There is a child

There is a child
Who will pray today
There is a child

Is there something you can do? You can pray, you can feed a child, you can play with a child, you can help a child, you can love a child, you can stop child abuse, you can give a child hope, you can. Can you?

Learn the sign, tell someone who can do something to stop the abuse, teach children to repost abuse and listen, post this ribbon on your site and every post.

Thank you and May God give you the strength to stop child abuse god bless

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday 11-15

Somebody is picking on me. I wonder who it could be; they live out by the sea. They’re not up a tree. What do you mean watch the birdie, smile, why me.  Now there is the thing call cabbage” a mean stretch of road, and down at the bottom is a gorge and a round up.  Then there is The Dalles, Troutdale, and Boring, been there once, Now on down I five through Brooks, Albany, Tangent all most there?

If you have not guessed we are in Oregon. Do you like hiking through trees, and rain, mountains trails, how about fishing or taking pictures? 

 Well there is someone there who like to do all this and She blogs too. Here is what she said about herself: “I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a cousin, a caretaker of the animals that have gifted me so. I love flowers, the ocean, rivers, trees, insects and snakes. I love music that has heart; I enjoy a good blog read. I love to share my pictures and I love my husband.” Must be busy being all that.

Well it’s you tube Tuesday and she like music that has heart so here we go.
 Josh from "Its Tiger Time" came up with You Tube Tuesday. Every Tuesday we set a day aside for sharing a favorite video. Feel free to join in and let's have fun seeing how creative us Bloggers can be! The video can be about anything. If you participate, please remember to leave your link at Josh´s site, where this event originated from. 

OK she like to take picture and she weathers a storm . she gave me an a ward call the Liebster witch means love.

Now I have been all over her blog and she has some great photos  and she writes a little, pretty good too, so I am going to give her three and a half horse shoes. she needs too post more. Here is something she can post the milk bucket award.

 Here's to Jan Neel congratulation! and God bless

Thank you all for come by  give Jan a visit pick on her a bit god bless

Monday, November 14, 2011

lot of awards

Howdy, I am trying to catch up on somethings I was not able to respond to while I was recovering from my eye surgeries.  I was awarded some awards one was the Strait Form the Heart award form Mary Hudak-Collins

Another is the Liebster Blog award from someone I have lost in the mix of things. To this I would like to say I sorry.  And when I find the person who gave me the award I will do a post just on them.

I have added a page (see tab at the top) with all the awards on it and will be up dating it with the links to each in the next few days.

To these award I am very humbled and honored thank you and god bless all.

I have learned that I won a contest I did not known I had entered and I have been honored with a write up on Mattias Kroon’s blog thank you Mattias and god bless.

Now here is something I thought I posted a guest post by Sulekha Rawat aka “Lucks” but it’s so good it needs to be reposting if I missed it.  So here is Lucks poem, her link to her latest post, a good read here and there.
You came along

I had lost the will to live,
until you came along.
Riding on a white horse.
My knight in shining Armor.

You stirred my dormant feelings,
aroused me from,
the slumber of desolation.
Opened my eyes,
to the wonderful world,
and made me,
see the beauty of life.

I had packed my bags,
and was ready to go,
You stopped me from leaving.
You stood in my way.
You wouldn’t let me leave.
You wouldn’t let me go.

I opened my eyes,
and looked at you.
My heart abandoned me,
And rushed towards you.

Before I change my mind,
I need to know, is it pity?
Sympathy? Charity?
Why don’t you want me to go?
I don’t need any of those things.
What I want is your soul.
Is it asking for too much?

If you can promise me this,
I will stay back happily, if not,
don’t worry, I won’t go away.
Will be here, thinking of you,
Wishing you were here.
Will go through,
the motions of living,
until my dying day.

Lucks aka Sulekha

Now for the awards

 awards to some very deserving people.

Mary Hudak-Collins
Jessica Bryant
Kriti Mukherjee
Jan Neel
Andy David
Ed Lawrence
Bonnie Panter Gayadeen
Rimly Bezbaruah
Alpana Jaiswal
Melissa Tandoc
Jessica Mokrzycki
Dawn Sievers
Mattias Kroon

This award is the love lives Jesus lives

The only thing you have to do is share it
Thank you and god Bless

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Thankful Day

I am so excited I can't think to write my post for today.  I have been published I have a book that I wrote. And the proofs are on their way to me.  I would like to express my deepest thanks to all who have press me to write and to most of all Melissa Tandoc and Jamie Saloff who helped to make this happen. Melissa art work that has graced the pages of the book and Jamie’s editing of my writing they have made it all possible.
Here is the cover and the first chapter:

1 Andre

In the woods of the great northwest old growth forest, some time long ago, there was a squirrel named André.

He had a long bushy tail and a brownish gray coat. He lived in a hundred-foot-tall Douglas fir, in a hole that a woodpecker had made high in the big old tree. Now André was not liked by the other animals in the forest. André would watch and   when the chipmunks stored their nuts and berries, André would scurry down from the big old tree and steal what they had stored. When Steven the old
 grizzly bear came by the big old tree André would chase him away from his big tree by dropping pinecones on him. He would yell and chatter whenever Kathy the owl tried to sleep in the big old tree. He would not share the big old tree... He was very, very ornery, André.

 The book will be on sale at Amazon and a few other sources by Friday I hope.
I would to thank god for all the blessing he has given me and you who read and bless me with your comments. God bless  

the blogger who read and comment

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