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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gift ideas for kids

Roy! Hey Roy! What? Get the truck! What for? You got what? I'm hurrying just let me get my boots on! Where are we going what the hurry? Ya! I know you said you winged him. Ok! The snow is getting deep! Ya! I see that red spot! Ok! Let put in the truck! We'll take a look at it when we get back to the bunkhouse! Sure looks like we're in for it. Oh! Pipe down! No I won't get stuck, if we do, it will be your fault. I can't see a thing through all this snow. Well there's the gate! No!!! You get the gate you got us into this mess! Hold the door open. This thing is heavy! Put a log on the fire and turn up the light. Say! You did hit something! You hit the buckle that why it came off. Say! Do you know what this is? This must belong to that faller up north. Ya! That one, with the big belly and wears a red suit. What do you mean what is it? Can't you see? It a mail bag! I guess I should give him a call and let him know we found it. No! I won't tell him you shot it! I'll let you tell him!! Well I guess he's busy I got a busy signal. Hey! Mouse! Get out of that bag it doesn't belong to us. What do you mean it was open? Give me that! Read it!! You're not suppose to read other people's mail!!! Ok! Ok! I'll read this one. Put that gun up! Dear; Santa! I told you this belongs to nick! Darn it mouse you're going to get us in to big trouble. Who wrote it? I don't know. All right, already. It says it is from Josephine. She said that she had been good. And she would like some paints. You found another one?? Ok I'll read it. It is from Keith. He wants a saint's foot ball. Keith who? I don't know! I guess it the one that married Keith's sister. Mouse quit that you're not pouring coffee you're steaming them open. Who it from? Martin! He wants more fibber and paints. This one is from Connie she want a puzzle. Look at what you have done! You have got me opening them! Jan writes she wants a nurse kit. Kevin sr wants a Boy Scout knife. Little Kevin wants an army man. Dustin wants a rolly Polly. Julie wants to make cookies. Kaylee and Mariah want a basketball. Andrew wants a snowboard. Shania wants a puppy. Bayle wants a doll. Brooke wants a shopping cart. Harold wants more sleep. Matt wants a video game. Amber wants a new sweat shirt. That enough! We're not going to open any more. You go out the barn and get some tape or glue and seal them back up. I'm going to try to get a hold of nick. What that? It looks important. It a list and your name is right at the top. And it says you have been naughty with a great big X next to your name. Mouse I got a hold of nick and he is not happy he said he would be here right away. You had better put this back the way you found it. Here he comes it looks like he's got the marshal and that sheriff Garfield with him.

Howdy marshal! Come on in. nick tell me that mouse there has been shooting at his deer. You know messing with the Christmas mail is a hanging offence. Give the mail bag to nick. You know that Garfield has a wanted poster he think you match the description. Nick says that if you round up his deer and get them back to the North Pole he will drop the whole thing. You had better get tracking! You got six day! >>>> >>>> >>>> >> 
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merry chirstmas lol

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift ideas for men

Well I am a man, well maybe an old man. There a lot of things I like, something I want. This maybe silly, but I like it when a child says mommy where is a cowboy! I would like to have a horse again, but I can't ride any more, and I don't have a place to keep one. Now I got my old truck, it could use a set of new tires. Most of the time I don't know just what I want. Now I have worn a suit and tie to work to be a professional engineer, and went with the guys out for a drink after work. Well I hate to say it fellows, but we are a lot like man's best friend. Give us a ball or a stick, a cat, a car, a good looking woman to chase most of which we would not know what to do, if we caught one. Now! I like good aged whiskey a lot like beer. We all like toys cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats, tools, heck some of us like clothes. There is not one of us that don't like and want a pat on the head or back! Yap; we like to howl at the moon, roll around in the dirt, fight to see who the boss. As too what we want for Christmas? Ask the dog, and if he tells you I want that dog! You might give us a dog so we can learn to be men. But if you did, well we just might become a dog. We don't like to be tied up, but we will hang around for three square meals a day and a little petting now and then. Now! Mouse says he doesn't know he is not a man he is a mouse, but he likes dogs because they chase cats. Now then for this old man I would like a set of teeth, a new pair of glasses, and a hearing aid so I don't get in to so much trouble and a new knee so I can go for a walk. But! Most of all the love of my family and that I know I have. Mouse you scared that turkey away! I had a good shot!! What do you mean you were going to get a deer? I see the tracks! did you see they can fly? There are faster than them half 44s your pack'en! Ya! What do you mean you wing him? He was halfway to New York before you got a shot off! Ya I saw the red on his nose. You're going to what? Call him?he run-off!! Ya! More reindeer tracks! I'm going back to the bunkhouse. It's getting cold. >>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More gift ideas

Well! If you're going to go hunting for a grizzly bar you'd better know what one looks like. Well maybe I can help? I have seen one or two I my days. A gift it's something that is given! It is given without strings but a ribbon and bow would be nice! It 'not always something that you can buy, put or hold in your hand. A gift is not the bait you go fishing with. Sometimes it's the thought, now I like thinking although it can be a bit of a chore at times, and I really would not want to make someone work. Now then I am not the boss and I'm no slave master either. Neither is a gift! I hear you say it's a Christmas gift and I'm going to tell it's not, it's a birthday gift! I see a lot of parties but it seem them partier forget just who's birthday it is. Giving gifts is the greatest joy I have ever known. The greatest gift is giving of myself to you. I don't have to rap it; it comes already too rap you with a great big grizzly bar hug, a smile for a ribbon and a big kiss for a bow. Well it's getting a bit cold; it looks like snow, so I have built a fire in my heart so if you huddle around it you can get warm. Hey!!! Mouse put up that Winchester!! Those reindeer are just too fast. I saw a turkey over there in the thicket! And there's a hog hanging in the smoke house!! Ya! I see them there reindeer tracks what do you want? Reindeer track soup for Christmas dinner! Ya! Ya! I know more reindeer tracks! >>>>>>>>>>
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merry chirstmas lol

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas gift idea

Got your shopping done? Is there someone you just cannot find the right gift for? Well here is a gift idea at least something that I wished I had got a long time ago. Give someone and you a journal, dairy, a book of writing pages, and supply of pencil or pens. Before you give it to them write something in it, that you would like them to know about you. Ask them a question. If it is for one of your children, take time to write in the book every day. Tell them about something they did that you like, or maybe tell them that you are going to fix pancakes for breakfast. Leave them a challenge to learn about something or someone. Let them read what you wrote. Let them write what they want. Keep it positive. In time it you and them will grow you will lean the meaning of love and understanding. The book will be something that will grow in value with time. If it is for a friend ask to write in it every time you see them. You will be part of their book and life. Well merry Christmas. I hope this helps! raindeer tracks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>watch video >>>>>>>>
I know what someone is getting for Chirstmas but I won't tell!!! ha he he !!!  hey mouse more raindeer track >>>>>>

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something I need to share

Well just cleaning up around here and seeing what I have got here. It seems strange the things that we put here in the garage, all the boxes, wrapping paper, and empty containers. There one that I found that is a hart shaped box that had candy in it that I shared with someone. Its velvet cover is faded, the ribbon and bow have been torn and mash down. It looks like the mouse had taken a bite or two out of it. The candy was eaten long ago. When I look back I remember the fun and the thoughts and feeling that were shared. I still can share the things that came in the box, the fun and the thoughts and feeling. The shape of it is within me. I guess it is time to let go of the box. But when I see someone that I shared it with I can see all that was in the box is still here to be shared. I will miss not having that box to put thing in, but that box could not hold all that it did share. Although the box is broken and gone the fun, laughter, thoughts, and the feelings are still here. My heart is heavy with the memories and full of love for all of you that shared this box with me. My uncle passed away today.

Monday, December 13, 2010

More about this place

Welcome!! I have been trying to make this a better blog page. I have added some new things. Like the Leroy Van Dyke video/ song. And I finally figured out how to put the Amazon store here. So you can find some good deals. There are some quotes about friends down on the bottom of page. I have started the art contest. I hope you will tell your friends about it. It should be a lot of fun and work. I have also add a PayPal donate button. I am on SSI and any funds you can send my way will be of great help. I am doing this to try and support my wife and myself. Please again write some comments I need the feedback if don't like something I wrote the say so. I want to hear your opinions this is a debate forum. I am not all-knowing and I make mistakes. If you do not want or cannot donate that I ok, then please buy something from Amazon or check out the ads click on them. And I will be paid a referral fee. Over and above all  else read my article and have fun with them. Some are just stories that I made up. Others are true stories, and some are thing's I value. The garage is my mind, memories and thoughts. I hope that you may find value in what I have wrote. Red Skelton ended show his with these words. "God bless ".  Well Christmas is all most here! and Here's my Christmas wish for you "love and peace be with you always!!!!" hey watch the video>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
rainder track????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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