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Saturday, September 24, 2011

lot of posts

This is a behind the scene look at spiltmilk ranch 

Howdy; Mouse and I were out there in the north pasture and we were looking at the fence. We notice that we need more posts. So we got in to a discussion about post how long they should be. Now mouse said that they should be long enough, and I said that how long is that.

Well this is not about fence posts. It’s about blog posts and how long a post should be. The answer is it depends on the type of blog and what you want to do. If you are just blogging to blog then make them as long as you want. However if you are trying to build a following and maybe a business, you should address this a bit.  I read a blog post the other day that took darn near three hours to read it was good and a bit technical with a lot of big words that you don’t run into in everyday conversation.

In radio, TV, broadcasting they budget the air time very closely.  TV and radio programming has program our attention spam to about fifteen minutes with three minutes of commercials in each segment. So how fast do you or the average person read? I have had some training about this and did some study on it. The good average for a post is about three hundred fifty words. The content is the first thing you should look at and pay attention too. Big words that are not common in everyday language should not be used. People won’t run and grab a dictionary to figure out what heck you are talking about. And if you make a habit of writing with big words and long post they won’t be back.

Ok, now I am launching something new here with this post. I am adding to the end of my post the top three blog post I have read for the day. This does not mean they are adhering to any of the forgoing info, but they are posts I found interesting.  So here are my picks for today: In no particular order:

Thank you and God bless

Friday, September 23, 2011

lot of general stores

The following is another look at an article By Kriti Mukherjee and publish or posted here
It’s a good read and brings light to the dreaded FOBs.

It begins.

How did I get here? Where is this place? Its dark and forbidding a cavernous pit with creeping crawling slithering ghosts, a spider’s trap of cobwebs and shadows parading in review. Has time forgotten or is this now, a fantasies of nightmares and horrible fears. It approaches, I feel its hot breath as it come near, do I scream, and no it will find me. I chock the scream daring not to swallow. It cross over, its sliming slobber drool rolls down my cheek, do I dare breath, or it will  know I am here. Where can I run, if I only had a gun, maybe I could kill it, but there are more?

I see the clock on the wall, the windows and door, the half cup of coffee that has grown cold. I rub my arms, yes I am warm and alive, but how can I be here and there? If I could only hear a sound, a voice, see someone I know. Wait that’s me I was only three, there is a robin in the tree, here comes the postman his name is the same as me, and Trixie grandpa’s dog yapping out a greeting.  I am lost in time a forest of days, moments trapped in the cobwebs of my mine. If I were not alone or someplace back home, would it be there? These ghosts that taunt me and it that thing, that horrible thing it lashes at me leaving surging whelps, stinging cuts, biting gnawing ghosts from the past. If I go outside their there, staring looking at me as if I don’t exist, seeing thru me as if I am not there. Stranger passing by, don’t they know I am not from here or are they avoiding it, or does it have a hold on them?

I heard a sound, it’s the clock, it tick a minute has passed. Where have I been? I was just there for years, but only a minute has passed. I will open the door let in some air, maybe I can escape, will it let me?  The air smells different, it’s not the same, it does not smell of home. Ah maybe some music will quail the beast. The song, it’s my favorite, but something is wrong it does not sound the same, not like I remember.  Eat something, yes, that is it, I will eat some chocolate cake, no I must not.  It will hear and devour me.  What wrong with the clock, it does not move, has time stopped?  No I saw the hand move, I heard it tick.

Enough of this. I am going to face it. Who are you? What do you want from me? I am fear you FOB. I am you the one you call ME- time. I am just here to keep you company. There is nothing to fear but fear it’s self.

Thank you and God bless don't let me- time get you.

news flash 15 mim ago

Here it is the B-17 flyover

I got it. yahoo o!

Thank you for flying with me. and may God bless you

lot this moment

"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
the Wee adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

the little one is Bailey it her bday she is two

thank you and god bless 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

lot of cold

where is that Mouse

It’s been some time since it happened, it was so long ago that nobody knows when or where or who did it, but we can’t live without it today, and that is fire. Man is the only animal that uses fire, all the rest run from it. We use it to cook, warm our selves, it powers our life. The car we drive uses fire. Even this modern communication of the internet is powered by fire at some point in the system.  We went into space using fire.  We need fire.

The days are getting shorter and the morning are getting cooler, so I am looking at building a fire in the fireplace in the morning just to get the chill off the morning air. You know we even get all fired up to have a fire.  Now do we call the fire department to get a fire going in the fireplace or do you call city hall to get a building permit? What happen to the sun did someone put some water on it or what? Now I don’t want to alarm anybody, but is getting colder. The leaves are turning all different colors trying to tell us it time to build a fire, its cold out there. 

Those poor leaves are dying it so cold. Hey Mouse where did you put them long johns? Darn this floor is cold. We need a fire. Maybe two pair of socks will help.

Coffee helps, but it time to build a fire. Yaw; know I think it’s all Mouse’s fault. He did not fill the sun with more coal oil or something. Mouse what do you mean I did not chop the fire wood that’s what you are paid to do, dog gone it, WE need a FIRE!

Guess what its fall, and time to rake the leaves and do the planting for next spring. Can the vegetables, no beans, and make ready for the winter and snow. Burr its cold. We need a fire.

 Well thank you for stopping by and I am sorry about the cold, but we will build a fire thank you and God Bless.

 Let me see now, go to the dentist and get a video of the B-17 flying and chop the fire wood. That makes up the day. See you God bless

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lot of update news

It’s Wednesday and to me that means one thing 1+1, that right Sweepy jean. She has a freebee, a copy of her poems from the challenge of last April. The free copy is worth more than what it would cost to buy, it’s a pearl of great price like love. So click your way over there and get your copy and by the way leave two words. It is the thing to do.

Here is a footnote, make that a headnote to yesterday post. Those ladies of the sky got there training from these ladies:

At some point today I hope to take a video of them flying over my home. I will update this post when I do.

Just for the fun of it here is some silliness:

Clueless it’s under your shoe
So take it off, now you are shoeless
Take a step and you will see
Where the creep crawly things like to feed
Just where is my shoe
Stuck in some gooey goo
Among the mud and muck
It would be my luck
For my shoe to get stuck
 Oh where could it be?
Headed out to sea
Hey there a walrus in my shoe
Darn it all
Its behind don’t lose your mind
In this foaming brine
I am sure it will wash out so don’t pout
It’s fun that all about
The mud between your toes!

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lot of ladies from the sky

Off to a late start today as far as blogging goes, had to go to the eye doctor for a post surgery checkup. All checks good now I have 20-20 vision in my left eye. And in three weeks I will be seeing good without glasses.

Now we have some guest in town for a couple of days, some real fine ladies that make my heart sing.  So I went out to the airport to meet them. There is many side to this old cowpoke as you know, but walking in to that terminal it took me back some fifty years to a time when I spent every moment I could here just watching the planes takeoff and land.  You may think it strange for a cowboy to be fond of aircraft, but there was Sky King and my uncle who used to wash plane at the Grand Island airport back when I was little and going with my granddad and uncle Joe to get the railroad mail from the plane. 

I walk thru the lobby to the concourses and the out to the tarmac; I knew what I would see before I got thru the terminal I had been here before.  They would be all deck out in their finest, and waiting to pull at my heart strings.

These ladies from the sky one “Maid in the shade” and “Sentimental Journey” are warbirds of the WWII, the B-25 Mitchell and the B-17 Flying Fortress- Liberator.  These two are special as they are of the few remaining flying of their kind, and they are fully operational, guns and all. Last June the Liberty Bell a B-17 crashed and burned in Illinois now there is only four left that can be flown.  These ladies are from the Commemorative Air force wing, flying museum, base in Mesa Arizona.

Here they are enjoy I hope as I do.

Here is a Friday moment that could not wait for Friday. The pilots just happen to be an old friend and it is ok but he would not let me have the key. Well I will log sixty eight year at the control second seat in a B-25 in my log book.

Thank you for flying with me and God Bless.  “CLEAR!  Contact!”  If he would only let me have the key.

Monday, September 19, 2011

lot of dreams

You know growing up I had a lot of dreams. Looking back I see a lot of them have come to pass. When I was little I dreamed of flying a plane, of being a builder of homes, I dreamed of being a great scientist, I dreamed of writing a great book.  Heck I dreamed of being a great cowboy.  There is one dream I had as a child and that was finding some to love that love me back and we would have a family. Yep, gals, we boys do dream of that. Now coming up the first my gal and I will be celebrating our 45th year together, so dreams do come true.

Life is like an amusement park with all its rides and games, you dream of all the fun and surprises, and maybe the prizes you will bring home.  All the fun food, cotton candy, popcorn, soda pop, ice cream,  hot dogs, pizza, and then the rides that make wish you had not ate all that, like the roller coaster , the tilt-a-whirl, or be scared out of your cotton candy mine in the house of horrors,  fun right.  Then there is the fun house and house of mirrors where you are tumbled or you see what you look like from alien’s point of view. Well maybe the Tunnel-of-Love with the scary things that make you hugs and maybe get a kiss.

Here is the question what amusement park ride best depicts a dream you had growing up and did you win the prize?

life is fun think you and god bless

Sunday, September 18, 2011

lot of free pics

Howdy all. When it comes to taking photo I know little or nothing about what I am doing.  So it would no surprise to anyone if they did not turn out worth seeing.  Well I have got a little luck on my side I guess. I have collected what I feel are the best shots for you to look at, and something else if you like you may, with my blessing, click and save as wallpaper on your computer. If you are so incline leave me a comment, but they are free to copy. here they are.

thank you and god bless

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