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Friday, May 24, 2019

Lost in Space-time

Here is two chapter of one of my books have fin reading. I am back to writing.

Chapter 1 the vacation

Professor Samuel Cobb of the Durham University. Was taking his vacation in the Mediterranean Sea sailing and scuba diving. Chasing down history’s artifacts. Off the shores of Athens. The long hot summer day he enjoyed to the fullest. He had saved for years and got a few research grants for his so-called expedition.
He found some beauties too add to the charm of the Mediterranean. They joined him on his 40-foot yacht. They were fun to party with, he was more interested in what he could find under the water than the girls.  Using his underwater metal detector he had found, old 16- century canons and outboard motor and many new objects.
He moved farther out into the Aegean Sea on the route he believed to have been taken to troy, anchored and made a few dives.
It may have been lucky that he had just anchored right over a sunken Greek ship. Although he believed it was his research that led him there. The ship was obviously a supply ship. He had found many suits on armor and helmets and swords. And three skeletons still in their armor. He had brought them all to the surface to be cleaned and inventoried. On one of the lifts, a heavy bronze sword fell out of the netting and brushed against his arm just missing him.
It was on his last dive with 15 minutes of air left. He knew he had surfaced when he had 5 minutes left to decompress. When his metal detector went nuts. He dug with his diving knife in the silt and sand, to find a metal box, about 6 inches high by 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. 
Back on-board his boat, he cleaned the box of sand and silt. It was open on the top and ends and had many gears, and two knobs with graduated dials on it. At first, he thought it was made of gold, but under further examination, it was found to be gold plated. He believes it was an early form of Sexton. He had found it had four mirrors made of silver. They were a position by the knobs. His two months of vacation was over, and he returned to port at Athens.
He met with the Greek mister of antiquities, they had no claim on his find because of them being found in international waters. He, however, gave them one of the skeletons and five sets of armor. Just to keep them happy.
He got everything pack and shipped back to the Durham University, In England.
He caught his flight back home and was thinking about the box he found. He got home a week before the things he found would get there.
He prepared his lab to receive the items he had found.

Chapter 2 new finds

He prepared ultra-sound cleaning baths to remove the sea, sand, and salt form them. He made a chemical bath to protect them from decay from the air.
They finally showed up, and he started the work on them. He took a tooth and some bones and sent them off to be tested for DNA and carbon dating. He believes them to be from the Trojan war, from Homers Iliad. One of the thousand ships sent to bring back their Queen.
When it came to the mysterious box, he cleans it first in the ultrasound bath, and then he started to take pictures of it, then he started to disable it. Making sure he could put it back together. The parts had been gold plated, and it had protected the brass parts from decay. He was surprised to find how well it had been machined. Expressly for the time, it was made. The bolts and screws were as fine as if they had been machined on a modern lathe.
He found the mirrors were polished with mercury, to a high gloss. As he put it back together, he found it had jewel bearings.
He was not sure of its use although he believes it was a navigational instrument of some kind. He moved the knobs through their range and found the mirrors adjusted to different angles.  He put it on a table next to a window. He went to take some of the armor out of the cleaner. When he turned around, he saw a portal about four feet in front of the table. He could hear people screaming and could see them running. Then a spear came through it and broke the lab window it landed stuck in the ground by some student sitting on the lawn. They got a good scary from it. He yelled out he was sorry he was doing an experiment, and it went wrong. He asks a student to bring it back to the lab.  A student brought it back to the lab and asked, professor Sam as he was preferred to be called, what he was doing. Sam showed him the target he was aiming at. And it went array, he had a chest plate of armor, he said he was aiming at. To see how it would protect someone wearing it.
Sam took it out of the sunlight. And the portal disappeared.  He was not sure of what had just transpired. It was strange, to say the least.  He questions what to do next. It had some strange powers.  He decided to try it one more time. He set it in the sunlight and turned a knob one notch. And again a portal appeared. This time it was a market place he could hear people talking, he caught a few words that he recognized. But the dialect was unknown to him. He was literate, he could speck read and read all most any langue in the world, there was very few he did not know.
It had accrued to him that he should not be playing around with technology he knew nothing about. He found that one knob pick a period and the other a place.

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