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Well, it is a garage sell and auction
It is a philosophical and intellectual debate forum, too enlighten, educate, have fun, and a laugh or two.  It is here to remove the extra money from your pocket to mine.
All items here are where is as is. There nothing here that is new. It is all has been used. Some of it is very old, And in need of repair. You may have some in your garage all ready.
Bye: You can bye; that is move to another site and I thank you for stopping by. God bless you in your travels and please close the gate so the cows won’t get out. As you leave.
Sell: You may find some things you just cannot live without. If this is the case then you can sell it. That is; put this site address in your favorite and posts it where ever you go on the web. Tell all your friends where you got it. Although my supplies are limited I will do my best to get some more.
Auction: If you would like to bid on an item? Then please do so, by posting your feelings, comments or disagreements. All bids will be reviewed and if they are malicious, degrading, or vulgar they will be deleted. Only honest bids will be accepted. If you want to be a jerk there is a soda shop out there somewhere.  Go find it.
If you find something you would like to own. Then by all means take it with you it’s yours, with my blessing.
Trade or barter: if you would like to trade something or barter for something I am lessoning.
At time you will find a story, a joke, and a pun for sell on this site. It’s up to you to believe or not, laugh or not. The serviceability of any item is as is.
There no warranties implied or expressed on any item.  All sells are final. No refunds.

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