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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lot of the girl next door

This is a true story, a piece of my life that haunts me almost daily. It’s not a good story, it is a love story, with a pore ending. I was all of fourteen at the time and had a party to go to/dance, but no date. So my mom told me to ask the girl next door. I thought she was joking I knew the girls next door and they were like 7 years old that was not going to work. Then she explains that Doc our Neighbor had his nice there and she was 13. At that point I did not care how she looked, for the most part, things were looking up. I went next door and ask the Doc, if I could ask his niece out to a party/ and dance. He turns to her and asks if she would like to go. She came to the door and said yes, Wow she was beautiful.  Well, we had a great time. And as time went on we became great friends and kissing and they were sweeter than wine and just as intoxicating.   by the second year, we had started making plans for our further, we went camping flying horseback riding, and dancing. Church, all ways together. Our love seems to keep growing bigger and deeper all the time. The third year we had made plans to be married, we had all the thing in place we would be married In June of 64 a saint Joes we had attended the newlyweds class at the church and practice the marriage vow every week. We knew them by heart. In our time together we never found a thing to fight about. Life was great. We were loyal to each other and respected each other, and vow the hard one to stay chase till we marred. And that was the hard one, we would make out till we could hardly stand our self. It was hot. And for a time we had decided to see other and go out with them, which did not last long.

The day the world stops turning for us. I had gone out to her place and her foster dad/uncle met me at the door. He was agitated to no end and told me I could not see her anymore. He was a police officer and threated me with a restraining order if I saw her ever saw her again and told me she was pregnant. After some bitter words and some yelling, he let me see her. She looks like she had been beaten, I don’t know if she had been.  We said our goodbyes and kissed she mouthed I love you as I left, with my broken heart in hand. The six miles home was a long argues road. I did not know what had just happened or why. A few weeks later I met her at the bus at school, she talks to me but I could tell she was hurting and afraid of her uncle. She wants to go before he found us out. That was the last time I saw her. All though I tried many times with no luck. All our dreams and plan’s up in smoke. Over the years I have made several attempts at finding her. The trail ends in 65.

In looking for her I found that she was not pregnant, or at least no record of it anywhere and she was in school till 1965. So now I don’t know. Yes, it has been fifty-five years but my feeling is still the same. Nothing has changed. Just time. You may know that my wife is gone five years now she had told me she did not want me to live alone, she said find someone. Well, I have been trying with little luck. I know it is a wild and long shot to find Caroline, and she is free and still want me and love me. As we did as kids. Stranger thing has happened so I am not without hope. I have a number of friends looking for her, maybe one will get lucky. Her picture is at the top of this post, it’s fifty-five year old. But someone may have knowledge of her. please let me know. 

god bless

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