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Saturday, November 5, 2011

lot of"hello!,hello!"

The automated system, you know dial the number and you get a menu of options press 1 or say one to pay your bill, press 2 or say two for customer service, and so on. After five minutes and a hundred key press you are ready to rip the phone off the wall or drop kick the cell phone for a sixty yard field goal.  Now I like to talk to someone of average intelligent, but it seems that they have been replace with a mimic of the automated system. You can say or ask just about anything you want and they can’t answer you. I will have to transfer you to another department, and you spent another five minutes punching numbers. An hour or two later you are back to there you started.

I just don’t understand why the people who are suppose to be helping providing a service can’t do it. With all our modern technology why can’t we get service? I have talk to people on the phone and would you believe in person who can’t even respond to a simple hello, they have a script they must follow and not deviate, and there is that service charge, four dollars to talk to a live person to take my payment.

What do you have to say about automated people and phone service representatives? What can we do about them or it? I have worked in the call centers and have I am sorry to say help to design and develop automated answering system.  It seems like a good thing at the time. But I think some the three laws of robotic have been broken.
Three Laws are:
1.    A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2.    A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3.    A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.” Isaac Asimov”

But then again they may be just working.

Thank you and I am human god bless.

Friday, November 4, 2011

this moment

This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

sixty years ago

this is something to pause savor and remember.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nova Poe-a-tree hop

Are you ready to rock the Poe-a-tree-hop?  The prompt for this hop is the Rose flower of love. How does the rose say love? When you are given a rose what does it say to you? If you give a rose what are you trying to say?
Here is a rose for you @-}-. What about paper roses do they mean the same? Do you give your love to rose? Ok write a poem or short store, or a photo poem of rose’s and post, be sure to add your link in the linky tool. God bless and have fun at the hop.

Primitive rose

What is in a rose that says I love you?
Is it the red heart shape of young blossom?
Can it be your sweet aroma that says adore?
Our hand meet a thorn does greet
Our blood does join
My life pours out, my soul seeks you
Is my
Take to
Your bosom
My love

Thank you and god bless

Wedensday's child 11.2

If I could walk I would climb a mountain
If I could talk I would sing you a song
If I could run I would win a race
If I could

If I could hear I would listen to a symphony
If I could see I would look at you
If I could hold I would give you a hug
If I could

I could Chris Waddell climb a mountain
I could Wilma Rudolph win a race
I could sing a song Terri Gibbs
 I could

Could you

One handed is a ruff world. LoL

Thank you for coming by and god bless

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pick on me Tuesday Anna

Welcome to the cyber Ranch blog of Spiltmilk and another Pick On Me Tuesday.  Today I have a guest from up north. Now Mouse was up there doing some important work when he came across her. He invited her to come for a visit.  She is here and she is a published author and outdoorswoman. Her neighbors are moose and bears. She lives next door to the bearded one, Chris. She has agreed to an interview, so please welcome Anna of Alaska, better known as Anna L Walls. I prefer Anna of Alaska. So say Howdy to Anna of Alaska.

Anna, would you say a few words and tell us about Anna?
Hello Roy, thanks for having me here. I’m a rancher’s daughter born and raised on my father’s ranch until I ventured out into the big bad world when I went to college. When all that didn’t work out the way I wanted, I joined the Army where I met my husband who brought me to Alaska. Well actually the Army did that but it was my husband who kept us here and I certainly didn’t object.

Now you write fantasy stories of magic and unknown worlds how did you get there?

It certainly wasn’t planned. Never, until long after I had lived out here in the middle of nowhere, did I ever think I would become a writer, let alone get something turned into a real book. My son, one day gave me this little, rather old laptop computer – only the second such machine I’d ever worked with and the first one was one of the really old, boot up by floppy disk, kinda Apple computer. We even still have the dinosaur upstairs haha, but I digress.
I took typing in high school, like most kids my age, and I’ve had my own typewriter or two over the years (I still have those too), so what the heck, I thought I’d see if I remembered how to type, but what to type; that was the question. By coincidence I had been writing a story in a loose-leaf notebook. I’d done one before, and it was fun, but that one had gotten lost amongst all the moves we made out here before settling where we live now. So, long story short, I started copying what I’d written into my new toy. Now THAT was cool!!! That was, oh wow, maybe 20 years ago now. My how time flies when you’re having fun.
Do you write in other genre?

My favorite genre is sword and sorcery, but I also write some science fiction (without much science). I’m trying to get one such book, The Speed of Dreams, published as an eBook. No takers yet though.

I have read some of your blog novel it is a fun and exciting read. Do you have a hidden desire to be in your story or are you a character in your stories?

I think most writers pour a little of themselves into their stories or their characters. I know I do. Male or female, I make the decisions for my characters as ‘what would I do if’. After all, it’s my way of living the ultimate fantasy.

Your book “King by Right of Blood and Might” what is your favorite part of the story? Could you read us that paragraph?

Men and birthing babies has always been humorous to me – I’ve heard a few funny stories in my life and one of them in included in the book not far from here. However, I love this scene. Harris is the young king who only recently regained a partial grip on his throne and half of his country before winter set in. As you might guess, his mother has just gone into labor and he was summoned.
When Daniella arrived with her mother, bearing more water and rags, Harris complained.  “Why did you come get me if I have to stay out here?”
Daniella smiled her sympathy but her mother had an answer.  “You men have to share some of the pain.  Having children can’t be all fun.”
“But it’s not my baby!  It’s my mother’s!”
“Consider yourself lucky.  You get to practice.”  Then they were gone behind the closed door too.

Do you have any more books that are to be published and when will they be out?

I have a whole line-up of books I would love to get published one day. I’m trying to get accepted by Whisky Creek Press for The Speed of Dreams. It’s my hope that they will be interested in some of my other stuff. Bucks Country Publishing will publish my trilogy a book a year, and I’m pretty sure they do eBooks too. With luck, he will continue to want my work. I am currently trying to clean up my account with so I can post my published book there as an eBook. I had trouble converting my book to the required pdf because my computer split the sections into separate pdf – I’ve recently learned how to rectify that. It will be for sale there for $4 I think.

I understand you write some poetry could you give us a sample?

My one and only poem – written for my current work in progress, though only the first stanza was used; the rest came to me in a dream. I love my dreams; they tell me such awesome stories.

Life is a Circle

In the newness of our time, we swim
In the first quarter of our time, we crawl
In the fullness of our time, we walk
In the last quarter of our time, we rest
Life is a circle
We rest, that we might remember how to swim

Death walks at our shoulder
He reaches for some of us sooner than others
The touch of Death can be a quick slap
The touch of Death can be a slow caress
Life is a circle
Rest, ye weary soldiers that you might remember how to swim

God is our Lord
His plans for us are a complicated weave
In His wisdom, he plucks one from here that he may place one there
Sometimes the thread of our life needs must be short and sometimes long
Life is a circle
Swim with long strokes that your next thread will hold God’s weave

In the dawn of our time, we curl in the security of our womb
In the morning of our time, we learn to laugh and cry at our world
In the noon of our time, we learn to rile and rage at our life
In the evening of our time, our touch has been felt
Life is a circle
It is time for us to teach the young to laugh
It is time to shed a tear for all those we have lost
We shed a tear so that we may remember how to swim
For without tears, there is no swimming

That was good. You should write more poems.

If a person wanted to buy a copy of your book where could they get one?

My book, King by Right of Blood and Might, is available on Amazon for a great price here Amazon . You should give it a try. Or, if you want a signed copy, you can buy it from me. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to mail anything right now so other arrangements can be made for those who are interested in that avenue. You can read a sample on any of my blogs, my website and even on my fan page on Facebook.

We have a sample copy here on the right hand side bar and you can click and browse and  can go to amazon to get one. 
 Due to some logistics problems we not able have Anna sign your copy at this time. Anna is a hundred mile from the nearest town and uses her own gas powered generator and satellite dish to be here. It will be three mouths before she goes to town for supply's.  

What advise can you give us on self-publishing?
To be very, very careful if you are venturing in that direction. There are lots and lots of publishing companies out there who are only interested in what you can pay them; they could care less how well your book does once it’s published. And all too many of those are merely interested in nursing off your wallet and not even producing a finished product. In truth, the publishing industry is really rather cut-throat; after all, there are absolutely billions of books out there all seeking to be noticed. There are some self-publishing companies out there, who are relatively cost-free, but you must consider, you get what you pay for, and if you go the totally free route, you risk putting out a poor quality book and no one wants that.

Now you write three blogs and Anna’s Obsession is about writing, what do you find as the easiest part of writing? What is the most difficult?

For me, the easiest part is telling the story. The hardest part has got to be the mechanics of doing so well – getting all the punctuation right, putting the paragraphs where they need to be, keeping the order of events, descriptions or perceptions in the proper order. The tiny details may not be noticed by the average reader, but they do make a difference.

Here is the big tough question; what question would you like to have people to ask you, and the one you won’t answer? 
Questions; I’m very good with questions – ask me anything. I’ll answer any but the most personal questions as honestly as I can.

There you have it folks; she will answer your questions. So ask away in the comment section and Anna will answer the same. There is one thing more Anna L Walls I would like to present you this milk bucket.

 It’s an award for Blogging Excellence for your Anna of Alaska . Congratulations can we have a speech?
Aw that’s so sweet, and it’s cute too. Thanks Roy. All I need to do is wring out the tablecloth so I can have me a nice fresh-from-the-cow glass of milk. Ha, ha, ha.
Speeches have never been my strong point. I’m okay with carrying on a conversation but not with starting one. Even writing my blogs is rather hard for me because I never know what to talk about. So, cheers to all with my glass of reclaimed milk. Waste not, want not.

Give Anna a big cheers and drink up Anna. 

Anna and will answer your question now in the comments. Thank you for coming and please let us have your questions. May god bless.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Knot of hand

Howdy, good morning, have some coffee.  Just a little deviation for my normal Sunday post tomorrow at this time I will be having my hand repaired, well that is surgery on my left hand. I have what they call Vikings disease or Dupuytren's contracture.  Here is the medical expiations from wiki In Dupuytren's contracture, the palmar fascia within the hand becomes abnormally thick which can cause the fingers to curl and can result in impaired function of the fingers, especially the small and ring fingers are affected. The main function of the palmar fascia is to increase grip of the hand; thus, over time, Dupuytren's contracture decreases patients' ability to grip objects. Pain is mostly not associated with this condition. (The author does not have it or does not know what the hell his talking about, it hurts.)
Dupuytren’s disease often starts with nodules in the palm of the hand and it can extend to a cord in the fingers. The reason why the palmar fascia becomes abnormally thick is dedicated to the fact that there is a change of collagen type. Normally the palmar fasicia exists of collagen type I, but if a patient has Dupuytren’s disease the collagen type one changes in collagen type III, which is a lot thicker than collagen type I. The contracture sets in slowly and treatment is indicated when the so called table top test is positive. With this test the patient places his hand on a table. If the hand lies completely flat on the table, the test is considered negative. When the hand cannot be placed completely flat on the table, but there is a space between the table and a part of the hand as big as the diameter of a ball pen, the test is considered positive and surgery may be indicated.

 My hand.

Table top test

Here is a video of what will be going on.

Ok now that I have made a mess out of your Sunday breakfast (sorry about that) I would like you to read my blog novel Chronicle of Kathleen there are nine chapters and  if you would please leave your honest comment. It has been a lot of work and I do enjoy writing, but I do need encouragement to keep writing.  

Next Tuesday’s post I hope you will join me it should be a fun event, I will have a guest and we have put in a lot of time and effort into it. There may not be a Monday post we will have to see how it goes.
I ask for your prayers that all goes well and that I recover before the snow flies and has to be shoveled.

Thank you for all your prayers may the peace of our lord god be with you, god bless

the blogger who read and comment

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