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Another Poe-a-tree hop
I think everyone has seen a rainbow at some time in their life.  Everyone has the favorite color. So here what I would like to do. Another Poe-a-tree hops. To sign up I have set up a page on my blog “under the rainbow “there in the comment, with your link and name. That way you won’t have all the captcha’s to deal with I will post the collective list on Friday July 10 and we will post our poems on Monday July 13th. The theme is your favorite color of the rainbow.  A verse or a poem, just a story about your favorite color and the link list to the others should be fun a new rainbow.


Debra said...

In letters of crimson, God wrote His love
On the hillside so long, long ago;
For you and for me Jesus died,
And love's greatest story was told.

I love you, I love you
That's what Calvary said;
I love you, I love you,
I love you, written in red.

R.M. Hepler said...

yay! more poetry! i'm going to get CREATIVE with this *cackle*

Lynette said...

The pallor of pink
just a shade past beige
brings on the blush like a bride
on her virginal day.

Debbie said...

Great Idea Roy!! I wanna play too :)

Paige Gould said...
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Paige Gould said...

Purple is the shade of the waning day.
The sun is setting on a crystal bay.
Will you not wait for me, says the setting light?
I am already here, says the rising night.
I will see you soon,said the sun to moon; and the moon rose bright.
I will see you soon said the moon to the sun; when the dawn breaks light.

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