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Saturday, May 21, 2011

lot of the end

Good by cruel world!!!
Let me see?
Hey! mouse where did you put the fishing gear?
What do you mean you put it in my bed roll!
You know what happen the last time.
It took a week to get that hook out.
 Did you load the Henry?
I have got the coffee.
What about the greener?
The reloads are it the tack shed.
What do you mean sally won’t get up?
Give him some oats, he’ll get the move on.
What the heck? Did you put the radio on that camping show?
Sally said what?
He said that the world was going to end.
Who said that?
Sally said that the fellar on the radio said that.
Well mouse it your fault for putting the radio on that station.
I said to put on some soft music to calm him down so we could take him camping.
He keeps saying mine eyes have seen the coming.
They were sing hymns!
You would know that takes a jackass to believe that jackass on the radio.
Now Get up sally you will get sand in eyes.
Mouse saddle old calliope she is calm and steady.
Let ride the trout are a biting. Heeeee!! Haaaaw!! Ride!!!

 thank you lord and god bless all

Friday, May 20, 2011

lot of dolls

It seems today it international doll day. And by request from Lanetta J Sprott, I’m writing about dolls. Now this maybe a little strange for a cowboy to be playing with dolls. But out there on the range you do a few things that may seem a like a little strange for a cowboy to do. But then you’re not a cowboy. You can’t take many things out there when you’re riding heard. There is one thing you just can’t get along without, you could but it no fun to be without, and that is paper.  Now there is many way to carry paper but generally you take a book like the monkey wards catalog or the sears and saw-a-buck they came free in the mail. It gives you something to read and dream about and keeps you clean if you know what I’m talken about.

 Now on occasion the only book around was one of ma’s old Macalls magazines.  Well you see there is this page with something to cut out. 

Her name was Betsy just a pretty little thing. Well we would cut her out and dress her up take a twig with a little flower and water paste, sit her up by the fire so she could look at the moon and then sing her a love song and dream of dancing with my gal.  

Yep cowboys don’t play with doll. So don’t go tellen those lies. 

Thank you and god bless

Thursday, May 19, 2011

lot of fun


I’m a truck driving,
Horse breaking,
CB poet,
Rocket jockey,
Nail driving,
Lumber jacking,
 Back yard chef

 I wore a star when not in the bar,
 Press on the gas
go lead footin’
 Racing that car
I will blow your doors off,  
Keep your shirt on
Now the cops are after my hot rod ford

Rope a steer
Drink a beer
Breaker broke
Stay off that bad joke

BBQ burger and fries
Right before your eyes
Pancakes too if that will do
Has anybody got their ears on?
Built a house drove a nail or two

T minus ten a big fat hen
T minus nine we are counting time
T minus eight haul that freight
T minus seven we’ll be there by eleven
T minus six get supper on to fix
T minus five just staying alive
T minus four got room for one more
T minus three look out for that tree
T minus a two god bless you
T minus one wasn’t that fun
Ignitions reach for the sun
Houston we have lift off

 Hey I’m just a cowboy
Thank you and god bless

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lot belief 4.2

Is the world flat? Back in the dark ages people believe so. At least that is what I have been told. Now here is a little test, when you go outside stop and stand as still as you can. Look all around, listen make note of all that you hear. Feel the air smell it taste it.  Take a full innovatory of all around you. Look at the spot you are standing on. Look behind your ears, under your hair, behind your eyes. Now think about the fact that no one can see, feel, and hear what you are.  If this is too much work go back to bed and sleep on it. You are unique there is no one like you in the world. It is your world. No one can perceive the world like you do. It is imposable. It was given to you, now just what the heck you are going to do with it. Are you going to make it better? Are you going to make prettier?  Are you going to make it safer? Are you going to fill it with hate, or are you going to fill it with love? Are you going to fill it with pain and suffering? Or are you going to heal the pain and end the suffering.  It is yours. You are responsible for it. So what are you going to do? Whatever you are going to do you had better get moving before that truck runs you over; shame on you for standing in the middle of the road.
have some fun!

Thank you for being in my world and making it better, God bless

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lot belief 4.1

The horizon of a flat world, just how far can you see? Is there something beyond the horizon? What is it? Is it a wall that we cannot go thru? Is it a mirage? The dictionary says” the line in the farthest distance where the land or sea seems to meet the sky; where you see heaven and earths meet an imaginary meeting line.”

People sometimes cross that imaginary line and they fall endlessly.  Here is one of the lines “ethic” it’s the little white lie. On one side you have right and wrong on the other.  “I am bigger and stronger, I am right.” I am the little white lie that is abuse. Here is a rule that I leaned at an early age. (Keep your hands to yourself. Don’t touch what does not belong to you.)  “It’s my child?” the answer is No it is a life You/We are responsible for. We don’t own children.  They are not a play toy. They are learners they will become what you teach them.

Here are some more ethical lies “it’s none of my business”, “I don’t have the time”, “it’s not my child”. When you use these you are party to the abuse and you will pay the price.  What if it was your child or you? We can stop abuse, sometimes all it takes is for someone to say stop and mean it.

Why I don’t quote the bible. Quoting only show that you can read and speak, it does not show you understand the word or the lesson. When you live by and show by your acts you become the words. If you live the words you will live forever. Ps you will know love.
Thank you and god bless

Foot note:
The poster or banner is in public domain the anointed fighter foundation is a defunct web site. And I have no affiliation with it or them.   My use of it is not to raise money or support any group it is only to remind people that we needs to stop the Abuse in all forms. It does not take money to stop it take action on the part of everybody. Just say stop and mean it. Thank you and god bless.

Monday, May 16, 2011

lot belief 4

Is the world flat? It hard for me to say yes, it is also hard to believe that there are people who do believe that it is true. I can see how some can believe that, thing just seem to disappear over the horizon. People if they can’t see it with their own eyes just cannot believe the world is round.
But the world is flat for way too many. Women, children, and men, can’t see past the abyss of the horizon.  The horrors they see and go thru every day from abuse. Just what is abuse, it is defined in the dictionary as “the physical, psychological, or sexual maltreatment of a person or animal”.

When I was about ten years young, a family moves in next door to us. There were I think four kids, the kids were shy and kept to themselves. The parents were unkempt as were the kids. Even I at ten years I could see something was not right. The kids did not play in the yard; they just would sit or stand for hours in the back yard. You could see cuts and bruises on most of the open uncovered parts of their bodies.  I often heard the adults screaming and things hitting the walls of the house.  I guess it was about three months after they move in. the women was in the back yard with a broom handle beating on the four year old little girl. Our dog, a border collie, jumps the five foot fence and attached the women.

 It was the first time I saw a smile on those kids. It was about two weeks later that the boy, about my age, came to our door asking for help. He and the other kids had been alone in the house for over a week. No food, no supervision, no love, no understand. The baby had open sores and shit from head to foot.  The house was dirty as well as the kids.  My dad and mom called the police.  They came and took the kids somewhere and I heard that the parents of the kids went to jail.  
Now I would say the world is flat, those kids fell of the edge of the world past the horizon. If a dog can act to stop the abuse why can’t we. Why?

May god have mercy on us? If you see or hear abuse be a dog and stop it cold.

I can tell you of abuse I have seen and stopped over the past 55 years; but I ask you to please tell of the abuse to the police, and write about it here in the comments. And on your blogs and web pages be a dog and attach it.
Thank you and god bless.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

lot from you

Well today is Sunday. A day of rest. So I am going to give it a rest. The comment section is open to all. Ask me a question, or just say hi. If there is a subject you would like me to write about tell me.  If you would like me to write you a poem about anything just ask, I will write you one. If you leave a comment I will add you to the blog roll to the right.  Or you can visit them just click.  Have fun and comment. I thank you and God bless. Ps say something to mouse he is feeling left out lately.

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