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Saturday, September 17, 2011

lot of horse show and sale

Welcome to The Spiltmilk Ranch horse show and sale!

Howdy, as you may know Mouse and I have been up in the high country for the fall roundup. We had a good time chasing those cows out of the pines. Now Mouse headed this darn critter out of a thicket, and I keep telling him that it is not that long horn maverick they talk about. It does not have horns and it is not a Herford. It may be a cow of the moose verity; anyway it will be having twin in about three or four weeks, I think.

I still say that is that long horn maverick, it’s wearing a disguise. Now we ran across some real special critters up there and we round up a bunch just for you. They are a rare fined. We have worked all the kinks out of them and tame them to ride. There not green broke, they are well gentled and tamed, but before we get to them we found this cowboy up there, who does a good job of singing at lease the cow love him. So without a lot of gab from me here is Hank.
                                                              This is my first video

Hey! Folks what we have here is a heard of Rocky Mountain Rocking Horses. I found a heard up there in the meadow of rainbows and dreams, so I rounded up a bunch. These are the sweetest ponies you ever saw. I had quite a time getting all the cockleburs out of them but they are gentle rides.  They all have been shoed and saddle broke. They will go anywhere; they can go for days without water or food and still give you a good ride.

Just hold on their Mouse, you know that ain’t true. The Misses made them and they are crib size (measured 51 inches by 44 inches) Rocky Mountain Rocking Horse Quilts. You can go out there and ride fence the rest of the day.

Sorry folks Mouse gets a little carried away some times, but we do have these wonderful Quilts for sale. The first one that I will show you, if I can get some cooperation out of Mouse, is stars and stripes. This one was sired or inspired by Paul Revere and Betty Ross. There is a rumor that it a direct descendant of the horse Paul Revere rode.

The top

finished Quilt 

the back is flannel and the words "joy" "peace" and "love"

These Quilts are all hand Quilted, top and back are 100% cotton, the batting that is the stuff in the middle is 100% polyester.  The stitching is 100% love. The back on this one is cotton flannel. The weight of the quilt is one pound each. We are selling these Quilts for $ 65.00 USD plus shipping. In the US the US postal flat rate is $10.95 so the total price is $ 75.95 USD. We will ship overseas but the shipping is $47.00 USD, shipping to Candia and Mexico is $27.00 USD. There is about 80 hours work in making one. If you would like to put one to gather that is quilt one, we will sell the top for $ 35.00 plus shipping it cost less to mail.

I will be posting more quilt tops today and the ordering information. This one is ready to ship and it can be in your hands in about a week. You don't need to have a baby in the house these Quilts works great to curl up with in your easy char and read a book , something by Louis L'Amour.

Here some more rocking horses quilt tops

Apache love

aspen bandit


little Rose

If you would like to have one of these quilts email me at or message me on Facebook. if you don't see one to your liking well we will be happy to make one you will like. it take about two week to put one together and a week to ship, well that what they tell me to say at the post office.

So for now thank you I hope you have had fun here and god bless.


Friday, September 16, 2011

A very special Friday moment

A very special Friday moment.
I paid a visit to the blog of Debra EL- Ramey’s blog
This is the turn table I used to operate.
She had a poem/story of a train ride; well I too rode a little train in the park as a kid.  I love train rides and trains, well it’s in my blood, and my family had a lot to do with trains. My granddad was the section foreman for the Union Pacific Railroad out of Omaha. My dad worked for the Union Pacific as a crane operator and store keeper and I work for two years as an engine cleaner, sander, and turntable operator, well that is a general labor. So this post is for Debra and all the train lovers out there.

Growing up we rode the train quite a bit traveling from Grand Island Nebraska to Ogden Utah, for us it was a free ride as we were part of the railroad family. I have ridden from little Rock Arkansas to Tacoma Washington, from Saint Lewis to San Francisco, and around the little track in the park. One of my greatest thrills was to move the big boy, just a hundred yards down the track, but I held the throttle in my hand. The sad thing was that it was leaving service for good. I was the turn table operator when they took the last steam engine out of the round house in Ogden. It was the end of the age of the steam locomotive; diesel and jet engine were now the modern power for the trains. Heck it was the end of my railroad career they shut down the round house and sent me wishing.

The old train station is now a rail museum and there is a big boy and the big blow, that’s what they called the jet turbine engine, is on display for the public.  So for Debra and all the train buff out there beside me here is some picture of the big trains.
railroad crossing can you spell that with out any "R's"

this is one of the crane's my dad operated

need your driveway cleared this is a snow blower

the big boy

engineers side of the cab of the big boy

454 tons coming at you top speed 120 mph

its to big to get it all in one shot

a drive wheel 80 inch tall

looking down the brakeman side

the work horse switch engine

Big blow
it is really big

this is not the end

Ogden Utah

Are you ready to ride again then ALL ABOARD!!! next stop some where in your dreams.

This Friday moment was started by soule mama and introduce to me by Sarah Jane of almost there you can fine them in my blog roll of reader and commenters

Thank you for riding the train with me and God Bless

Thursday, September 15, 2011

lot remembered


The room is empty now but you remember when
The fire place crackles the smell of wood burning
 The sound of eggs sizzling in a pan
The smell of coffee on the boil


The faint sounds of a train whistle blowing for the crossing
You look up to see the sky then watch the ground rushing by
You hear the rope grown out a creaking sound you pump to go higher
The wind flowing in your hair


You smell something in the air. Is it bread cooking?
You hear a song on the radio, just where did you go?
You hear a voice just how you rejoice
Long ago it made you smile


Do you remember a coke with peanuts?
How about poodle skirts or Gnat shirts?
How about bobby socks or a hula hoop
Or popcorn in the park

A hot dog on a stick roasting on a fire
Coasting down a hill on a bike
A swim at the pool or just bathing in the sun
Walk down a lane with a friend that was fun


The is covered in white the wind does bite
Sliding down the hill just knowing your head for a spill
Oh but what a thrill
That snowman wearing an old tin pan


I remember when. Do you?

Thank you and God Bless

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lot of tall tails

Howdy; and the top of the morning to you, have you had your coffee yet?  I am seeing better today and my vision is improving hourly.

You know out here in the Wild West there some tall stories of things bigger than life.  Up in the North Country there are the stories of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox and down there in Texas there are the stories of Pecos bill. There the tails of that strawberry rone and many other critters that stir the imaginanation of the young and old. Here in Utah there was the mammoth grizzle known as old Ephraim.  Now he was a real bear, and when it comes to tall stores there needs to be some bit of truth to make the story believable.  Around the camp fires and in the saloon and barber shops the stories of outlaws, heroes and villains still run wild. Tails of big foot or Sasquatch, Billy the kid, Black Bart, Jessie James, Wild bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Butch and Sundance just to name a few.

 There one critter you don’t hear a lot about is a feared bull of the woods, the orneriest, meanest, wiliest critter that every walk God’s green earth. Cowboys all know about this aspersion on the devil, many have tried to rope and brand this critter and came up lame of dead.  Now some say that his mama was a Mexican fighting bull, now you figure that one out. His hide is made of brim stone and his horns are as big as trees. No rope will hold him. Up in the mountains he hides out in the thickest hawthorn thicket down south he makes the mesquite brush his home.  Some say that he chased and dragged Pecos Bill all the way from Wyoming to the Gulf of California that how we got the Grand Canyon, Bill had got a rope on him, and Bill was riding that strawberry rone. The dirt was a flying that darn critter would stick a horn in the ground and Bill and that rone would plow the hills tiring to hold on to him.  He is a Texas long horn outlaw known as a maverick; no one has given him a name or put a brand on him.  So if you happen to be out in the wilds and run across this critter just get out of his way he is nothing you want to tangle with.

Mouse and I are going up to the high country and we will be watching out for him. It’s the fall round up and we will be bringing back some stock for the big doings on Saturday. There is a rumor that there will be a famous crooner there.  It’s going to be quite a shindig.

Thank you and God Bless

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lot 24 hours later

Status update 24 hours later and I am doing fine. I can see better than I did be for the surgery.  My vision is still a little cloudy and my eye is a little swollen. The doc said it will take a day or two for the swelling to go down and that I should see 20/20 as soon as it does.
Mouse and I have a big surprise for you all come Saturday. It will be a new feature here and it will be an ongoing thing. There will be more about it in tomorrow’s post.  My eyes get tired quickly so I will have to rest them for a bit before I can write more.

Thank you and God Bless

Monday, September 12, 2011

lot update eye surgery

Well I am home now and the surgery went off without a hitch. My eye does not focus well yet as the meds they used for the surgery have not worn off yet.  So I will make this short and say thank you for your best wishes and prayers
Thank you and god bless

the big day

Howdy; today is the big day. I will be getting my left worked on. They will start at noon and will be done about 1:00, then an hour of recovery. They will be removing the lens of the eye and putting in a new one and I will be able to see clearly again. The doctor said I will be able to use my eye later today, around four o‘clock.  And by Wednesday I should be able to return to writing and doing my blog, he said the limit on time on the computer will be raised to three hours per day till the tenth of October when he will do the right eye. I will post an update when I get home after the surgery.
I would like to say thank you to all for the prayers and support you have given me. Thank you and god bless

Sunday, September 11, 2011

lot of blog-a-lisious tour

Come join us on a fantastic blog hop that brings together bloggers of all genres, backgrounds and locations.
Tour Date - Saturday, 10 September

The theme: 
A Reader or Writer...Which would you rather be?

Well now; that a long story it started a long time ago somewhere in a cave. There was a fire and it smoke up the walls and ceiling. So to let in some light they took a stick and scratch off the smoke to let in some light.  That chap said what have you done you did not let in the sun, and the other fellow said it a picture of you and me up a tree chased by a bear you see.  You shouted a word that could not be heard because you were too far from me. So a writer you must be but if I write I am a writer and you are a reader. Therefore if I read what you wrote so I am a reader. Now this is up sired but I like to play with words we play hide and seek but some get lost.  If you read you will see there are some missing.  Whoa my kingdom for a poemy. Of course it might be a small horse. To be a writer of reader that is the question but if I write I must read what I wrote so am I a reader writer, or a writer reader.
Now if your head is spinning you might want to try one of these fine folks who are writers and maybe reader too.

Do visit these wonderful writer's blogs and become their followers. Happy reading friends...


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thank you and god bless                   

A lot to remember

December 7 1941, August 6 1945, November 22 1963, January 26 1986, December 21 1988, September 11 2001 ( this is hyper linked to a post on 9/11), December 26 2004, September 11 2008, March 11 2011, these dates live in infamy there more that I could add to the list. I was not alive in 1941 but somehow I can still hear the planes, the bombs going off, the rattling of the machine guns, the screams of the wounded. There was someone there that is not now; I feel the loss of someone missing. I can smell the smoke feel the heat of the fires. In 1945 I heard the blast and the unearthly silence that followed. I felt the question what had just happened. But how could I, I was not born yet. 1963 I was stand on the corner of Grant and 24th street Ogden Utah when some came running by crying and saying they had shot Mister Kennedy the president. I ran the half mile to home and watched the whole event on TV.   I remember thinking how could this happen, who would do such a thing and why god would let this happen.

Today September 11 2011 ten years ago I felt and remembered all the dates of the pasted; All the same feeling of disbelief, the same questions. As you read these dates do you remember what happened on them?  Of all the things we feel , remember, the questions we ask, the one thing that is the hardest to do is forgive and do it from the hart. For most of the christen population and many other religions this phrase “forgive us our sins as we forgive those that have sin against us”. Can you do it?  If I could list all these blood stained dates and list all who died, how many would there be?  When I remember these dates I pray that god will help find a way to forgive us.  And find those who died forgiven, I hope that someone can, and that we all will.

Thank you and god bless

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