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Monday, February 2, 2015

Lot of eight seconds

Lot of eight seconds

Now this was a while back something like forty five years ago. It was a Friday night in June, I went to the horse auction and met up with a few friends. Before the night was out I had bought two mustang horses. One was about fourteen hands a little thin, and snowy white except for her main and tail which was kind of gray.  The other one was a bay about fifteen hands he was gilded. After the auction we took the stock over to my friend Dusty’s place.  It was about six thirty and dusty brought out a bottle of whiskey. We all had a shot or two when dusty said let’s have a rodeo. When you have something new you have to play with it don’t you.

Well this night was going to get a little wild before it was over. The little mare I had named June bug, was the one I drew. Dusty saddled her up and put on a blind, I got mounted and then always helpful Chris pulled the blind. Well June bug was not happy with me on her back, she went into a bucking fit. But I stay with her. After two or three minutes she came to a standstill, and I had her under control. I got her to walk around the corral. And they were all saying great ride.

The next night was Saturday and Chris was the raining college bareback champ and was the entered in a local rodeo, he invited us to come and watch, he said he would get us some free tickets. So we all went to the rodeo. As we were standing in line with Chris, he had to sign in and register and get us tickets.  Chris elbowed me and ask me for a twenty, he said he left his wallet in the truck. I knew he was good for it so I gave him a twenty. We were just standing there checking out all the young lady. When Chris asked to see my back, I though he was going to use it for a clipboard. Instead he pin a contestant number on my back and said congratulation you are now entered in the saddle bronco compaction. All my good bubby’s got a big laugh out of it. And I wanted out of it, I was no rodeo rider, but they kept egging me on.  Chris pull me aside and said he would get me out of it, or he would coach me threw it. He saw my ride at Dusty’s and said I was good enough to be in the rodeo. So I agree to ride.

We wander around the rodeo grounds till it was time to get ready to ride. The whole time I was wondering how I got into this mess. I sat on the fence and watched the two fellows ahead of me ride. They did not make it to the buzzer and did not score. It was my turn, as I got screwed down all I could see is me in a hospital bed all broke up. I ran through all the pointers Chris gave trying to remember all he told me to do. I was set and gave the nod to lets us out. The gate swung open and I spired him out he was bucking like there was no tomorrow. That eight second seem like an eternity. Then I heard the buzzer and the pickup man was there he pulled me off and set me on the ground. I went looking for my hat and the announcer said the high score for tonight belong to Roy Durham from Ogden Utah. A local boy with a score of 84. I tried my best to get back to the fence and not show how bad I hurt. The next and last rider was in the cute and ready to ride. He was putting on a good show, I figured he had beat my score. But to my surprise he scored a 73. I was the saddle bronco champ. Got a buckle and 250.00 dollars to boot, and a bunch of girl that wanting to know me. The celebration after the rodeo was a lot of fun and a lot of medicinal whiskey to easy the aching joints.

I went with Chris to more rodeo to some fifteen or so rodeos and did not do as good, only place in the money one more time. That summer. Looking back it was a lot of fun, I don’t know if I had it all to do over that I would.  I rode or tried to ride twenty five bucking horses and made 500.00 dollars. You don’t have to be a top rodeo hand to enter just be fool enough to pay the entry fee and dumb enough to get on the horse.

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