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Saturday, March 26, 2011

lot just two poems

He is a tall drink of_____
 _____Fall don’t
You might sink in the _____
Or swim
Drip, drip, drip from the _____ spout
Under the sink
Is a bucket full of_____
Mountain spring _____
I think this a lot of hot_____
Don’t get in
Fill your tub with very hot _____
Rain is really just little drops of _____
Would you like a glass of _____
What do you think?
That I was going to say_____
Just don’t get in the _____

 Beach, Jungle, Hike

While sitting here with mike
Just trying to figure out what we might
Find if we went for a hike
He sold his bike

Now his pockets do jingle
And he would like to mingle
With a few that are in the jungle
The eyes of a bangle
He does not want tangle

A place we might reach
The other side of the jungle
It’s just a hike
He might like
Too meet
Someone single out on the beach

 thank you and God bless

Friday, March 25, 2011

lot of beans

I have grown a fond dislike for BEANS
If you know what I mean
Red, green, black, and white
This cannot be right

Navy with gravy
Chile and pinto
Pork and beans
String and potato

In a stew
In my shoe
In the park
Just have a hart

Kidney and limas too
Oh what can I do?
Had them fried
Refried and retried

Had them when they’re sprouts
Even when I pout
You know what this is about
They don’t go with trout

You know what I fear
I have had them up to here
Green beans it seems, will be coming out my ears
They be calling me a green horn for years

Ca n I not have another plate of beans
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
They are not a winner
But they get me thru the winter

Bake or boiled
Till from the soil
Even soy, they make oil
Used them as a toy, when I was a boy

Hope this has bean a joy
No more beans for this old boy

Thank you and God Bless

Thursday, March 24, 2011

lot of testing

Nondestructive testing
First you need a part
For this we will use a heart
Nondestructive testing is an art

The goal is to find out how it works
We will start with a flirt  
My that a pretty shirt
Thank you, I like yours too

First test complete that was a little week
A litmus test is what we seek
The ph is a ten
My that is very sweet

Now what is it strength test to some length
May I have a hug just a tug
Found some strings
My how they sing

The important part is to keep it simple sir
This part you don’t want to miss
It is simply a kiss
This may cause quite a stir

Tests all done
Wasn’t that a lot of fun?
Enter the data in the book
Get the number for a future look

Nondestructive testing
At its best
Nothing got broke
 Please take note

 This was only a test
Thank you and God Bless

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lot of out there

There is a place out there
Up in the mounting green
Where the troubles are unseen
Yup there is a place out there

There is a place out there
That is bless with grace
Yup there is a place
Up in the mounting green

There is a place out there
Where love is a beautiful scene
 In the mounting green
Yup there is a place

Where is this place out there?
Trouble unseen
Graced with love, a beautiful scene
Yup there is a place out there

Thank you and God Bless 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lot of problems

Do to some technical difficulty; I have had to do a clean install of my operating system. I have restored most of my files from a backup. Now I am trying to get back to writing some poems and blogging.  For those of you that follow and are new here, I have posted a revised copy of my blog novel chapters one and two. Please view it and read.  This is my first attempt at writing a novel, your comment are very important to me. Any encouragement you can give me will be greatly received, as well as any suggestions on how to improve my writing.

Thank you for your time and patients. God Bless

Sunday, March 20, 2011

lot of the day

A poem for today its right
It’s not night
It’s sunny and bright
It’s quite a delight

First day of spring
A robin does sing
Hearts do fly on butterfly wings
The lawn is bright green

You may think it’s a dream
To go for a walk in the spring
How about a cone of ice cream
Or a apple pie with whipped cream

Catch a fish down at the stream
Or in the park, fly a kite with a string

Or read a book
Down by the brook

Steal a kiss
It won’t be missed
I see how you beam
With love in the spring

So what the hay
It is today
The very first
Day of spring

 Thank you and God Bless

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