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Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour

This is but a stop on the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour

Welcome to my blog lodge, we have a lot of fun here. So join in the fun and after you have enjoyed this little treat. Please sign the comment book so we can make you next visit better.
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Theme - A World without Books

I don’t think there is such a place.  I love to go out in the wild and open wilderness even there are books. 

Not the kind bound and written on paper, the kind that are written on the ground, on trees, the rocks, the streams, even the sky. I hear some say there are no books there. But that just because they don’t know how to look for them or read them.  There is story written called “Down by the Water Hole.” 

It a fun story with many character. There is a big buck deer, and a couple of does, a raccoon and otter, frog, ducks and geese’s, and a snake in the grass. There are the stories written by the rain. I have read stories of love writhen on trees, stories of strife, story of territories, and stories of I’m bigger then you are, written by some illiterate bear. There are Stories of battle, stories of I was here, all written on trees. 

Every rock has a story if you know how to read them. There more books out here than in the libraries of congress.

Back before time man wrote on the walls, ha, ha, somewhat like over there on face book.

 But they were hard to pack around in your hip pocket. One of the first books that were portable was the walking stick, sometimes called the taking stick. The stories written there were adventure and travel, the history of a people. Some found these books very educational, many have been spoiled by it. 

These books held I lot of information a lot like the PDA’s and cell phones of today. They were highly prized symbol of power that was pasted on to the next generation.
talking stick

Down in Arizona there is a kangaroo mouse that carries a walking stick. In the hot desert sun, they can be seen running around with their stick. They will run across the hot sand, about twenty feet, then stop and put the stick down and stand on to keep their feet of the hot sand. If you are quick you can grab the stick, the mouse will lie down and die if you don’t give it back. There can be sticks all around him but he won’t pick one up. When you put the stick back down he will grab it and run off to stop and rest on his stick. I have looked at their sticks and there are marks they have made on them.

 I don’t read mouse writing.  So I don’t know what stories they tell on their talking sticks.

This is stop number six on the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour, a tour of a world with book. I hope you have had a great time here in a world without books.  Thank you for your visit and God Bless

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Fridays moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A photo – no words – capturing any moment from my past travel experiences. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment you want to pause, savour and remember.

“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by 

They are hard to fill.

There was no link to the story behind this photo.  I am up dating this post with a link. its not about these boots but in away it is. so please go there and read it all. it is a story my dad would want you to know. I am sure he would have done the same.

thank you and God Bless

Thursday, June 9, 2011

lot of fathers

When I get to thinking back about my dad I remember that he worked a lot generally 16 hours a day seven days a week.  He worked for the Union Pacific railroad five and sometime six days a week.  Then he would come home and work on our farm or go help someone with their troubles.  This meant that he was not home a lot. So who took his place as father?  Well there was grandpa, my uncles some friend of my dad and a neighbor or two. All these men help me grow as a man. Many had no responsibility for me but they were there to help my dad be a father.  My dad was well known for his hard work and being a friend to all and any who need a friend.  Dad would hear of some fruit that need someone to go pick and he would round us kid up and we would go pick fruit. We would keep some for our self but dad would find homes for what was left over.  He would go and work down at the stockyards loading cattle in box cars, or help moving stock threw the auction barn. I guess you can’t take the cowboy out of a man by moving in to a city.  About those other fathers they all help me. They show me what a man was suppose to do. My dad did not preach to me he show me by doing. The other men would tell me to do as my father.  To be honest and hard working, help those in need of help; give an honest day work for an honest day’s pay.  Be true to your word, and keep it. I heard of and know people who never knew their father but if they look around there has been someone who has been a father to them.  I hear the terms, step father, Foster father, my mom boyfriend, if these men step-up and try to be a father. Then I say loose the term and call them dad, daddy, pa, or pop. I know you will feel better and they will work hard at being a father.

How many fathers do you have?

thank you and god bless

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pain of the Plane

First I would like to say thank you for all your comments and congratulations to the award honoree.

The Pain of the Plane

I guess I was seven or maybe eight when my dad bought one of them plastic model airplanes for me.  Now I have always been crazy about airplanes and finding one on the kitchen table was, my wildest dream come true.  My uncle who was about twelve year older had model planes all of his room.  I wanted to play with them, but that was a “no-no”, but this one was mine.  I wasted no time assembling it. I was proud and excited that I had put it together.  It was a P- 40 Warhawk like the ones that flew over our place in formation going to hill air base.

Now my dad was out plowing the north forty and I just had to go show him what I had done. I ran as fast as that plane could fly.  Dad stopped Johnny pop that is what we called the old one lung john deer tractor, when he saw me coming, running, and screaming with the excitement.  I guess he thought there was some trouble.  He got off the tractor and met me half way.  He was concerned that something was wrong.  I showed him the plane and bragged at my accomplishment of building the plane and was saying thank you for getting it for me.   I saw the worry leave his face and disappointment and sadness take its place. Then he said with a smile “You did a good job but I want help you put it together.” I saw a little boys dream die that day.  My dad and I had many more time to enjoy and have fun doing thing together, but if I could I would go back and wait for him to help me build it I would in a heartbeat and savor a little boys dream. That moment is loss forever just like the model I don’t remember what happened to it after that day, I never play with it after that day.

If you could what moment would you relive with your dad what would you change?

Thank you and god bless.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have been awarded the Kreativ award by

I have been awarded the Kreativ award by

I am very honor that I have been so honored thank you and this @-> rose is for you Mary. God bless

 The instructions read, I must pass this on to 10 people and let them know they have received it.  Do I need to say a little bit about each person?  Nope, she didn't, so if you want to know about each person's blog you will just need to visit it!
10 this one is a mystery  chick and go there and congratulate them. I am Kreativ so you will have to let them know they have been given this award.

Now ten things about me, well I have ten fingers, and ten toes.  I can do ten pushups. And there is a walrus in my shoe, some ladybugs too. I love jokes, puns, laughing and having fun. I write poem and don’t know how. Yes I do know Howe. But I don’t think he is the same how.  I am the one who did the development work on the airbag. It’s full of hot air, some say I am. I am a lame duck cowboy with my feet in the old west of the past; I guess that is because I am in Utah. But my hands are on the future, I’m lost out there somewhere.  Maybe a GPS would help. I flew a plane, did some hang gliding, Sky diving some. I guess that is ten things about me.

My post today is about fathers. But being I have something’s I have to do. Take a lision to these songs:

 Thank You  and god bless

Monday, June 6, 2011

My first and earliest memory of my dad

My first and earliest memory of my dad, I quests I was about three maybe a little over two. We were living on a ranch I think it was in Nebraska. The ranch was the Anderson ranch and my dad work as a cowboy or ranch hand for a hundred thirty and keeps a month.  I don’t remember much about the day it more of a short picture movie looping in my mind. I have talk to my mom about this memory many times. So I have the picture in my head but the story is what my mom told me of the event. It seems to me that it was after noon but a long time to supper. The day was clear and warm. I was playing in the yard with my dog, I could here, and it funny I am sixty two years later, I still can hear that sound of the cattle coming, it was a stamped.

My dad was riding buck and was out front of the heard, they were coming fast. My dad jumps the fence with buck and rode to the corral gate and opens it. The herd of cows came thundering by my mom grabbed me up and we watch the herd come in from the, I assume safety of, our screen porch.  I can still hear the all the whistles and pops of the bull whip, yelling of the cowboys, and the balling of the cows. Now I don’t about yours but that is one heck of a memory of my dad.  It’s been sixty two years but the images are still fresh in my mind as if it had just happen. My mom tells me that there was a storm and lighting that spooked the herd and my dad save the day riding turning the herd in to the corral.  These pictures are the closes to what I see in my mind. 

Do you think I wanted to be a cowboy? What was your first memory of your dad?  Please write about it here in the comments.

 Thank you and god bless

Sunday, June 5, 2011

lot of father

my dad and mom

What is a father? There are many men and women who are fathers. For some men a DNA test may prove they were involved in the birth of a child, but that does not make them a father, and as far as I’m concerned the fact that they needed a paternity test, they will never be a father. I know of women who are both mother and father and I know of men who have never fathered a child that are fathers.  So what is a father?  For me it is a person who is full of love and understanding, he is a forgiver of the future.  He is someone who stands in front of the dangers of life. He is someone who stands beside you when you cannot stand.  He is someone who stands behind you when you need a backbone to face the day. He is a builder of men who are fathers. He is someone that cries when he cannot be seen over things he did not and cannot do.  He is a daughter’s first love a son’s first hero.  A father is a choice that he makes. There is one man who is known mainly as a father, history does not say much about him just that he made the choice. His name was Joseph.

Father’s day is June 19 this year, which is two weeks away. I would like you to post in the comments what you feel a father is. I will write every day till then on fathers, mine and men and women who are fathers.  My name is Roy and so was my dad's but I feel very honored when I answer to dad, pop, papa, or grandpa. 

Please tell me about fathers.

Thank you and God bless.

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