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Saturday, February 26, 2011

lot of universe

One more thought is the universe as simple as this; can we explain it with the most dynamic thing that we use in our daily lives. We drink it, we play with it, and we use it to grow thing, that right WATER. Think about it? The water cycle from ice to liquid to vapor and back; Water life giving water. Is the star some hail stones of in a cosmic storm, is dark energy the vapor steam, and is dark matter the frozen waste of the universe? I don’t know but it seems to me that the water cycle is a blue print of the universe. What do you think? Post your thoughts.  Please comment, it is important to all who will read. 
Thank you in advance for your thoughts, God bless 

Friday, February 25, 2011

lot more space ex # 4

Mind experiment 4
The event horizon, the starting point, origin, of a change, the place where the future, become the present and the present becomes the past. In our first experiment we type on a piece of paper, the carriage dose not move. We could type all the knowledge all the written text in one spot.  Question, would the knowledge still be there?  This is the question ask by Steven Hawking, some thirty years ago, In regards to a black hole. This became known as the information paradox. Professor Hawking considered that it would not exist, it would be gone forever. In honor of professor Hawking I will refer to a black hole as the hawking horizon. Looking at the paper of our experiment we can see a black hole, “Hawking horizon” we know that the information is there, but where is it. If we take the paper out of the typewriter and look at it we see a hole in the paper. If we look at the typewriter platen, that’s the black round object that the paper rested on while we type, we can see that the information is there.  You may be wondering just what the heck I’m talking about? Well it’s this way all matter, you, exist as information, your name , your height, your weight, the laws of physic that govern what you are, your existence. A rock has the same information; all matter is of the same throughout the univerce, and the univerce it’s self. So from the experiment the matter/ information went in to the black hole “Hawking horizon” into or on a dark matter it became part of the dark matter.
Now let’s take an orange. It is breakfast time for me. I would like some fresh orange juice. So let’s put it in a blender.  What happens, all the forces of nature are applied. We look into the blender and see a whirling mass and a vortex void, a hole. Something is escaping from the blender it is the smell of an orange its fills the air. If we let the blender run, the orange becomes a liquid, and run longer it become a dark mass, err mess. Still running longer our black hole machine becomes a dark mass. At which point we call 911 and through the whole mess in the garbage. I still want some fresh OJ. Heat and the aroma is all that escaped the experiment untouched.  Is this the same as the ice cube experiment?
 In 1990 astrophysics’ announce that the univerce is not made up the way we have believed.  We now have black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. Normal matter the stuff that is known to us, makes up only 5% of the univerce, 25% is dark matter, the rest is dark energy. Could it be that heat the most common form of energy, accelerated to the speed of light cube, and the only thing that escapes a black hole is dark energy?  The matter is then void of energy is dark matter. This seems to me to fit the laws of physic. I do not possess the math skills to write the formula or proofs of this.  What do you think?
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

lot more space continued

Another point observed here is that science and religion don’t have real fight. I have said it before many scientists are deep believers in god. To make a good cake or build a house the apprentice watches the master chef or carpenter like a hawk observes and tries to imitate the master. A child explores his neighborhood, a parent shields and put rule in place “don’t go near the water”. The explorers of this world have been distrusted and their story has not been believed. The world is flat; the sun goes around the earth, in the dark ages religions ban, lock up, burn at the stake anyone that would say different; as witches, wizards, and evil doers all, if they spoke of their knowledge.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

lot more space 2

experiment 3
To recap what I think we know or what we have found. A space void of matter can exist. Matter cannot exist without a space or void as you prefer. A point in the laws of physics energy cannot be destroyed it can only be changed in form. A thought is energy. In math zero raised to any power equals one; 0 times the power of 1 = 1. A universe, void of matter is zero to the raised too infinity +1power equals one. This is one subject I will not go into at this time; it is proven to be true. Time is a quotient of distance between two points,the divident, of the velocity acceleration of energy change, the divisor. time= distance/speed. Energy can and does become matter, a change in from. Matter can and is change, transformed, into energy. The world clock time standard is an atomic device the measure the rate of decay of a cesium atom, a change in from of energy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lot more space

Mind Experiment 2
If we remove all matter from the universe. Does the universe exist?
Would it be an un-dimensional void? Would it be void of space?
Without matter there is no reference point.

There is nothing, no light, no sound, no up, no down, no left, no right, no forward, or back, and nothing. If you go in to a cave deep into the darkness, stand or set you can see this. Don’t have a cave or a mine; then go into an empty room that has no window shut the door a closet may work. Look into the darkness.

Monday, February 21, 2011

lot of space

Space Void Energy Theory
I am a novice amateur student of physics. So this may not be anything more than a fools exercise in mental gymnastics. Dark energy as referred to by astrophysics. Refer to matter and energy that cannot be seen. I do not like the term “dark energy” as it is applied here. I prefer “space energy” and I will use it is used in this article. I define space as an area or volume void of matter.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lot of time i.e. miles

The odometer on this mass of bio-matter reads 39,578,490,000.?Miles; Plus a few 100,000,000.0 miles around the neighborhood. What the heck is this old fool talking about? I am sure you are thinking. Well it’s this way,

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