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Saturday, January 15, 2011

lot of animals

Mouse wants to vote. I tell him that he can’t vote because he doesn’t know how. He says that most people don’t know how either. There is one thing that I and mouse do agree on is that people should treat animals better. Animals do a better job of taking care this old planet then men do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

lot out west

Riding the fence, I have rode many a fence I my days, but the ones made of barbed wire; well they give a new meaning to saddle sore. Mouse and I have found that a good padded saddle blanket help ride them. Some fellar said “why do you ride fence”, I told him, well there is a couple of rattle snake and bear on that side and a lynch mob on that side, and beside that I think I can out run the snakes and the I can chase off the bear and if I can get to my horse I can ride on out of here. And as far as those snakes go I figured I could get one and fix up some beans well you know they taste like chicken the snake that is! Now if I can get my pants unstuck I might jump on the rattler and take off on the greener side with the bear. Hey mouse saddle up old paint and lets get where we ain’t.

lot of abortions

How many must they say “No, NO, NO!”? When will they teach not preach? When will we live as he taught? The blessed Mother Mary, would have been stoned to death had it not been for an angle from god. Mary Magdalene was to be stone to death, had it not been for Jesus Christ. Unwed mothers were stoned in Christ day, aborting child and mother. A young girl is raped, she said no, no, and now she said no to be with child, and now they say no, she has to bare the child.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

lot more cause

The special interest groups are many and most are good ideas or at least they want you to believe they are. I am a Christian; I was taught to love my neighbor, too care for life in any form. There is no one that I would not seat at my table and have a meal with. When I lesson or look at the different causes I look for the motive of the founders and advocates of the cause.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


WARNING mouse at work
If I were a tree all glittering white,
Would be alright if I shivered all night,
If I were the town all covered in white.
I wouldn’t frown,
I would be where the hot chocolate is found.
The crocuses know when it is time to sing.
It will be spring.
That will be just the thing.
We know what that means,
It will be time for summer things

Monday, January 10, 2011

lot of causes

Causes and more causes, Right to life, environment, no more pet abuse, no more homeless pet, animal right, illegal immigration, sierra club, child abuse, what is your cause? Feed the homeless, habitat for humanity, anti smoking, anti porn, human rights, gun ownership, health care, what are the issues? Who is behind them? Who is leading them? Where do I stand? Where do you

Sunday, January 9, 2011

lot 44.40-8

Good morning class! Energy is all around us in many forms, solar, electrical, chemical, bio-chemical, mechanical, atomic, are own bodies uses all that I have listed. To use energy we have to have it in a form necessary for the work we want it to do. We have to change its form to the form we need. We regulate it, we convert it, we store it, and we cannot destroy it. Energy after we use it, it returns to its natural state. Think of this; take a pan of water set it on a flat level surface, look at the water, it is clam, now put your hand in it. The water forms around your hand, it rises in the pan, now take your hand out, the water returns back to the state that it was when we started.

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