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Saturday, October 29, 2011

lot likawantta

“Likawantta” (Like-a-want-ta).  Some years ago well many years ago, actually about sixty, there was man on the radio station we listen to, he called himself Lynn Allen on the radio.  A cowboy sort of fellar he rode in the local pioneer day’s parade on a paint horse. He was great with the public and love kids. He had a baritone voice unique; you knew who was talking at one syllable no introduction needed. At the rodeo grounds he was fielding questions showing off his horse, I had ask what his horse’s name was, to wit he said “Likawantta”. It was years later that I was working at the radio station with Lynn we were talk about that. He laughs and told me the horse in question was not his but he wanted it, and did buy it later on. So the name he came up and later named with at the time to answer us eager kids gather round was “like I want a”- “that horse.” The “that horse” was not said.

You know we all like and dislike, people, places, and thing. It funny how we start out at a young age disliking stuff. Green beans, spinach, girls, boys, work well you name it. We are quick about it, faster than a gun slinger. We have to take time to learn to like. A trip to the candy or the toy store fix’s that in less than a heartbeat, we like everything, no thinking about it we like it.

Out there on the social net work we see the Like buttons and very few dislike buttons. If you see something you can like or not and that is good from my point of view, well maybe.
Some time I see a comment that I don’t like to hear about but I do like the fact the messenger share it and or the messenger. The fact I can like or not click like is something I am prudent about, and pause to think about what I am saying with a like.

I would like to hear what you think.  Are you a kid in a candy store or a two year old with a bowl of pureed green beans? I still dislike that stuff. Thank you in advance for your comments and likes. May God bless with no dislike or green beans. God bless.

Friday, October 28, 2011


This Moment
"A single photo – no words – capturing a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."
“This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man adopted from SouleMama which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section.

Thank you  and God Bless

Thursday, October 27, 2011

one little candle Poe-a-tree hop

In the beginning there was the word “let there be light” from the beginning of time a light has shown on man. We marvel at it. The light of one little candle is said to light up the world. It has many meanings in the different cultures of the world. One little candle, we light one as a symbol of a prayer.  “Awe what light through yawn window breaks” it speaks of love.  The challenge for the next Poe-a-tree hop, write a poem, short story, or a photo essay. What does the light of one little candle means to you. 

my offering 

One little candle
An angle comes in the darkness
To keep the monster away
In the light of day I play

My fears are at bay but the night
A prayer is heard
Carry threw out the darkness
One little candle

 See it dance
Tiny little thing
A joy to behold
One little candle

My life was lit
This day one year ago
 To my love and I
One little candle

 here is the song one little candle

Thank you and god bless

If you are joining this hop with your poem or such then add your name and URL in the mister linky tool.  Who will be first?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday’s child 3.0

Quiet I can’t hear a thing. Turn down that radio I can’t hear a thing. Did you hear that, what was it? I’m sorry but could you say that again I did not hear you?

The hearing impaired, deaf, there are many who cannot hear, not a sound. Can you imagine not being able to hear? Not to hear a bird sing, or the sound of danger, or the words “I Love you”. Yet there are people who live out their lives never hearing a thing. They are blessed in they cannot hear the slurs and name calling spoke in front of them like Dummy and worse. Most deaf people prefer to live apart from the hearing because we are too noisy.  When I hear some of the comments made by some I get real mad and would like to take away their heading. Maybe put a fire cracker in their ears and set it off.  I have seen people poke fun at the deaf and worse I seen some teenage boys go up behind a deaf person and make lewd gesture and popping a paper bag. I don’t see the humor in that.
Those that were born deaf generally don’t learn to speak although some have learned to make some sounds. The language of the deaf is hand talking or American Sign Language ASL.  Here is a video you might like done in ASL.

Some months ago I got some hearing aids although the sound of crickets can be annoying it was great to hear their song after not hearing it for many years. The nice thing is I can take them out and get to sleep and not listen to them.  I am not deaf but closer to it than I would like to be. I do get tired of asking people to repeat what they say and using the phone is a communication nightmare.

Question for you, what would do for a deaf person, could you make the world of the deaf better? Well you can. All you have to do is learn to sign. It won’t cost you a thing. You can learn online for free.  Here is the link.

With all these text phones when you meet some who is deaf you can talk with them by taping out your greeting and welcome to the world of the deaf. We could make the world a better place for all by requiring all schools to teach ASL to all students. Make it a required course for graduating. Then the deaf can hear.

What are your thoughts? Will you pelage to learn ASL and invite the deaf into your world?
Thank you for coming by and may god bless you with good hearing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pick on Me Tuesday 3.0

Somebody is picking on me. Who could it be? Well let me see, this for some reason this is a tough one. I have three blogs that I feel are in need of being pick on. One is a somewhat new on the scene at least new to me. It’s a he and he write some darn good poetry so  good that I have to take my hat off to this gentleman, the others are two ladies both who write about food. And food it one of life’s great pleasure, I mean where would we without food. I like food and have many years of experience eating food, its right up there on the top of the list of things I like.

Well I guess you can see my dilemma so I have decided to let them decide. Now you know it’s you tube Tuesday so I have made some arrangements to watch the behind scenes discussion on who will get pick on today. Without any further ado let’ see who it will be. Its tiger time.

Well that may have not answer the question, but it was fun. Was the Bonnie Panter Gayadeen at the end. Well here they are in no order. Could we please have some order?  Ladies and gentlemen here they are four horse shoe rated blogs and they all are winner of the milk bucket award.

Now give the fine folks a pick, that is click on the link and go congratulate them for great blogging.
Thank you for coming buy and watch out, duck that pie, sorry. Thank you and may God bless.

Oh! There is one more that needs this award. She has a blog and is a very active blogger. So give her some love and understanding. Her blog may hard for some to take like me but her story needs to be told. So give a big round of support to Bonnie Panter Gayadeen
Thank you and god bless 

Monday, October 24, 2011

lot of RAW Hide

Just a little Raw Hide here, head em up and move em out! Well mouse and I have been out on the fall round up.  Did our tallies and found a few head missing. So we rode out up and down the different canyons and even listen to a few bird tweets. You know the blogosphere is a big place so we had to fuel up the old truck and go looking near and far for them strays.

 We feared that there may be some rustler about so mouse load up his nine shooters and the old henneries and we set out. We found ourselves out there on the Google plus range.  Well wouldn’t you know it we found some stray and mavericks out there?  Well mouse and I wonder about this. The grazing was poor and with the fall weather it’s been getting a might colder.  After making a tally we could see there was quite a few that have stray or maybe it is rustlers.  So with a wary eye out for rustlers we head back to our home range. We at least know where they are and we will need help to round them all up and drive them back home.  

We have look around the Google plus range and found it not as warm as the good old FB range. So what do you think?  I am hoping many of the stray will find their way home.

This report has been brought you by the wranglers of the spilt milk ranch and the chronicle of Kathleen. You can read chapter one through seven at chapter eight coming soon and maybe nine.

Thank you for stopping by and god bless

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