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Signs of Child Abuse

Some Signs of Child Abuse


A child who is apathetic (just doesn't care).
A child who suffers from depression.
A child who won't take part in play or school activities.
A child who is often hostile or aggressive.
A child with a loss of appetite.
A child who compulsively overeats


Any of the signs above.
A child who is hungry much of the time.
A child wandering outdoors unsupervised.
A child unsuitably dressed for the weather.
A child who is continually dirty or wearing the same soiled clothes.
A child who shows up early or stays late at school.


Bruises or welts shaped like an object (belt buckle or electric cord).
Bruises in unusual places (back, eyes, mouth, buttocks, genital areas, thighs, calves).
Layers of different colored bruises in the same general area.
"Sock" or "glove" burns on feet or hands or doughnut shaped burns on buttocks (from forcing the child into hot water).
Small round burns from cigarettes.
Burns in the shape of an object (iron, fireplace tool, or heater).
Rope burns on ankles, wrists, or torso.
Adult sized bite marks.
Suspicious fractures (doctors and nurses are trained to recognize these).


Withdrawal or anti-social attitude.
Refusal to undress for physical education or sports.
Exaggerated interest in sex or "acting out" sex with other children.
Unusually seductive behavior.
Fear of intimate contact (hugging or sports)
Torn, stained, or bloodied clothing.
Things To Do Instead of Hurting a Child

you can stop it

Take a deep breath. Take a few more. Remember, you are the adult.
Close your eyes and imagine you are hearing what your child is about to hear, or receiving the same punishment.
Press your lips together and count to 20.
Put the child in a "time-out" chair for a number of minutes. The rule is one minute for each year of age.
Put yourself in a "time-out" chair. Are you really angry at the child or is it something else.
Call a friend to talk about it. If you need to, dial 1-800-4-A-CHILD (National Child Abuse Hotline).
If someone can watch the children, go out for a walk.
Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face.
Turn on some music. Sing along if you want.
Pick up a pencil and write down a list of helpful words, not words that will hurt. Save the list. Use these words.


Sonia Rumzi said...

Wow Roy! this is informative and horrible at the same time. :( Jesus protect our children from harm and hurtful spirits.

sulekkha said...

I can't believe that there are such monsters in this world. Thanks for the informative list, great post.My heart goes out to each and every child who was ever abused physically and emotionally.

Patricia Singleton said...

There are monsters like this in our world and they do hurt children. Thank you, Roy, for this list of signs of child abuse.

John Mountain said...

Roy, this is a great article. I don't really know what more to say about it except that I think everyone should read this. I work at a hospital as a security guard and I have actually seen people jerk their small child by the arm and I even had to reprimand a woman for leaving her 2 year old with a woman she didn't even know. Great article, my friend!

Ann Stoeckl said...

Roy, could I post that last paragraph on Facebook? It is great, even for parents who do not abuse their children.


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