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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

lot of summer fun

Back about 1966 a friend of mine and I made some home brew root beer; this is how it was done. I don't know why or I don't remember the why he made such a large batch. It started out like this he had a twenty gallon metal garbage can new unused and washed. A bottle of hires root beer extract, five pounds of sugar, five gallons of water, and a couple of pound of dry ice. You mix the sugar and water first in the garbage can. Then add the bottle of root beer extract stirring with a wooden paddle, he made for this purpose. Now the fun part you add the dry ice.  Then put the lid on loosely for sure.  Warnings have you ever shaken up a warm soda pop bottle then open it?  Now if you put the lid on too tight it will come off with a bang and root beer foam everywhere. This had happen at least once or twice that I know of.  Adding the dry ice is how you get the carbonation in the mix. You keep adding dry ice a little at a time till the mix has the desired level of carbonation. If you add too much dry ice or too fast it will freeze. After about two hours it’s time to put it in the bottles i.e. clear gallon glass jugs. 

With all this hard hard work it’s time to have a party and enjoy our labors, and we did. We loaded the five jugs in the trunk of my buddy’s 55 yellow Buick convertible. 

You know that trunk was so big you could hide a little league team in there with room left over. Anyway we probably look like Alabama moonshiners loading that stuff. We put in some hot dogs, you could get a package for 49 cents back then and they were all beef, still had the skin on them. Eight to the package the buns came six to the package and were 10 cents and were always smaller or larger than the dogs. Next came marshmallows, and a water melon of unknown origin; Heck we had enough food to feed an army for a week in there. Will we call around and found some girls that wanted to go on a picnic up the canyon, some how my younger brother crashed the party. Anyway we all, head up the canyon with the sun setting at our back, and sing or maybe screaming to this beatles song. 

My buddy’s name is Richard 

and we all called his ride the yellow submarine. 

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richardacrawford said...

Boy those were the days Roy.
We had more fun than anybody
had a right to.
And I traded a Picture tube replacement job
for that cool car.

Richard (Much older Richard)

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