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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lot of the girl next door

This is a true story, a piece of my life that haunts me almost daily. It’s not a good story, it is a love story, with a pore ending. I was all of fourteen at the time and had a party to go to/dance, but no date. So my mom told me to ask the girl next door. I thought she was joking I knew the girls next door and they were like 7 years old that was not going to work. Then she explains that Doc our Neighbor had his nice there and she was 13. At that point I did not care how she looked, for the most part, things were looking up. I went next door and ask the Doc, if I could ask his niece out to a party/ and dance. He turns to her and asks if she would like to go. She came to the door and said yes, Wow she was beautiful.  Well, we had a great time. And as time went on we became great friends and kissing and they were sweeter than wine and just as intoxicating.   by the second year, we had started making plans for our further, we went camping flying horseback riding, and dancing. Church, all ways together. Our love seems to keep growing bigger and deeper all the time. The third year we had made plans to be married, we had all the thing in place we would be married In June of 64 a saint Joes we had attended the newlyweds class at the church and practice the marriage vow every week. We knew them by heart. In our time together we never found a thing to fight about. Life was great. We were loyal to each other and respected each other, and vow the hard one to stay chase till we marred. And that was the hard one, we would make out till we could hardly stand our self. It was hot. And for a time we had decided to see other and go out with them, which did not last long.

The day the world stops turning for us. I had gone out to her place and her foster dad/uncle met me at the door. He was agitated to no end and told me I could not see her anymore. He was a police officer and threated me with a restraining order if I saw her ever saw her again and told me she was pregnant. After some bitter words and some yelling, he let me see her. She looks like she had been beaten, I don’t know if she had been.  We said our goodbyes and kissed she mouthed I love you as I left, with my broken heart in hand. The six miles home was a long argues road. I did not know what had just happened or why. A few weeks later I met her at the bus at school, she talks to me but I could tell she was hurting and afraid of her uncle. She wants to go before he found us out. That was the last time I saw her. All though I tried many times with no luck. All our dreams and plan’s up in smoke. Over the years I have made several attempts at finding her. The trail ends in 65.

In looking for her I found that she was not pregnant, or at least no record of it anywhere and she was in school till 1965. So now I don’t know. Yes, it has been fifty-five years but my feeling is still the same. Nothing has changed. Just time. You may know that my wife is gone five years now she had told me she did not want me to live alone, she said find someone. Well, I have been trying with little luck. I know it is a wild and long shot to find Caroline, and she is free and still want me and love me. As we did as kids. Stranger thing has happened so I am not without hope. I have a number of friends looking for her, maybe one will get lucky. Her picture is at the top of this post, it’s fifty-five year old. But someone may have knowledge of her. please let me know. 

god bless

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

it been a while but i am still here this is is my latest christ story i hope you like it

Leroy the reindeer king
Welcome and come on in, I am Professor Henry Pennywhistle, the wise old owl and historian of the Great North Woods. I have a story to tell you of reindeer, witches and Christmas. It was a time ago, not to long but a while back, any way it was some time ago. It was Christmas Eve and we were waiting for the birth of Melvin and Nancy’s first calf, it had been foretold that it would be special because the good witch Zendel had put a spell on it. It was one minute pasted midnight and he was born. And any male deer born on Christmas would be the next king of the Christmas reindeer herd. But what a site he was he had a big round nose that kind of drooped, and long legs with knobby knees and big feet, he was black and his legs were white. Zendel took one look and said “oh my deer what have I done” and she was off on her broom to find the spell she had used. Many of the old cows were saying she must have been fooling around that thing does not look like Melvin or a reindeer, it look more like a moose than a reindeer. I could tell Leroy was going to have a hard time.
Now Melvin was off waking up the herd to brag about his new son and give out cigars to all who wanted one. He did not care how Leroy look he was his son, and he was on the council of elders. The old bucks congratulated him but said things badly about Leroy behind his back they call him old droopy nose.
As time went on Leroy was off to school and was an excellent student, he study hard day and night. But he was a little angsts to show how smart he was and would not let the other student answer. The teacher had to tell him to let the others answer. And the student started to call him name like droopy nose smart de pants. When they went out to play they would call him names and run off, leaving him alone. One day he wandered off down by the wolves and they tried to attack him, and found him more than they could handle. He step in the middle of one and made him holler from the pain of his heavy feet. But Melvin and some others came to the rescue, and chase off the wolves. Leroy was so sad he wish the wolves had got him.
It was time for Leroy first rut. His antlers were very small so he found some branches to tie to his small horns and prance around the meadow with all the other. Then he was challenge to a face off. There he was to face down for the first time a young buck with a full set of antlers. They moved to the middle of the meadow and made ready for the charge. Leroy was scared and when he lower his head to position his fake antlers they fell off and he ran from the meadow to the sideline to hide a misted a loud roar of laughter and distain.
Comet was holding sled pulling class, and it was Leroy turn, they had to make a special harness for him he was so big. Some of his class mates decided to make it hard for Leroy, they load the sled with everything they could find. Leroy got ready to pull the sled down to the end of the meadow and back, as fast as he could. He was off in a shot and the sled bounce and the load went everywhere.  Comet explain that he needed to pull the sled not fly it. Comet had the heckler help pick up the load and reload the sled and bring it back to the start.
Leroy was very sad and want to die, he had no friend and no one to talk to, and then Rudolf came for a visit, and all though they were cousin they hit it off. Rudolf had been through much of the same harassments, and knew how he felt. They played reindeer games and had fun. The herd saw and remembered how they treated Rudolf many years ago, and started to like Leroy.
It was now the time of the forth rut and Leroy had grown bigger and had a massive set of antlers. He paraded the meadow showing off his big horns and challenged any and all comers to a face off, five would be a good number all at once he said. Some of the old buck said they needed to take him down a notch of two and three young bucks joined in for the challenge. They face off in the middle of the meadow. Leroy stood there and lowered his head to position his antlers, paw the ground a time or two and waited. The five made ready to charge pawing the ground the charging. But they look up and saw the twelve by six foot antlers of Leroy, they broke in different direction some flying overhead and the others back peddling to save grace, and a bad collision.  Leroy was the victor, and caught the attention of one Daisy who was visiting her aunt, she was a moose.  This was to be a good thing.  And it would pass they would be together.
The wolves were howling and making advance on the herd at the other end of the meadow and had the eye on some helpless young reindeer, Leroy turn and head full steam at the wolves, plowing the snow as he went and caught the wolves in his wake pushing them back twenty miles  and saving the young reindeer. The herd hail Leroy for his bravery. Hollering hail to the king. Long live Leroy the king
How thing were getting time to name the king of the reindeer herd and the only contender was Leroy. The council had met and was ready to name the king. Zendel the witch had return and said that Grendel the wicked witch of the north had block her spell on Leroy. So the council had no choice but to name Leroy king of the herd.
A few mile away Santa was having a problem, with snow lots of snow a hundred feet of snow. The Christmas village was buried And he had call the National Guard to help so he could make his round on Christmas. But the guard said it would be spring before they could get there. Then Rudolf said to Santa that he had an idea that could save Christmas. So he was off to see Leroy.  He found Leroy and told the problem, so Leroy and Rudolf when to aid Santa it was found that Grendel the wicked witch of the north was responsible. She was mad that Santa had only gave her three bags of coal last Christmas, and she needed more to heat her castle.; so she made it snow so bad that Santa could not go on his rounds. The first thing that needed to be done was to stop the snow so Leroy started to push the snow to Grendel castle. The she stop the snow she had more snow then could handle. And with his big antlers he pushed all the snow from the Christmas village, and Santa ask Leroy to help pull his sleigh Santa deliver thee tons coal to Grendel.   After Santa called Leroy a side and told him he was a moose and although he had a reindeer heart and soul he was a moose and it was all right for him and Daisy to merry. They did and Leroy open a snow removal business a little south east of Nome. He told the council to find another king.
 merry Christmas and god bless

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lot of eight seconds

Lot of eight seconds

Now this was a while back something like forty five years ago. It was a Friday night in June, I went to the horse auction and met up with a few friends. Before the night was out I had bought two mustang horses. One was about fourteen hands a little thin, and snowy white except for her main and tail which was kind of gray.  The other one was a bay about fifteen hands he was gilded. After the auction we took the stock over to my friend Dusty’s place.  It was about six thirty and dusty brought out a bottle of whiskey. We all had a shot or two when dusty said let’s have a rodeo. When you have something new you have to play with it don’t you.

Well this night was going to get a little wild before it was over. The little mare I had named June bug, was the one I drew. Dusty saddled her up and put on a blind, I got mounted and then always helpful Chris pulled the blind. Well June bug was not happy with me on her back, she went into a bucking fit. But I stay with her. After two or three minutes she came to a standstill, and I had her under control. I got her to walk around the corral. And they were all saying great ride.

The next night was Saturday and Chris was the raining college bareback champ and was the entered in a local rodeo, he invited us to come and watch, he said he would get us some free tickets. So we all went to the rodeo. As we were standing in line with Chris, he had to sign in and register and get us tickets.  Chris elbowed me and ask me for a twenty, he said he left his wallet in the truck. I knew he was good for it so I gave him a twenty. We were just standing there checking out all the young lady. When Chris asked to see my back, I though he was going to use it for a clipboard. Instead he pin a contestant number on my back and said congratulation you are now entered in the saddle bronco compaction. All my good bubby’s got a big laugh out of it. And I wanted out of it, I was no rodeo rider, but they kept egging me on.  Chris pull me aside and said he would get me out of it, or he would coach me threw it. He saw my ride at Dusty’s and said I was good enough to be in the rodeo. So I agree to ride.

We wander around the rodeo grounds till it was time to get ready to ride. The whole time I was wondering how I got into this mess. I sat on the fence and watched the two fellows ahead of me ride. They did not make it to the buzzer and did not score. It was my turn, as I got screwed down all I could see is me in a hospital bed all broke up. I ran through all the pointers Chris gave trying to remember all he told me to do. I was set and gave the nod to lets us out. The gate swung open and I spired him out he was bucking like there was no tomorrow. That eight second seem like an eternity. Then I heard the buzzer and the pickup man was there he pulled me off and set me on the ground. I went looking for my hat and the announcer said the high score for tonight belong to Roy Durham from Ogden Utah. A local boy with a score of 84. I tried my best to get back to the fence and not show how bad I hurt. The next and last rider was in the cute and ready to ride. He was putting on a good show, I figured he had beat my score. But to my surprise he scored a 73. I was the saddle bronco champ. Got a buckle and 250.00 dollars to boot, and a bunch of girl that wanting to know me. The celebration after the rodeo was a lot of fun and a lot of medicinal whiskey to easy the aching joints.

I went with Chris to more rodeo to some fifteen or so rodeos and did not do as good, only place in the money one more time. That summer. Looking back it was a lot of fun, I don’t know if I had it all to do over that I would.  I rode or tried to ride twenty five bucking horses and made 500.00 dollars. You don’t have to be a top rodeo hand to enter just be fool enough to pay the entry fee and dumb enough to get on the horse.

Thank you for stopping by and God Bless.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lot of the good the bad and the ugly

Lot of the good the bad and the ugly

It been a while since I posted anything. As you know life can hand out a number of problem for you to get through. I have had my share. In a nutshell the good the bad and the ugly. On the bad side was trying to keep my home, a battle that it seems I could not win, the loss of income made it even harder. After a long talk with an attorney, family and friends I let the mortgage company have it and walked away and sought relief from the bankruptcy courts.  Living there I had daily reminders of my wife’s death, and the deafening silence of loneliness. Where laughter echo an empty house and one’s heart reels in pain and the clouds of sorrow form and it rains a thousand tears. It been eighteen months and I find the weather has many more storm for me to weather.

 The ugly serpent that slither through the canyons and valleys of my mind seeking out my fond memories of the fun times to torcher me. It’s called loneliness, he will not win. In a crowd of friends and family someone will ask “how are you doing” I answer I’m ok, hoping they won’t see the ugly viper squirming inside of me poised to strike and start a storm of tears. It hides when someone give me a hug and maybe a kiss, but he is still there.

On the good side of things an old friend form my youth decided to semi retire from his semiretired security job and recommend me for the job, he is still working on call. So I am now working as a security guard. That has aloud me to buy a mobile home it is a handyman special and need a little fix up here and there, but I own it outright. Working has help me put a rope on the loneliness, but it is still a problem I hope to hang it from the nearest oak someday. I hope to be able to get back to writing more often. My life now is finding some order and the future looks good. I am working on my novel and hope to finish it in January that is a tall order but I am going to try.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. And as always God Bless

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