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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift ideas for fathers

"Our father who …." These words took a new meaning for me in 2000. As a child I put on his boots and tried to walk in them. Today they fit; I know he is proud of that. But I don't know that I will ever be able to fill them. When I was 17 we went hunting just him and I. It was the only 72 hour, but it is eternity. We stood man to man no longer father and son but just kids having the time of our lives. We did not find any deer, but we found each other. As we hunted for deer we lost track of where we parked, I knew the way back to the car and he let me led the way. Looking back I question wither he really did not know where we parked. He was following my footsteps, I know now that those steps were my first steps on my path to being a man and father. Growing up we found more thing to argue about than to enjoy each other. We did have fun but it was never just him and me. I know now that I was forgiven long before I ever did or said anything wrong. That does not mean that I have not paid a price for doing so. Fathers pay the price of being a father, missing out on special moments, not being able to be home, not having all the time to spend with their children. There is not a lot said in the bible about Joseph, he is sometimes referred as a foster father or step father, of Jesus. He had a choice, and he chose to be one. I think he was more than a footnote. My father is mine and my brothers and sisters, and to all who need one. So what gift can you give to a man like that? First understanding and respect. Walking in his boots and handing them down to his grandchildren with honor. Whatever you can find that you would like him to have will be great because you are his son or daughter. These are the greatest gifts I was given by him and I give to my dad. My love is ongoing for him. If you can find a greater gift please let me know I would like to give it to him. Thank you dad for everything and your love. Your son Roy.

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