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Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift ideas for men

Well I am a man, well maybe an old man. There a lot of things I like, something I want. This maybe silly, but I like it when a child says mommy where is a cowboy! I would like to have a horse again, but I can't ride any more, and I don't have a place to keep one. Now I got my old truck, it could use a set of new tires. Most of the time I don't know just what I want. Now I have worn a suit and tie to work to be a professional engineer, and went with the guys out for a drink after work. Well I hate to say it fellows, but we are a lot like man's best friend. Give us a ball or a stick, a cat, a car, a good looking woman to chase most of which we would not know what to do, if we caught one. Now! I like good aged whiskey a lot like beer. We all like toys cars, trucks, trains, planes, boats, tools, heck some of us like clothes. There is not one of us that don't like and want a pat on the head or back! Yap; we like to howl at the moon, roll around in the dirt, fight to see who the boss. As too what we want for Christmas? Ask the dog, and if he tells you I want that dog! You might give us a dog so we can learn to be men. But if you did, well we just might become a dog. We don't like to be tied up, but we will hang around for three square meals a day and a little petting now and then. Now! Mouse says he doesn't know he is not a man he is a mouse, but he likes dogs because they chase cats. Now then for this old man I would like a set of teeth, a new pair of glasses, and a hearing aid so I don't get in to so much trouble and a new knee so I can go for a walk. But! Most of all the love of my family and that I know I have. Mouse you scared that turkey away! I had a good shot!! What do you mean you were going to get a deer? I see the tracks! did you see they can fly? There are faster than them half 44s your pack'en! Ya! What do you mean you wing him? He was halfway to New York before you got a shot off! Ya I saw the red on his nose. You're going to what? Call him?he run-off!! Ya! More reindeer tracks! I'm going back to the bunkhouse. It's getting cold. >>>>>>>>>>

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