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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift ideas for mothers

Mothers are very special. They like being called, and being called mom. They like being told there right. They like being told that you love them. It's not the gift you can buy. It's the help around the house that is the best gift. Washing the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, take out the trash, clean up your room, and turn down the loud music. Wipe your feet. Shut the door; don't slam the screen door, dust the furniture, vacuum the rug. There is more! Hang up your clothes, fold the laundry, wash the clothes, feed the dog, clean the cat box, and put the seat up, put the seat down, walk the dog. Eat what is on your plate, change the baby, take the ball out side, and stop yelling, make the beds, make the coffee, bake the ham, cook the turkey. What about them yams, is it noon already. Well! This is just a few ideas. If you have done all this, then give her a big hug a kiss and say thank you mom for all you have done.

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