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Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift ideas for women

Whoa! Men! That is a dangerous trail up ahead. Women! Well! They like strings of pearls .diamond Rings, fine chocolate, shiny things, and changing their mind. It can drive a man plum loco! Trying to figure out just what they want. They don't like mouse. They like kitten, puppy dogs, soft furry things, and clothes. Well, they don't care for mouse. They like to dance, and drink champagne. They like to talk on the phone. They don't like being alone. But they will tell you to leave them alone. They like hugs and kisses; sometimes. They're not crazy about outboard motor or weed eaters. They like ribbons for their hair, and things to make them smell nice. Where is that darn mouse he might know something! Well! You had better get something, even if they say don't. You will be right if you are wrong, and wrong if there are right. Like I said it's a dangerous trail. Good luck! I'm going to find mouse and see if he can get me out of this mess!!! Ps: give them all your love.

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